the best charcoal bbq grill 6 Awesome Superpowers (That Would Suck in Real Life)

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-29
the best charcoal bbq grill 6 Awesome Superpowers (That Would Suck in Real Life)
We all fantasize about what it would be like to have the power of our favorite superhero, and Hollywood's unwritten rule is that every new movie must contain at least one superhero, this helps ensure the super daydream of a new generation.But now that we're here in Cracked love, besides containment --Stomstom your childhood fantasy (that's why), we will show you that there may be beautiful superpowers with your favorite superpower-If not completely disastrous.-results.6 Control lighting you ever imagined what it would be like to throw a lightning bolt on that car that just cut you off, like X-Men?At your next backyard barbecue, ignite the grill with the bolts on your Thor hammer to impress all the ladies?Go full-On the Emperor Palpatine, the neighbor of the work compartment you hate?Lightning has been a symbol of primitive power since it was thought that God lived on the top of the mountain and only went down to mentally scarred mortals and released Krakens.Ability to throw lightning at people-Specifically, people (or, if that's not possible, asshole )--Who doesn't want it?Think back to the last thunderstorm you experienced.The flash lights up the room like a flash, and the accompanying thunder makes the window rattle ---But for the most part, you can ignore the storm as if it were an annoying neighbor.There is its territory, you have your territory...Everything is cool.And then, WHAM!The loud thunder sounds like it opened the sky and challenged God for a pee race.The frame on the wall is moving, your heart jumps into your throat, and you find that your underwear is the latest victim of nature's contempt.Now imagine the effect.Welcome to the "every time you use your handy dandy Lightning power" situation." Those piss-Compared to the strike starting at the fingertips, there is nothing that triggers Thunder.A short flash of lightning far away?When the distance is 4 feet M, each bolt is like the sun tongue --Kiss your eyeballsYou 'd better hit your target with the first shot because you'll see Jack-In the next few minutes.What's worse is Thunder.Just the sound level can break your eardrum like a cheap condom, but it is well known that the shock wave that is generated will break the window and push the nails out of the drywall House.This is happening now.You are launching a weapon that could cause serious structural damage to a house just a few feet from your soft body.There's a real-World equipment that combines dazzling light with dangerous sound:Do you like to detonate a bad boy next to your face?Well, every time you turn the bolt off, that's what you're doing ---Willingly put yourself under enough sensory load to put you in the position of the fetus.We haven't even realized that the resulting temperature will melt your lightning --(Hope you bring a spare one ).Have you ever considered wanting a little less?Attack super powers, like throwing stones?Let's say that when you choose the superpower you fantasize about, you tend to be more defensive on one side and you prefer the superhero "destined to only appear in the s ** y Movie.Fine --You're The Invisible Woman, Sue Spole.You can summon an indestructible invisible field of power to be fulfilled at will around you.Concerns like car accidents, house fires and Ninja attacks have become the past--Nothing can hurt you now.You are the physical representation of the old "I am rubber, you are glue.Let's face it --If you suddenly find yourself capable of blowing an indestructible bubble around yourself, the first thing you have to do is show it off ,-style.So, let's say you decide to leave a building in the most Hollywood Way: jump straight from the roof and activate your force field before you land.I'm sorry to tell you this, but your shield.-Though it may be indestructible.-It won't save you.You see, when you land, you face the same problem as your primary school egg drop experiment: limited buffering.If you, like most of the descriptions, are strictly suspended in the center of your power field, this effect will definitely kill you.It's not running away--You still lose all the motivation in an instant, and this impact will make you a beautiful mud of people.If you are free to walk around in your field bubbles, the problem will not be solved because it is like standing in a free placeElevator fall-You will put the pancake at the bottom of the shield when it hits."So I won't jump off the building!" you say."It can still protect me from car accidents and so on!"Unfortunately, no.It doesn't matter where power comes from--Physics is such an example.Whether you fall off a building, hit by a car, or crushed by a funny oversized falling hammer, you face the same problem.This power must go, and your fragile human being is as good as anywhere else.Monthly stop TimeSci-Whether you like it or not, there may not be a single person on this planet who has not dreamed of stopping the arrival of time.Hiro usually uses this ability to get rid of some life.But let's face it: If you read badly, chances are that you don't want to use it as a lifeguard, but want your friend to believe that his apartment is getting wet --willy-giving ghosts.First is boring.Do you know what is the weakness of computer, car, TV, mobile phone and Internet sharing?They all need time.This is because anything electronic depends on the function of the electron, and they can be fast.So this makes most of the modern amenities completely out of the picture--When you stop the time, you are actually re-investing yourself in the dark.It's great to use your new superpower to catch up with all the internet porn surfing you 've been putting off.But let's make some rules ourselves to solve the problem.Let's say you can bring something with you--When you activate your power, anything you touch will stop the time with you, both human and object.Are you confident to forget anything?Because if you go back to normal time and forget to bring your things back, you will run aground in the time you stop.In the seconds you need to realize what a stupid person you are, eternity goes by in the time it stops.When you come back, your things will turn into a pile of dust.If you show off your new power to your friends and forget to hold their hands when you come back, you have just sentenced them to always implore you who they think are frozen to come back for them...That's it until they starve to death.If this is not enough for you to stop, remember that every time you use your power, you are basically pausing physics, except for you, effectively shortening the life you have not stopped.So you may get all the naps and breaks you may need, but you also have to explain to your friends and family why you look 80 when you're only 45.3 Laser vision imagine waking up one morning and finding out that you have the ability to shoot a laser out of your eye like a Cyclops giant (or original Cyclops giant.But maybe you're not wearing all the funky eyes--If so, say your laser eyes are as controllable as Superman's thermal vision.Anything you can see, you can erase at a glance.Your eyes are cunning.Even if you think your eyes are rock and rollSolid stability, it jumps like sugarThe cartoon was bombed on Saturday morning.Thanks to science, you can see it yourself: leave the screen around 1 feet from your face and stare at the center of the target on the left for about 30 seconds.Then switch and look at the center of the blank square on the right.You should see a back like an eye staring at you in a white background.You may have seen this trick in the living room before, but the afterthought image itself is not our point ---Try to avoid moving the rear image.You can't do that.You may be able to keep it in the same place, but it will never swing a little.The farther your face is from the screen, the worse the effect will be.The image moves because your eyes are constantly doing tiny moves.These actions are completely unconscious and can completely change your sight.This seems to be a trivial number, but it adds up more than the distance ---It's very tight on your laser.eye power.Suppose you want to prank your friends with your newly discovered superpower.He stood on the other side of the football field and passed the ball against you.You activate your laser vision and look forward to vaporizing the ball from his hand and scaring him to pee.At this distance, the MicroScan can transfer your laser beam from your target without warning.Your goal is the ball, but with a modest micro-glance, you just jokingly burned the entire right arm of your friend.Ooh!Burn!But that's not the worst.An off-the-The shelf laser pointer has a series.That little thing is like a Nerf gun compared to a double gunPut 12 gauges in your skull.This means that every time you launch your bad eye beam, your natural eye movement will get you gou off 2-Miles of burning landscape.Unless you absolutely hate anything around you, you're the most like mom told you to put your beams in your head.Maybe the low-level superpowers we 've discussed so far are not your real bags.All these things are under you...That's not enough, you know?Then you're fine.You know every detail you may know in your life: every movie, every song, and the ending of every book;Complex details of the super model's defecation;Your mom's sexual preference (she likes it from the back )...everything.Every fact you may need, whether insignificant or not, is hidden somewhere in your mind.In fiction, any character who can get such a lot of information is usually a bit crazy (see: Dr. Manhattan), but hey ---Maybe you, the reader of random cracking, are used to deal with it.May be the material of the true GodOf course, it may all be there.-But how can you get it out?All this information is not likely to appear at the forefront of your idea at the same time.You need some way to filter your own ideas.Your brain has become a fast gram on the Internet.-All information is stored in distant places and cannot be accessed unless you know the specific location.You need to program the mother of all search engines into your subconscious so that you can think directly.Each piece of information will be covered up by other similar information.In order to remember how to unlock your phone, you have to sort out passwords for billions of others.Like browsing Google search pages.-After about the third page, most people's minds become numb.You may be able to do it at your fingertips, but you 'd better hope that your full knowledge will also have immortal side effects as you need a lot of time to locate and analyze all the data-Destroy any use that knowledge may have (not to mention yours-so-Subtle sanity in the process.Do you still think you are qualified for the task?Here we will answer for you: No.No, you're not.So, let's lower our horizons again and go back to the realm of physical superpowers, shall we?How about something like this...1 Therapeutic Factors earlier we discussed the considerable disadvantages of the force domain in protecting you, but if it is not feasible to escape physical injury, there is another option: Super therapy.Say you are Wolverine without claws, but you have hair on your face (because it's sexy ).Or, if you prefer your super healing abilities, it could be that cheerleader.You can get hurt as usual, but it can't let you down because your body can even recover from the most catastrophic damage at an incredible rate.If you break every bone in your body at once, it doesn't matter, like the whole life of Evel knevel condensed into a catastrophic accident ---You will simply weave it together and come back and buy more.Two words: trauma.Regeneration does not eliminate pain.If you're crying all the time, it's not like a movie going through a wall of fire.Imagine, after trying to fail 14 school buses with a motorcycle ramp, lying on the ground and falling apart, having to watch your liquefied organs grow again in your broken chest like one of the stationsThe motion video of rotten fruit is played in reverse.Does this look like an experience where a person can leave without being affected?The extreme pain and fear you will experience after a serious injury will leave a serious mental trauma, and this level of trauma will bring additional side effects ---.Let's go back to Wolverine.What's he like?Sullen, moody and wary of anything going on around him (can you say paranoid?), Easily arouse the anger of the madman...These are not character traits but symptoms.The man has been torn apart many times and now he is a walking group with psychological trauma.His rage series?It's obviously post-traumatic depression.No one noticed anything wrong because the man was invincible, didn't he?Regeneration may have healed his body, but it has not saved his mind.This power gives you a very long life (after all, your cells will not be damaged because of age), and it is almost certain that you will encounter an accident that is fatal to any normal person.But fortunately, you will be forced to go through this.-Everyone will bring you closer to complete mental instability.So, ask your new invincible self: is it possible to enjoy an immortal body when the heart is broken?
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