THANK U, NEXT? Ariana Grande fans point out Japanese tattoo error, say it reads 'barbecue grill' instead of '7 Rings' - bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
THANK U, NEXT? Ariana Grande fans point out Japanese tattoo error, say it reads \'barbecue grill\' instead of \'7 Rings\'  -  bbq grill
Ariana Grande was embarrassed after fans pointed out that her Japanese Palm tattoo was meant to read "7 Rings" and actually translated into "shichirin"-a Japanese style grill
To celebrate the success of her latest single "7 rings", Ariana decided to engrave the title on her palm with the Japanese kanji symbol.
Ariana shared a piece of finished ink on her Instagram page and wrote: "@ kanenavasard jk, it feels really good (everyone thinks it's a fake hand)
However, fans quickly pointed out that the design was actually missing a symbol and therefore the translation was different.
"The new tattoo from Ariana Grande means a Japanese grill instead of a 7 ring.
One wrote that if you want to know (the symbol), just Google "shichirin" and the other added: "Imagine the barbecue grill on your palm print.
Ariana then responded to her critics by insisting that she would not add another symbol to the tattoo because the location of the tattoo meant that it was very painful.
"In fact, I missed the symbol that should be in between," she wrote . ".
"Like f-
It still looks tight.
I'm not going to stick to another symbol lmao (laughing at my a-off ).
But the place also peeled a lot and won't last too long, so if I miss enough time, I'll go through the whole thing next time.
Ariana also said, "and . . . . . . Super fans of the small barbecue grill . "
She later deleted the original tattoo picture and her reply to the spelling error.
Ariana is not the only star with a misspelled tattoo.
Britney Spears had hoped to print the word "mystery" on her hips in Chinese characters, but a mistake meant that she actually had a "weird" tattoo there.
Meanwhile, actress Ashley Green has tattooed "Dance of Life" on her feet without apostrophe, angering grammar nerds.
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