the best charcoal bbq Barbecue And The Best Methods For Cooking

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-17
About the barbecue, most of us just stick the meat around the barbecue and wait for it to cook.This is the so-called "direct grille" technology.If we are concerned about providing uncooked meat in this case, there will always be temptation to hang outside until it turns black.
Unfortunately, this approach does not always bring the most delicious end result.There are many other ways you can cook with a barbecue, many of which create more delicious results than simply putting the meat on the flame.So to take the risk, try the following methods: in the charcoal barbecue, the indirect barbecue, most people put the meat directly on the shelf on the coal --This is the so-called "direct grille ".
There is a replacement known as the "indirect grille" that could be a huge success.Indirect grilling means moving hot coal to one side in a gas grilling and putting food on the other side so your hot coal won't be under the food.This technique is similar to baking in a traditional oven, so it takes longer than a direct barbecue, but works for cooking larger meat joints, or for cooking something like sausage, these things often burn outside before cooking in the middle.
Also, it ensures that you don't need to keep flipping the meat as a chef, or even worry about the meat burning on hot coal.To take advantage of indirect cooking techniques, ignite the barbecue with common techniques, and when the coal turns white, push them to the side of the barbecue using the right barbecue tools.Place any overflow pan on the other side of the grill (to capture any fat dripping from the meat) and place the meat above the overflow tray.
Close the lid of your barbecue, Cook when needed and rotate when needed.Smoking food with a barbecue will give it a special smoke flavor, especially in this regard, you can invest in "smokers ".On the other hand, you can use it to smoke if your traditional barbecue has a lid.
This system requires you to create a smoke-filled environment in the barbecue room so that the smoke can circulate in the meat.For this purpose, soak the sheet of wood in cold water for no less than 30 minutes, drain the sheet of wood, place it in the center of a large piece of foil, and fold the actual foil to create a bag on the sheet.Next, Pierce some openings in the tin foil bag;This will allow the smoke to dissipate.
Directly on hot coal, find your tin foil bag on your barbecue.When the wood starts to smoke, place your meat on an oil-coated shelf, cover it and cook it within the specified time.Steamed fish is a great way to cook fish with a barbecue because it can keep the actual meat delicious and moist and prevent it from falling on smokers.
The system works well on salmon fillets, but is also good for other types of seafood, and will also be used to cook the green mouth.To steam food on your barbecue, there is a piece of tin paper large enough to make a bag around your fish.If used, gently refuel on one side of the foil, place the fish in the middle, and ice it with marinade.
Fold the tin foil loosely around the fish to provide a steam room cycle and seal the sides firmly to prevent the actual steam from escaping.Put tin foil bundles on your BBQ and cook any time it takes for your specific recipe or fish.BraisingBraising refers to carefully placing meat or vegetables in fat before slowly cooking in a closed pan with some liquid.
This can be done by Brown the meat or vegetables directly on the grill, and then join the pan with your liquid.You can then place the pot on a barbecue to cook, provided the pot can endure the heat.If not, or if your room is limited, you can bake cooked meat on a gas barbecue and then complete the process with a traditional stove top.
The cooked chicken is a kind of practical cooking chicken and poultry, especially chicken, which can be used as an alternative to pousan or a bird.The best thing about Spatchcock is that it allows you to cook a whole chicken in a barbecue quickly and simply.You can ask your butcher to get your chicken ready or you can make it yourself.
Basically, the chicken, the breast-Under the side, look for its spine on a solid surface.Cut along both sides of the trunk and remove the trunk.Next, turn the chicken over, push it down to the right, flatten the chicken and open it.
Apply the chicken with oily marinade (lemon, oil and garlic works well) to add flavor and prevent the chicken from sticking together before putting it into the grill.The cooking time will depend on the size of the actual bird and the heat of the barbecue, but when cooking, the appearance of this chicken should be a bit crispy and any red juice should disappear completely from the inside
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