the best 3 burner gas grill How to Build and Use a Brick BBQ Smoker (Part 2)

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-12
the best 3 burner gas grill How to Build and Use a Brick BBQ Smoker (Part 2)
This could be a better start if you haven't read that page yet.This smoker is designed for long, slow, smoked cooking.You need to create the kind of thing that is great for ribs, breast or shoulder pulling pigs.
Not for grilled hamburgers;Although it may be used to do it at a critical moment.In some cases (quite traditionally), stuffy hardwood floors produce smoke and heat at the same time.This is a great way but it does require a lot of hardwood floors.
My smokers use gas for heating and wood chips for heating.There are some advantages to separating heat from smoke, that is, cost and ease of use.Gas generates even heat, much less energy than it takes to care of wood fires, and it is cheaper to heat with gas than to heat with Wood (in most cases ).
My smokers only need a few pounds of wood to smoke for a few hours, enough to do 50-75 pounds ribs!This smoker is heated using a gas burner inserted into the bottom of the BBQ.Place a heavy cast iron pan on top of the burner, and the wood pieces are placed on this cast iron pan.The hot pot causes the wood chips to smoke, and the heat of the burner heats up the air and bricks to cook the ribs.
This smoker performs well in some ways, but it is not a good design for all the needs.Heavy bricks retain a lot of heat, which helps to keep the temperature of smokers even.Also, due to the Heat kept in the bricks, the Heat recovered very quickly after the smoker opened the door.
Because the temperature is quite stable, it is easy for smokers to use.You need to throw more pieces of wood every half hour or so.Smokers use very little wood, and a bag of barbecue slices you buy at the grocery store can pump 100lbs ribs in this barbecue.
When you warm up a smoker a lot (hours or more), it performs best.(This is not needed for a small electric bullet smoker.Smokers are relatively large, so there is a risk of dryer meat if the lot is very small.
There is no mechanism for automatic firewood, so be sure to pay attention to every half hour or so when cooking
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