the best charcoal bbq grill to buy How to Clean a Condenser

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-09-14
the best charcoal bbq grill to buy How to Clean a Condenser
In order to keep the air conditioner and refrigerator in the best condition, it is crucial to clean the air conditioner and the condenser in the refrigerator regularly.You need professional help every time you do it, which is not necessary and you can do it yourself.This article provides you with some of the same suggestions.
If it is not cleaned, the coils in the condenser will be stained with dust and dirt, which affects the function of the refrigerator or air conditioner.Ask professional help to fix them to drill a big hole in your pocket.You can try to clean the coils regularly at home, which will reduce the chances of serious damage and prevent you from spending a lot of money.
Get a hint from this article on how to effectively clean the condenser yourself.Before you start using the appliances (in this case, the refrigerator), it is very important to turn them off and unplug them from the power supply.Don't be skeptical about food deterioration.
Even if the refrigerator is closed, the residual cooling temperature will prevent the food from spoiling.When you turn off the power of the refrigerator, you will find a grill similar to the lid panel at the front of the bottom.Unscrew or remove this panel.Find a plug point for your vacuum cleaner, connect it to the power supply and turn it on.
Use the attachment of the wand and nozzle in the vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and dirt collected under the refrigerator.Remove as much dust from the condenser as possible.Nozzle attachment will be more helpful to clean the coil.
Once you have finished the coil, keep cleaning the cover plate and it will also collect a lot of dirt.Clean the grill inside the cover.As we all know, you can use hot bleach water to create miracles and it has proved to be very effective for dirt.Before you re-Install the cover plate and let it dry.
You can open the fridge now!Normally, the condenser unit of the air conditioner will be installed outside the house, so all the debris generated by the dust in the trees and the air will inevitably stain it.So, first of all, you need to remove grass, vines or weeds on both sides of the condenser.Therefore, the flow of air may be hindered.
Now you will clean the coils in the condenser.Use commercial coil cleaner for this purpose.You can find it in any hardware or refrigerator supply store.
Scrub the coil hard, rinse it clean, and then let it dry before you put it back in the unit.Now clean the fins with a soft brush to remove dirt.You may need to unscrew the screws and put the protective grille aside so that you can also get to the least accessible place.
Be extra careful with fins as they are made of light, so avoid cleaning them with watergauge aluminum.If the fins are bent, straighten them with the help of the fins, the fins are designed in such a way as to slip into the space between the fins.In order to ensure that the concrete pad supported by the condenser is flat, it is only necessary to check it once.
If it is not flat, please keep the level of the Carpenter before and after, and then on the top side of the condenser unit.If the pad is not easy to move, lift the pad with a crowbar.Apply gravel or rock under concrete to bring the liner to a level.
The above method can also be used to clean the minus condenser.Be sure to pay special attention when cleaning the air-cooled condenser
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