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From Australia to the United States, from the Caribbean to the United Kingdom, your barbecue history, gas barbecue is usually the most popular in the world.Who would first consider putting some meat in the backyard and also call it a "barbecue "?How does a simple process of cooking meat transform into a celebration garden party that we all know and love so much today?If we interpret the "barbecue" as a procedure for cooking meat on flames, the concept has existed since the first fire was discovered in the early days.Obviously, the word "barbecue" will not be used until thousands of years later.
In the early days, barbecues would be much slower than we are used to now.Meat is cooked gradually for a few hours, usually hanging on a shelf on the fire, and this smoking behavior provides a good way to keep precious meat before cold storage.The word "barbecue" comes from different sources.
One answer is that it comes from the Spanish phrase "barbacoa", meaning a wooden frame used to cook meat.Similar terms, such as "barabicu", which means that the "sacred fire pit" used by the Catalina people may also bring to the creation of our modern term "barbecue"The interesting explanation for the word "barbecue" is that it stems from the French phrase "barbeáqueu", which means that from "Beard to Tail" Imagine an entire pig being baked on the fire.It is believed that the word "barbecue" was technically first added to English, while in the 17 th century the word "barbecue" was introduced by the English captain and explorer William Dampier;The first person to travel around the world three times.
Dampier's travels took him to Central America, South America, Australia, and the East India and the "barbecue", which he was considered to have returned to the UK with words like "avocado" and "chopsticks, these words were found during his expedition.No matter where the term comes from, in the days before modern inventions include cookers and refrigerators, individuals in many countries have access to their unique craft and practices of cooking meat on fire.So when is the barbecue not just a way to cook food, but a focus for outdoor parties?What we understand now is that the gas barbecue is actually considered to be a Tylenol from the Caribbean and Florida in the 18 th century.
The popularity of charcoal barbecues then quickly spread from there to the south of the United States, where it is considered an easy and effective way to cook cheap meat.Charcoal barbecues are particularly popular in cooking pork, as pork has become a staple food for the poor --The people affected in the depths of the South are mainly because the food there is rich and the price is cheap.It usually claims that you can eat every part of the pig except for oink, so killing and cooking a whole pig is always a great spectacle to celebrate and watch the period of baking a whole pigTo put it simply, just like the "pig" these days.
Unlike cooking a pig for just three or four people, the extended family may do so, and friends and neighbors may be asked to roast the pig, a place where the social aspect of the barbecue matches the cooking process.After the American Civil War, barbecues continued to pop deep in the south and early 20 th century, with many African-Americans from deep in the South moving further north and carrying their own barbecue customs.During this period, barbecue recipes and techniques have gradually spread to other parts of the United States.
In addition, during this time, the "barbecue restaurant" began to appear deep in the southern United States.These all start with simple "take away" places to eat, where shopkeepers (usually farmers) can slow downCook pork for customers.Because the popularity of pork has increased, the owner includes bar stools and tables, making their store from take-out to take-out.
There was a restaurant on the horse.
This style of cafe can still be established in the area now.By the 1960 s and 1950 s, barbecues appeared to be more successful as a pastime in most parts of the United States, a practice that has been adopted in the UK and in Europe and Australia.We are now familiar with backyard and even garden charcoal barbecues with burgers, hot dogs and cold soft drinks, which have become more and more popular in the UK since the 1960 th generation.
Barbecuing for family and friends has become a yearly tradition for many, and it's always a welcome sign that summer is coming, from the backyard near your home when we smell the unique scent of the first BBQ of the season
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