The chill and grill - grill for bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
The chill and grill  -  grill for bbq
There has always been confusion between the barbecue and the barbecue. . . .
No doubt when I was working with a PitMaster (barbecue champion) I was blown away and he told me that when you cook something on the grill for a while, like chicken, sausage, potatoes, corn, or anything else called a barbecue.
On the other hand, when you barbecue, the meat is not in direct contact with the grill, usually a large piece of meat, rubbed with spices, wrapped in tin paper, sometimes cooked for 18 hours . . . . . . So now you know it's actually a barbecue session when your friend invites you to Barbie.
After landing in the Caribbean, the Spaniard used the word barbacoa to refer to the slow speed of the locals.
Cooking meat on wooden platforms . . . . . .
We believe this is the origin of a barbecue or barbecue. . .
Well, I would like the most popular and consumed barbecue food and unique style in the United States.
Even the style of barbecue and the change of sauce . . . . . . The Memphis BBQ is in North Carolina where the whole pig is cooked, or rather smoked, and served in vinegar with tomato sauce.
On the other hand, the ribs of the Kansas people are proud, mixed friction with dry spices, brown sugar and salt . . . . . . I like their ribs very much . . . . . . In each culture, each culture has a grill or cooking beef on fire. .
My favorite is Bulgogi in Korea, where thin slices of meat marinated with soy, sugar, sesame oil and spices are painted with charcoal.
What a great dimension and depth it is, bringing smoke, BBQ and everything to the food. It’s amazing .
Asado is the term for barbecue in Latin America.
Australia calls it Barbie and South Africa calls it Brazil.
The chulasco in Brazil offers a wide variety of meats and internal organs, which are cooked in long skewers, carved together with meat on the table.
My best experience was at Rio de jarniro in Marius, where the people were excited about the excess meat.
Just like July 4 in the United States was a barbecue/barbecue day, almost everyone lit the grill in the backyard, just like Briaa day Sept 24 in South Africa.
BBQ is the best way to socialize, bond and be happy.
Fire, coal, equipment, produce and spices change with the change of the mainland, but the message is about unity, love and food.
Dry rubGarlic powder 1 tbspPaprika powder 1 ION powder 2 tbspBrown sugar 1 tspSalt, mix all dry ingredients, sprinkle and rub evenly.
Rest for 1 hour, then ignite on the grill, even at home with apn or bake in the oven.
Chimmichuri is a nice fresh sauce that can be topped with a barbecue. . .
But it works well for everything, two cups of fresh parsley and/or fresh coriander leaves, one cup of fresh oregano leaves (optional) 3-
6 cloves garlic2 tablespoons chopped onion1/2 cups of olive oil 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar (optional) 1 tablespoon lime juice (optional) Salt and red pepper flakes taste 1.
Stir the garlic and onions in the food processor until they are chopped. 2.
Add parsley and/or coriander if used, oregano, stir briefly until chopped. 3.
Transfer the mixture to a separate bowl.
Add olive oil, lime juice and vinegar and stir well.
(Adding liquid to the outside of the mixer will bring the right texture to chimichurri.
You don't want the herbs to be completely removed, just chopped ). 4.
Season with salt and red pepper slices.
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