the best charcoal bbq grill to buy How to Make Charcoal From Saw Dust

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-29
Charcoal coal balls can be processed with sawdust or coal.These materials can be combined with additives such as starch, borax and petroleum distillates, placing coal in larger blocks, adding spices to charcoal or affecting combustion performance.When all the moisture and gas are released from the wood during combustion, sawdust charcoal can be obtained.
Two metal cans and some tools can be used to make sawdust charcoal at home.Place the 30-Gallon metal tank on the plane, nonFlammable surface.The gravel area or the open dirt area is perfect for placement.
Lift the lid and put it aside.
Insert the 1-Enter the drill bit in inches.Drill eight holes on the side of 30-gallon can.The holes should be evenly distributed around the circumference of the tank on the side of the tank.
Place the hole at 3 inch from the bottom of the tank.Insert a brick inside 30-gallon can.Place the brick in the middle of the jar with the wide side facing up.Remove the 1-Inch bit and insert 1/8-Enter the drill bit in inches.
Drill four holes at the top of 15-gallon can.Arrange the holes into squares, and the holes are the corners of the square.Place the hole 1/2 from the edge of the lid.
Pour the sawdust into 15-Gallons can leave 1 inch of the space at the top of the jar.Wear heat resistant gloves.Hit a match and apply the flame to the sawdust in multiple areas until the sawdust is on fire.Place the lid on top of 15-gallon can.Pick up the 15-Gallon tank and insert it into 30-The gallon can make 15-The gallon tank is located at the top of the brick.
Let the sawdust burn until 15-gallon can.
Remove the 15-30-gallon canGallon tank and set it in nonFlammable surface.Insert 1/8-Nail inch nails into four holes to cover the vents in the lid.Cool the cans for three hours.Remove the 15-The gallon can be covered and stored by pouring charcoal into a Ziploc bag.
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