the best gas bbq grills Cramer's Mad Money - 7 Growth Stocks To Buy On Down Days (5/9/12)

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-14
the best gas bbq grills Cramer\'s Mad Money - 7 Growth Stocks To Buy On Down Days (5/9/12)
Stocks on in-discussionOn Wednesday, May 9, an in-depth meeting of Jim Kramer's crazy money TV show.Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX), chipotel Grill, Mexico (NYSE: CMG), rose store (Nasdaq: ROST) celgene (Nasdaq: CELG ), lululemon (NASDAQ: LULU ).Other stocks mentioned: Fossil (Nasdaq: FOSL), Bed Bath and other stocks (Nasdaq: BBBY), Macy's (NYSE: M) Cramer discussed 7When stocks are hit by negative news from Europe, the duration of the purchase story: 1.After reporting a record quarter, Apple has sold from a high of $630 to $570.There is concern that service providers do not want to subsidize Apple's phones, but the companies have said they are willing to pay for Apple's products.2.Starbucks (SBUX) is the final comeback story and should perform well even when Europe is sick;"Stop guessing Starbucks."3.Although Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) reported the best quarter in the restaurant industry, it has dropped by 40 points.Cramer will buy the stock with its new concept and falling raw material costs.4.The rose store (ROST) is only 3 percentage points from the 52-week high, but should benefit from not touching Europe and lower gas prices.5.Allergan (AGN) has declined but is not enough to buy.This company has a long time.The terminology story of the success of Botox multipurpose.6.Celgene (CELG) experienced a sharp correction in the quarter, and analysts were uneasy about the apparent slowdown in sales.After a closer look at the conference call, the issues are temporary, and the stock has many positive catalysts to push it up, Cramer said.7.Lulullemon (LULU) is down 10% mainly due to the sin of the fossil (FOSL), but unlike the fossil, lulullemon has little exposure to Europe.Cramer made some calls: Bed Bath and other places (BBBY) were "smoking" and made a wise acquisition;"This is one of the most stable retailers in the world.Macy's (M) was punished for a downturn in April.Cramer thinks the price of the stock is $35 or $36.CEO Interview: Scottish miracle-James hagdoonScottish Miracle-Gro (New York Stock Exchange: SMG)Gro (SMG) dropped by 9 percentage points after releasing a mixed quarter with a 9-cent income difference and only a 3% increase in revenue.The unusually warm weather affected sales, and CEO James Hagedorn said analyst expectations were exaggerated.He pointed out that the unit increased by 8% and the sales of lawn fertilizers increased by millions.Hagedorn said he expects the strength of the company, but the weather of the game "is not for the faint heart...We are not chasing the dormitory."It's my fault that only on Wall Street, others surpass themselves," he added ."...We did everything we said we wanted to do."CEO Interview: The drop in crude oil prices has hurt oil stocks, but Cramer will use the drop in oil prices to find the best option for the industry.EOG Resources (EOG) are "the only stocks that really grow throughout the oil business."The company has some of the best assets in Bakken and Eagle Ford and is actively moving from low-priced natural gas to oil and liquid, which accounts for 84% of its revenue.The company has set up a terminal in the state of Luis Anna, where it can get a higher price than West Texas Intermediate School.According to EOG, revenue has grown by an incredible 47 cents.9%, oil production increased by 49%, and liquid production growth forecast rose from 30% to 33%.CEO Mark Papa predicted that oil prices would remain at a high of $105 or more, not optimistic about gas prices.Cramer EOG is optimistic.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Jim Kramer rose 31% on 2009.Now click here to trade with him.Get a selection of Cramer by email-It is free and it takes only a few seconds to register.
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