The Best Way to Start BBQ Coals - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
The Best Way to Start BBQ Coals  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
Start your coal burning with a chimney, which will really help your fire to burn faster and with fewer problems.Weber was charging too much for their chimney, so I decided to make my own chimney free of charge with some hardware cloth found and some metal lines I lay down.In order to make the chimney, I cut a piece of hardware and rolled it into a cylinder.Then I sew it up with some metal wire.All I need to do is go through every 5 holes or so on the hardware cloth.The hardware cloth works well as a chimney for two reasons.1) it's full of holes so it allows the air to flow freely through it, 2) it doesn't need you to pick up the entire hot coal chimney and flip them over to the grill, risk being burned or burned by willful hot coal.Instead, when it's time to pour coal, all you need to do is pick up the electric conduit and the coal will fall on the grill below.I filled the chimney with coal and paper.I found that I could make a better fire by using a chimney and a hairdryer, and then with a lighter liquid.However, you can help burn things with lighter liquids if you want.First, I knead some newspapers in a ball and push it to the bottom of the chimney.I try not to use magazines or oil paper as they don't burn completely.Then I poured a lot of coal on it.I started using the real charcoal block instead of the "Kingsford" style bouquet.I think they burn hotter and taste better.Mmm.Eat coal.After the tower was built, I lit the paper from the bottom and watched the heat and fire lit coal on crumpled paper.Now, most of the time, the fire in the newspaper began to go out before all the coal started to burn.The hair dryer came in from here.Find the hair dryer and take it out for a barbecue.Write down the direction of the wind and look up in the headwind of the barbecue.Point the dryer to the coal and turn it on.Watch out for all the sparks that come out of your hot coal.In just a few seconds, the coal ignited at the bottom will start to get active and ignite all the remaining coal in the chimney.This method works for me every time and you should be able to recover any struggling BBQ fire with this method (assuming something is still burning ).I learned how to do this from a guy named Mario who owns a sheep farm in Italy.Thanks Mario!It wasn't until recently that my home had a hairdryer, so it wasn't until about three months ago that I was still using another way to make the coal in trouble burn brightly.Fire is driven by oxygen, so if there is a problem burning up, you may want to breathe as much air as you can.It is OK to blow on the fire, but you will find that you will soon be out of breath and you will not be too helpful to restore your fire.You can get a stronger airflow by guiding it with your fingers.Squeeze your fingers and thumb together so that a small gap in diamond shape is created between your fingers.Take a deep breath at this point.Then, put your finger in this position, lift it to your mouth and make a tight seal on your lips.Finally, blow all the air out of your lungs and force it through that little hole.You will notice that when you can only blow for a few seconds before, you can now blow longer air on the fire and have greater control and power.Coal should turn red and react quickly to your oxygen injection.Continue to blow until the coal is restored and remember to rest so you don't get dizzy.(It works best if you can ask a friend to help blow the fire ).Once the coal is hot, just lift the chimney and let the coal overflow from the bottom.This approach looks much safer than flipping through the entire chimney, which is always a bit dangerous for me.Once the grill is ready, all you need to do is throw it on the food, cook it and enjoy it.
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