The definitive guide to hand-washing your dishes: 7 things you must know - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-22
The definitive guide to hand-washing your dishes: 7 things you must know  -  how to clean cast iron
There are people who like to wash dishes.
I have heard of them.
I even know a few.
(No one volunteered to come to my house to do mine for some reason!
) However, I am not one of them.
Maybe it's because when I finish my food that I 've been sweating, I'm barely in the mood to continue standing in the kitchen.
Don't get me wrong. I will wash the dishes with my hands and don't drag the mud.
I won't throw everything into the dishwasher to avoid manual operation.
I care so much about my good kitchen tools and spend so much money that it is not so casual.
"I think it's a very easy thing," Sandy Patterson said . " Worked as a lecturer at the late l'academi de Cuisine culinary school, worked in the catering industry, and now serves as a chef at Georgetown University LEO | MKT.
It really doesn't take that long to get the job done, she said.
But here are some tips on how to make sure the process is as simplified and effective as possible.
Any delicate thing should be kept away from the dishwasher, whether it's wood, fine glassware or other beautifully decorated things, Patterson said.
The chef's knife should be cleaned by hand, especially since the connection between the blade and the handle is easily damaged in the dishwasher.
A very sharp knife in the machine is a safety hazard.
"You usually need to wash the pan bowl pans basin by hand," says Sarah Carey, food and entertainment editor for Martha Stewart's life, who doesn't have a dishwasher in her apartment in New York.
Especially if they are more dirty, they don't come out of the dishwasher like they are clean, and they are also damaged in the dishwasher.
Even if the manufacturer says "dishwasher safe", why take this risk, you should always wash the plaster anyway --
Handmade iron cooker.
When you cook or finally wash the dishes, it depends on how tidy you need your workspace, how big your kitchen is, whether you have extra hands, etc.
But there is no correct answer.
I like to enjoy the return of a great meal before going into the chore.
The opposite is true for Carey: "I think, 'let's finish it over and over again.
Go find something without fragrance, or at least neutral --
Citrus, for example, has a friendly aroma.
Patterson likes the ultra-pure and transparent palmolevey.
"I'm just looking for a basic soap," she said . ".
"You don't need fancy, you just need soap.
Carey found that the "natural" soap was not so effective.
She also avoided smell and power.
A small Dawn can go a long way.
Clear as many food pieces as possible before doing it
Wash as much as you can.
A spatula or plastic spatula can also help remove more stubborn pieces.
If it fails, the option is to include further soaking and boiling water in a dirty pan or pan, whether or not there is baking soda.
Once it's time to continue washing clothes, Patterson will go.
To is a stainless steel refined pad, although it cannot be used on a delicate surface, non-stick cooker or cast iron.
Carey likes the green wash mats that are everywhere, even though they are too harsh for certain items. Soft, non-
Scratch sponges are useful when you need to be extra careful, but be sure to disinfect or replace them often.
The most eco-friendly strategy is to have a trash can or large bowl with hot soapy water to soak and wash dishes, change water if necessary, and rinse with the last one when you are done, instead of cleaning each piece one by one under running water.
However, this doesn't always work, especially if you don't have one large or morebasin sink.
If you clean up when you go instead of waiting until the end, you may be more inclined to skip the water in the tub.
At the very least, exercise restraint in how much you turn on the tap.
About Water: Patterson notes that while commercial kitchen stations have been set up to facilitate disinfection, as hot water as possible-protect your hands with gloves if you want-is usually enough for home use.
It also dissolves food.
Kaili noted that very hot water evaporates faster in terms of air drying.
If you need or want to disinfect, diluted bleach solution and air drying can do the job, and disinfectant can also be purchased online or elsewhere.
You will find different opinions on how to wash dishes.
Paterson, she says, is a "last girl outside the jar," recalling how her mother will scrub the bottom of the jar to keep it clean.
Kelly, on the other hand, likes to work outsideeating or -
First, the cooking surface is usually cleaner.
In this way, food debris will not spread to these areas.
But don't care too much about the chronology.
"This is for me to clean up," Patterson said . ".
"I think the procedure is important.
"For items you want to dry immediately, there are a few absorbent towels on hand, including glassware that may find spots or metal vessels that may rust.
If you do not want larger items to occupy your entire dish rack, they can also be towed away after washing.
If you let your plate dry, "you shouldn't squeeze your shelf full," Carey said . ".
Allow enough space for air circulation. That Jenga-
Style tower is not only inefficient, but also dangerous if it falls down or is knocked down.
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