the best charcoal bbq grill A Marketing Lesson: I Like My Steak Rare

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-01
the best charcoal bbq grill A Marketing Lesson: I Like My Steak Rare
My dad called me a few years ago.Because he cooked on the grill, he invited me to his house for steak.He asked me to tell him in a rare way."RI said it was rare," said RHe."RI told him again," RHe said, "it's okay.\ RSo, I went to his house for dinner and when he handed me my steak, I cut it open and realized that it did a good job.
..\ RI looked at him with a frown and then I said, \ "\ rSee, this is the deal...People tend to believe that everyone else is the same as them. they like what others want.Fortunately, this rule does not always work.
In fact, you are most likely a part of the few people who feel like you.\ R however, before you start the conversation, you need to find out who is most likely to buy what you sell and how you can contact them through your information.\ RSee, the problem is that people like you are probably not the target market you want.
People like me don't need to buy most of my products because they already know what I know.\ RMy products educate people and my products bring people closer to where they want from where they are now.Those who have reached my level will not be impressed because there is nothing cutting edge in what I teach them, but those who have not yet reached my level will want to join in, so they can learn what I already know.
\ REvery day on the forum, we see bitch leads from people who think we're on the market that look the same as them.It doesn't matter if they want to complain, but the truth is that they are likely not in our target market.Some people complain that they can't afford the product we told them.
People who can't afford my products are not in my target market.Some people complain that they don't want to hear from people like me more than once a month.These people are not in my target market either.
My readers like to listen to me a few times a week and if you don't, you're not in my target market.The reality is that if we try to talk to the wrong people, our marketing will fail.In order to talk to the right people, we must have a clear understanding of our audience.
We don't understand these things, we don't make that much money, just because we don't understand what we did wrong and what we did wrong.My dad will only do my steak well because that's how he eats it.He thought I wanted my steak like he had his, he was wrong.
My steak is not bleeding.
I don't want it.
\ RAnd, if you're like my dad and you think the only way to eat steak is to do it well, then if you're trying to get me to eat it the way you eat it, you will definitely leave me a dissatisfied customer.\ RI worked in steak house a long time ago...When I was there, I learned that people who liked their steak and did it well always overcooked the steak they provided.
People who like their steak always cook the steak they provide.People who don't like steak at all will cook the steak into a la carte every time.\ If you want to sell more, you have to start to realize that your client doesn't look like you at all.
..If you like to sell a lot, it would help to know how your customers want their steak cooked and how to give them what they want
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