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The grand wine tour.  -  best bbq tools
The best wine in the world, irresistible food, and some surprises.Join the sunset within a mileby-Travel through three of the most exciting wine regions in the West: Napa, Santa Barbara and miles south of Oregon.NAPA VALLEYHere is where you fall in love with winter: Hot summer days in your 1960 s.This place: Overlooking the top of the Northern California Valley.My family lived on that mountain, and my sister and I grabbed the basket and prepared to harvest a large BlackBerry.I walked too far, slipped and fell into the warm, thorny bush.Just before the pain.-Those thorns are sharp.-I smell a unique flavor of ripe berries, mixed in wild mint dotted with bushes.That roll shaped my life.The valley is Napa.The top of Mount Howell.The aroma--Berries, mint--Even now, when I poured in a glass of the mountain of Howell, I smelled it.Today, Napa Valley is unique in the pig area of the United States.There are about 500 wineries in 16 affiliated names, accounting for 30-mile-long, 5-mile-wide valley.They include historic wine cellars such as Stag's Leap Wine Cellar, which, in the Judgment of Paris 1976, destroyed a series of French Bordeaux wines by the wine cellar's Cabernet Sauvignon suvinon, thus enabling the NAThey include very luxurious ones: Prime Napa vineyards can run $300,000 per acre, and the wines produced here rarely sell for $1,500 a bottle.The popularity of Napa and these prices may make this valley scary for those who just want to spend the day tasting wine.The crowd is real.-On a busy weekend, try turning left onto Highway 29.Sometimes the same is true of this boast.(I occasionally hear admonition that check in with the concierge before grabbing a table on the winery lawn.But a recent survey of mine showed-It is still very serious about wine, but willing to relax a little.Wu 'an night at Raymond wienyaz luxury hotelFor example, there is a "crystal" wine tasting room.I'm from a cup of owner Jean-The lush red wine of Charles boissett saw a masked, almost naked acrobats staring at me from the trapeze.Napa, stuffy?Hell, no.Another sign of emotional change in the valley is: St.'s hottest new restaurantHelena is a Brussels truck from the Clif family, right next to their bike --Theme Velo Vino tasting room.The formal downtown Napa has become its own destination with great restaurants and wine tasting rooms as well as top notchMusic scene.After all, Napa knows that wine is romantic.For me, of course.After falling on my top of the mountain, I left and went back to Mount Howell and back to college.It is a conservative university that prohibits drinking.But the valley and its wine are called.One Saturday afternoon, shortly after I turned 21, I decided to have a drink.To celebrate the arrival of my senior year and my adult year, the tasting tour is taken for granted.Sipping in the Napa tasting room, I began to understand that what I wanted in my life was wine.This is the big secret of Napa.Learn to navigate the valley and you will find that it is still the best place to fall in love in the world ---Deep, Eternal Love-with wine.Visit, taste, taste.You will, like me, create wine memories of your own without thorns.In the Carneros region of southern Napa, STARMONT offers what is needed for the Valley: expensive wine and a young atmosphere.The average carneros wine is a trade;the single-Charming Vineyards Pinot and Chardonnay.And handsome, recycledThere is a bar in the wood and concrete wine tasting room that extends directly to the patio fire pit.Taste for $20;1451 Stanley Lane;starmontwinery.com.We recommend: Los Carneros, Starmont 2013;$55).(2) ANDAZ naparecover recovered quickly from the blow suffered by the 2014 earthquake, and downtown Napa has become a place to land and stay, with excellent restaurants and growingThe Andaz hotel has a convenient location, small and elegant rooms, and is very suitable for the new environment.From $329;andaznapa.com.Napa TORCDowntown has become a paradise for dining-with bigcity-Quality restaurants such as Morimoto and La Toque-When seanotoole introduces another round of stars."Tools" on the menu roam the world in harmony with dishes such as Indian sweetPotato pakora, hamachi crudo, Japan, and Whitlatch, Mexico (a mushroom-like fungus ).All of them are great.$$$;1140 Main St.;torcnapa.com.(4) LA TABERNANew, the owner of ZuZu, is a popular Spanish restaurant, and the snack bar will be at the home of San Sebastian.Scan the printed drink menu, including a eclectic list of sherry, beer and international wines.The board above the bar has a variety of food to choose from: pintxos like jamon iberico de bellota, smoked trout and pato (duck) empanadas...You won't be wrong.$$$;815 Main;latabernanapa.com.(5) The senakai and Catherine Walter halls of the church.Helena transformed an existing B & B into a luxury boutique hotel and spa.At the property score is the 1870 s Parker building, where the rooms are fixedSeason can be an invisible deal if it's late (as low as $219)Break the vacancyOtherwise from $379;senzahotel.com.(6) The new visitor center of stag's LEAP cellcellarsa adds luster to this Napa institution.It looks like it's built from the rocks and the Earth, the center--Treasure house of wine information--Look to the ancient fiay vineyards, adjacent to the vines that produce S.L.V.It won the Red Pearl of the famous judges in Paris.Today, winemaker Marcus Notaro is proud of Leap's legacy.Taste for $25;5766 SilveradoTrail;cask23.com.We suggest: the leap of the Bucks is 2012 S.L.V.Cabernet Sauvignon (Bucks)$125).The first winery in 15 years in the ODETTE estthe Stags Leap region came from billionaire philanthropist Gordon gate and PlumpJack Group owned by California's deputy governor Gavin Newson.The first Odette Manor preserve by winemaker JeffOwens, 2012, perfect 100Points rating by wine critic Robert Parker.Character of wine--Bucks jump "iron fist in velvet gloves "---A new tasting lounge for elegant women.Taste for $15;5998 Silverado Trail;odetteestate.com.We recommend: 2012 the red wine of the Odette Estate (StagsLeap area;$98).Cictville (8) CICCIOIt is not easy to enter the food field of isYountville.However, the brick and wood oven in little sichio soon became a local delicacy.The crust pizza in the oven provides support for dinner here.You want to try wood, too.Stir-fry the baby Thistle with delicious walnut bagna cauda, and ciccio's reassuring reproduction of Italian patrons, such as chickpeas and pork chops.$$;6770 Washington Street;Ciccionapavalley.com.Oakville (9) B wine cellar vineyards and WINERYB are the newest members of Napa Golden Mile-The extended ofOakville crosses the highway between Highway 29 and Silverado Trail, which is drawn to some of the Valley's most respected labels, including Groth, Silver Oak andIt takes full advantage of the tony address of the rich red mixture you have tasted in the smooth new wine cave or wine garden.But it's also about food.A demonstration kitchen allows you to see from the bar what the chef has done for your wine match ---Make use of the farm produce in Kitchen Garden B and fresh egg dishes in wellChicken with high heelsTaste for $35;703 cross road Oakville;bcellars.com.Recommended: B wine cellar 2011 Blend 25 (Napa Valley;$64).ST.Raymond wiendast talks about a transformation.Raymond is very popular, but the style is similar to the '70 year' dentist's office, by Jean-CharlesBoisset, a descendant of one of France's famous winemaking families, husband of California wine Noble Gina GaroBoisset."We're not just making wine...We create dreams!" Boisset says.AtRaymond, dreams now include a champagne lounge with goldFloors and karaoke, Louis XIV--Furniture under the tree.But there is also a serious call.The education room, a lab that mixes its own wines, and a demo biodynamic garden with anapp to guide you through it.You can even take your dog to the dog winery run by French bulldog Frenchie in Boisset.Starting at $25;849 from Zinfandel Lane;Raymond Vineyardcom.Recommended: Raymond 201 area 2 Series red beads (Rutherford;$85).(11) HALL ST.HELENABunny Foo--A nickname for a 35-year-old localfoot-Tall stainless steel Rabbit-Even the tower at the entrance of ail Street.Helena.This is one of a series of eclectic modern art installations around and around this contemporary winery.But former US president Catherine Walter Hall said.S.The Austrian ambassador and the host of her husband Craig said: "We are not museums.Art is just the background of wine here."That Wine includes a well-crafted Napa taxi (and some pinot wines from the Andson Valley), which you can taste in the tasting room upstairs, with wonderful views from the ValleySpread the vineyards to the majamas mountains.Back downstairs, you can attend a local chef's food and wine workshop in Hall's demonstration kitchen.$30 tasting;401 St.Helena Hwy.S.;hallwines.com.Recommendation: Room 2012, "Catherine Hall", Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley;$150).(12) tablec tablecloth chef Charlie Palmer makes his debut in Napa Valley at the new restaurant at the HARVEST Inn.Casual dark wood tables in front of the Amassive stone fireplace provide an autumn for seasonal produce (mostly grown in the cooking garden of Harvest) and local meats employed by Palmer in his wine versionCountry Cooking.We choose to bake small carrots with buttermilk sauce and season them with Indian spices;Grilled octopus and roasted lemon;Shrimp and grain.Don't shy away from what the menu says is "crispy pig heads": the little fritters from Tony gribichesauce can be addictive.$$$;1 Main St.;A good harvest in tabapa.com.(13) prototype and Goose & Gander restaurant Arche-The type was introduced by the winery architect Haoda Bakken, its lightThe rustic design matches the comfort of enenu.Lunch is a pleasure;It's hard to choose between theReuben-Salted beef made of spareribs-or the baby-back-Pork ribs sandwich (boneless sandwich with seafood on steamed bread, pork-Fried belly on the side ).Eat butter while eatingrich eye-of-Ribs, grilled onions and grilledbread salad.Then, in front of your sleeping cap, go to the basement bar of the Goose and goose and scott Betty's rosemary pear bush.Archetype: $$$;1429 Main;archetypenapa.com.Geese and geese: Geese and geese;1245 Spring St.;goosegander.com.(14) clif family WINERYVelo Vino, the wine tasting room of Clif Family, has a dual mission: introduce you to their wines (some of the best wines from howell let you ride your bike.Let the staff customize your trip and take some snacks (after all, these people bring the clitus Clif Bar ).After coming back, try it a little, buy a bottle and go to the popular Brussels truck.$20 tasting, $ Brussels;709 Main;Chateau Cliffamily.com.Recommendation: The Clif Family 2012 "Gary's improvisation" Zinfandel (Mount Howell;$38).(Month) Joseph Phelps VINEYARDSIt value makes an appointment to experience this renewedNapa classic.A complete remodel produces one of the most lovely tasting rooms in the valley, towering and open, but carved inside a surprisingly tasting space.In the 1970 s, founder Joseph Firth was the first person to produce the beadsHeadquarters in BordeauxCalifornia is a blend of styles.Phelps, who died this year, named the wine "badge" and is considered one of Napa's pioneering Reds.His son Bill didn't let anything slip away: The badge is still the prototype.$75 tasting;Appointment only;200 Taplin Rd.;joseph phelps.com.Recommendation: 2012 "badge" of Joseph Phelps (Napa Valley;$240).There are two chefs at the restaurant in MEADOWOOD BARNapa Valley, who have won three metres of forest stars.Of course, Thomas Keller is a member of the French laundry room.Another is Christopher Kostow, head of the Christopher owood restaurant.If you don't want to drop a few hundred in one night, order his three at settlein fireside at the bar-course menu.For less than $100 (OK, a little less), you'll be able to taste the food of the heavenly season ---Focus on the garden--Can be in three-star hands.$$$$;900 meadowwood Lane;meadowood.com.(17) CAIRDEAN estate if you have visited this valley in the last ten years, you may pass St.Helena.Now stancia and Edwin Williams turn it into something unusual: Wineries and caves, wine tasting rooms, bakeries and delicatessens (batterians) restaurants (farmers also have retail and galleries.Winesis has a wide range and the view of the tasting room is excellent. The Nest tour is the longest in the valley.$25 tasting;3111 St.Helena Hwy.N.;Kane Dean Manorcom.We suggest: Cairdean 2011 global peak Sila (map peak;$40).(18) calistoga inn, restaurant and brewery restored to their original appearance after the fire, 1887 Calistoga Inn is a great value in the ValleyRooms offer free wifi and free wired Internet.The bathroom is shared but as private as the spa.Downstairs in the restaurant and brewery, you can even stop drinking wine for the time being: brewmaster Brad Smilov produces delicious wheat beer, Pearson beer, red beer, Ant Porter.From $729, $ for restaurants;calistogainn.com.Barry Witte, a former executive at AOL and Apple, loves wine.He likes horses too.In fact, he took part in a tough race called endurance horse racing."When he decided to retire from Silicon Valley, it was natural that he would open a winery in a devout instant --Calistoga San dans ranch training center.Walk into Tamber Bey and you'll taste the wine in a courtyard surrounded by some very elegant stables.The wine produced by Witte and his wife Jennifer was also dark.$25 tasting;7257Tubbs Lane;tamberbey.com.We recommend: Tamber Bey, 2013 dexchevo vineyard, Merritt (younteville;$75).Gospel from Solage Solbar chefs Brandon Sharp and Gustavo Rios, a community bistro for Creole people.It may be the right place to quickly break foie gras with your mouth (at least in California)Accompanied by the watering of seasonal fruits and fruits.The satisfactory power supply includes an expert version of The poulet grandIt's just grandma's chicken or braised pork shoulder.But to taste the real South, follow the rotating specials: shrimp etouffee, okra ya-ya--Any of them is better, and fried kimchi.$$$;1226 Washington Street;evangelinenopa.com.Don't miss out on these classic Special appendices of Yountville, the Thomas Keller restaurant you can access.Adhocrestaurant.com.Sun Island is still one of the most charming places to stay in the Valley with the best views.Aubergedusolil.com.The first commercial winery of Charles Kruger Napa was established in 1861.charleskrug.com.Historic Castle and vineyard restored by director Francis Ford Coppola, ingeniuk.com.Robert Mondavi wine heritage with pioneering wines;Amazing cliffdesignedwinery.Robertson Winery.com.Join your music list, there must be a certain affinity between wine and music, as evidenced by how many winemakers play in the band next to them.Napa Valley has long been an exciting place to perform, especially in its many summer concert series: this year, Laer Lovett, wallflower, and merisseereyear-Old Robert mondavey seriesHerb Alpert and Kevin Spicey are in nine.year-Old Festival del Sole;And SnoopDogg, imagine the crowds of dragonra at the latest festival, BottleRock.But Napa town now has a corner on the great tunesyear --The ratio of quality to population is amazing.This month, BozScaggs appeared at the cool 1937 Art Deco residential theater (Uptown theatrenapa ).Com), with the help of francisford Coppola, took great pains to return to health and opened five years ago.In the small club silo (silosnapa.On the waterfront of the main street, you may find westla Whitfield, an American songbook legend, with her husband, arranger, pianist Mike greenser.Many local restaurants have joined the ranks of music-The scene of the club.Most nights in Napa, the local favorite Italian Uva regularly plays live music.Old-Joe also has time to hang out in downtown.Go further in St's ValleyHelena, you can catch the performers on the geese and geese (left) on a summer Sunday.For these two wellsCheck out the show at the Lincoln Theater (Uncolntheater) in younnville to learn about national behavior and local talent.com).ST.HELENA Jean-Sunset Wine Editor Sarah Schneider's Raymond vinyazby boyster finds a bit wild west in wine country.Santa Barbara County has been a ranch country for a century.Even now, there is a fiberglass harness in front of the jedelica restaurant in Los oliworth, and if you go inside, you can get Justin Ross, steeson AlaThis Western-Ness makes the wine country of Santa Barbara special.After all, what is terroir, just a sense of place?Still, the county is changing.Over the past 20 years, the number of acres growing grapes has more than doubled, and the number of wineries has also increased dramatically.Considering the region's relative proximity to Greater Los Angeles, it's not surprising that winemakers have launched some new projectsBusiness Center--More recently, Kurt Russell and stepdaughter Kate HudsonAs for the wines, they are fantastic and varied due to the local terrain, from the hot inland valleys in the East (the Bordeaux variety is great) to more Western, ocean --Cooling area around the Lompoc (great for blackbino ).Here, there are more and more varieties in five different names-There may be another name at the end of the year.In a plain and unpretentious setting, a combination of fine wines (two major wine towns still have Flagstaff in the middle of the street, but no traffic lights, ostrich land is still a major attraction for tourists from southern California.-From far awayThe latter includes chef Luca Santanelli.Chris Tanelli, a native of Verona, Italy, first came here a decade ago when he was 22.It was hard for him to accept, so he vowed to come back.Now he has his S.Y.The kitchen of St. Jerez is one of the best exquisite new restaurants to grow up with vineyards.Crestanelli said: "I saw passion in the brewing process here, and that's what matters.Young people stick to what they know and believe."Like a cowboy in Santa Barbara County not long ago.Santa Barbara (1) Santa Barbara Fink district, once an industrial neighbor of the city's Mediterranean city center, is now the center of Santa Barbara city Wine Road.Here, Southern California's wine culture blends with surfing culture, with a boardwalk near the wine tasting room and a winemaker at a former dive shop.Hotel Location: Les Marchands Bar & Merchant, carefully selected wine from Santa Barbara and Europe as well as guest rooms.City Wine Road: City Wine Roadcom.MunicipalWinemakers: $ month tasting.22 Anacapa St.;Munici palwinemakers.com.Les Marchlands:131 Anacapa;Les marchander pigcom.Recommendation: Commander of the municipal winemaker 2014 "bright white" dry Thunder (Santa Barbara County;$24).(2) S.Y.Modern Country Italian dishes in Kitchencrecrestanelli include 10 evening specials.He gets ingredients from local farms and more distant suppliers, taking advantage of the grace of the San Jerez Valley and he can get a special burrataof from Italy within 24 hours.His Supper is lighter than the air.His mutton skewers are amazing.$$$;1110 Farah brother St.;sykitchen.com.(3) the rooms and villas of the Hotel vary from Victorian to local wineries or vineyards ---For example, the ranch of des mochea and Trecho.A three-Breakfast prepared by co-The owner, Derby Cambell, started the day while her husband, Jim, offered wine to the guests.An hour partyFrom $250;forfriendsinn.com.Bacon and BRINELocal food in a small house: How much morethe-Can you do it?In a cabin with outdoor seating, bacon and Brineserves sandwiches and salads made with local produce and pork from traditional pig pastures --Growing up on a nearby farmThis is a team effort: Chef Crystal delongre is responsible for slaughtering, smoking and pickling, while wife and "Goddess of fermentation" Courtney Rae is responsible for sauerkraut and kimchi as well as other projects with gloss.$$;453 AtterdagRd.;baconand brine.com.(5) is Landes cool?Solvang?Even so, the little Denmark in the United States is very complicated.Exhibit A: The lanzby Hotel, formerly cutesy Petersen Village Hotel, is now A temporary boutique hotel in Scandinavia.Clean and tidy rooms with white-Oak flooring and handmade furniture.The hotel's public space includes a courtyard with a fire pit and an inviting lobby bar offering cocktails and local wines.From $229;thelandsby.com.(6) RUSACK VINEYARDSIn Ballard Canyon, newestappelling in wine country of Santa Barbara, Rusack produces a Zin connected to the most delicious vines in the country.Its 2013 Ballard Canyon estate, Zinfandel, uses grapes transplanted from 1 884 vineyards on San Crues Island.Is it worth waiting?You bet.$ 15 tasting;1819 Ballard Canyon Road;rusack.com.We suggest: With Zin, Rusack 2013 Sila (Santa baracounty;$29).BUELLTON (7) industrial restaurants look more like they are in the center of Los Angeles than at the center coast: a pair of woodBurn the oven in a cave connected to the discovered object--Saxophone, surfboard, old Toledoscale."Pizza" and "non-pizza" are listed on the menu of the butcher's shop, while the room attendant is filled with charades in the display cabinet.Dine at one of the public tables and be open to gossip about wine lovers: the industrial diet is a favorite for local wine professionals.$$;181B industrial mode;industrialeats.com.(8) Alma Rosa winery and viñaz next door to industrial cuisine are new Tasting Places for Richards Sanford and his wife Thekla, and also early Santa BarbaraWhile long term fans may miss the humble Vineyard Cottage in the early days of Sandford, the spot Brighton hotel has its own appeal.Made from recycled Douglas fir with plenty of light and hospitality, the wine is as good as they get.$12 tasting;181 CIndustrial;Alma rosawinery.com.Recommended: almarossa 201 3 barrels selected pinot noir (Sta ).RitaHills;$60).(9) LOMPOC Wine Ghetto shared its community with a car store called hot Rod Alley.But these production facilities and tasting rooms are essential if you want to taste top Wines in Santa Barbara County, such as flying goats and violin head cellars.Taste in Sta.Rita Hilles, owner Antonio, and Jenny Moretti draw Hills' famous wines from 15 exciting boutique wineries, including Bonaccorsi and Sea SmokeLompoc Wine area: between 7 and 12 streets, N Street.of State 246;wine ghetto.org.Taste of Sta.RitaHills: $10 tasting;1595 E.Chestnut Ave.;Taste ofstaritahills.com.We recommend: Flying Goat 2011 Ranch Santa Rosa vineyard heipino (Sta.Rita Hills;$48);4 vineyard, Camp 2014 Moretti, Vermentino (Santa Barbara County;$25).Los Alamos National Laboratory (month) bob's WELL BREADTiny Los Alamos National Laboratory is more tractor than Tesla, even if newfood-and-The wine destination is right here, including several Hollywood hotels.In the latest arrivals: Bob's Well Bread, Bob Oswaks opened an art bakery at a refurbished gas station, a former television marketing executive.His wood-The freshly baked bread is delicate, and some are printed with the brand logo of the bakery.$;550Bell St.;bobs wellbread.com.(11) 1880 Union Hotel Wine Salon and CASA DUMETZMore logo for Los Alamos show-Commercial gloss: wine Saloonat Sta from the historic 880 Union Hotel.Rita Hills wine comes from Kurt Russell's GoGi wine and a selection of the Hudson Bellamy wine label by actor Kate Hudson.Casa Dumetz wine in Sonja Magdevski is also worth a visit.Four-Door wine cabinet sedan: $;362 Bell St;Union Hotel.com.Casa Dumetz: $10 tasting;388Bell St;Casadumetz wine.com.We recommend: GoGi 2012 "Goldie" Chardonnay (Sta ).RitaHills;$50);Hudson Bellamy 2014 "Que Syrah" rose ofSyrah (Sta ).Rita Hills;$25);Casa Dumetz 2013 "solid ground" GSM (valley of San jeres;$35).Santa Maria (12) Fox Canyon wine Road starts at Los olibos, a driveway that connects the San Jerez and Santa Maria Valleys through grazing cattle and lush vineyards.The Oak and concrete wine tasting room in Andrew Murray viñades is one of the most beautiful places here.12 miles away, the old meets Hyundai at Fox vineyards and wineries.Rhone in Foxen is a contemporary and stylish guest room;its Bordeaux-and Italian-In the cabin, a tin can with a style of wine1860 s Black Smith building with roof top.Winery Road: foxencanyonwine trail.com.Andrew Murray: $15 tasting;5249 Fox Canyon Road.;André Murray Vineyardcom.Foxen: $10 tasting;7600 Fox Canyon;foxenvineyard.com.We recommend: greenach, Curtis vineyard, Andrew Murray 2013 (santayness Valley );$36);Foxen 2013 vineyards than ennesdo, area 8, Pinot Noir (Valley of Santa Maria );$62).(13) the pronunciation of prequile WINERYIt is press-Kiir and Creole mean "almost an island," and on the land along the Gulf Coast, the Murphy family pushed them to pull up their shares and start the acalinia winery in Hurricane KatrinaThe summit building at the corner can see the view extending to the Pacific Ocean, which is also the source of the cooling wind.$15 tasting;5391 Dr. preskeira;presquilewine.com.Recommendation: heipino preskeira 2013 (Valley of Santa Maria;$42).Add to your list, this is a precise and beautiful ceremony-Produce a perfect bottle of wine.This tradition dates back to the 19 th of Santa Claus.Century Ranch, Santa Maria barbecue has its rules.First of all, the BBQ master takes the red oak coal to the right temperature, and the red oak is the central wood used in the Santa Maria style.They used the rotating wheels to put the meat closer to the fire box, reducing the taste of the beef.In the simple friction of salt, pepper and garlic salt, the tip begins to float in the air.It takes time--You don't worry about some things.But no one cares, especially after eating the first bite of meat: burnt outside, pink inside, accompanied by a rich salsa, A small pink breed with a hint of heat and pinquito beans growing in a local Valley.Drive near Santa Barbara County, especially along the main drags Maria and Lompoc, where the weekend fundVarious events are held and you will definitely smell the Santa Maria barbecue on the grill.Some purists insist that this is the most popular place for barbecues: outside, next to a group of BBQ masters in the Lions Club apron.But landmark restaurants, such as the one in Casa Maria and buelton, and the far west pub in orkett, also have traditional pride.-Let's buy a cup of local Pinot to match that plate of delicious meat.* Tied stakes: $;3325 Sal Road, Casmalia;hitchingpost1.com.* Tied horse column two $;406 E.Buellton, state 246hitchingpost2.com.* West End Inn: $;300 E.Clark Ave., Orcutt;Fawest Taverncom.Don't miss these 10,000 in Solvang-Acre ranch in Alisal.com.Sandwiches and salads on Bell Street gave Los Alamos food.bellstreetfarm.com.Lafend winery and vinyardine bulton are one of the earliest wineries in the county and the best in lafend winery.com.Melville Vineyards and WINERYIn Lompoc are known for their Sta.Rita Hills Pino noes.melvillewinery.com.The former outpost of Sandford is still worth a visit.sanfordwinery.com.Digital rewards explore more Western wine regions through our guide of best tasting rooms, restaurants and more: sunset.Com/winecountry.Southern Oregon is the home of undiscovered wines of your dreams. Serious wine lovers describe Oregon wine in one word: Willamette.There is also a grape: pinot noir.This is understandable.Pine nuts produced in places like myminville and Dundee are the best in the world.But a new wine country in Oregon is rising 230 miles south of the Willamette Valley.For the wine-The destination is almost utopian.The wine tasting here is cheaper than the latte;The price of the hotel is actually reasonable;The winery is far beyond the water biscuit (wood-Grilled figs and caramel92 onion pizzaDoes anyone mention point 2012?).Like in Santa Barbara County, but unlike many other wineregions in the West ---All kinds of grapes thrive."We can mature everything," joked the Southern Oregon winemaker, judging from the variety found here ---On this vast expanse of ISO micro-climate across three valleys, high deserts and mountains ---it's true.Roaming from Rogue Valley to applegate Valley, all the way north to UmpquaValley interstate, you will find how many good wines are available in your beloved bottle shop.Good wine.There are too many albalino (wine), Dan meh, white wine, Sila, vioni, Cab Franc, Baker, um, PinotNoir.What you can't find is the crowd."We are the wine region found in the world."Really," said Jamie mccleyough Jaxon sipping, with Bordeaux wines.The style blends on his deck overlooking his vines, where there was an abandoned Pear Garden and double farm not long agoWide Trailer Station.The secret may not last long.Ten years ago, there were so many wineries in southern Oregon;ISO was available two years ago;and today?About170--The tasting room has been open and has grown 1,000 acres of grapes in the past year alone.Stephen Hall of Napa, Scott O'Brien Kelly of Paso Robles and other talented winemakersMichelle giuseom, departing from the Loire Valley, and Chris Graves, departing from livermoleweili (he will choose one of the three customs --Crushing facilities) have moved to southern Oregon in the past few years and become a pioneer in a place that is still likely to open up.The place where people are on pickup trucks, not the tools around the limo;The number of mobile families exceeds manses;$15,000 for an acre of vineyard land-No (well, Napa) up to 20 times.Our advice: hop on your pickup truck and head to the place where the hooligans, Applegate River and Umqua River are located and enjoy the next frontier of wine.Ashland (1) Irving built 80 acres of gorgeous Tudor on the mountains outside Ashland, Doug and Dinnell Bay-26 acres of pinot noir and chardonnay grapes were planted.They then wisely appointed a winning team: Michael Donovan, former RoxyAnn, who was responsible for the sale and operation, and was responsible for the production of the wine at HerbQuady, 42 barrels.Owen's wine tasting room is expected to open at the beginning of 201.This is a handsome one.story,window-There are walled areas above the vines, with terraces, fire pits and snacks.We can't wait.No. 2113, immigrant Creek Road;Irvinevineyards.com.Recommendation: 2012 Pinot Noir, Oregon family (Oregon;$35J.(2) WILLOW-WITT RANCHFor our money, living in the most beautiful place in south Oregon 445-acre off-the-Grid Farm in the eastern hills of Ashland.It has four canvas tents with comfortable beds hidden in the trees between the leaves;A garden full of green leaves;Goats, pigs and chickens-and alantern-An outdoor kitchen that cooks all the ingredients you collect.Ideally, before the dark falls and the stars come out.Zillionsof.$125 tents;12 camps, $40;1 studio, $200;3-Bedroom farmhouse in 100-Acres of grass, $295 ($250 after October 15 );Willow Kuwait Matteo Renzicom.(3) come west of SAMMICHThe Loop.In Sammich, Illinois, Melissa Macmillan is proud of the sandwich tradition in Chicago.She baked her own beef, pulled her own tuna, and smoked her own smoked beef, all of which were the favorite on the Sammich picnic table and the AstroTurf terrace.$;424Bridge St.;sammichashland.com.(4) the motto of this delicatessen and bar in Smithfield is printed on the staff T-Shirt: "Bacon, Portal meat."In Ashland, it's an art-filled town that attracts vegetarians easily.But Smithfield wants you to eat pork, bris, burgers.-and, oh, a 14-If you are eager to hit, lambporterhouse in the olmpqua Valley.Be careful: Bruch on the weekend--Favorite on the terrace at the back--The space for dinner is small.$$$;36 S.Second St.;Smith fairdeslandcom.At a converted gas station, you will find the best new restaurant in roguevalle.The oil heritage of Harvest does not extend to the decoration, which is a country-Stylish flowers in Mason jarsand.The food was simple and satisfactory.The owner, John anrubi Beals, made his own pasta and pasta.Peas chickpeas and extract produce from local farms as much as possible-Not to mention Carleton pigusto of Chile.The back rib of coriander baby.$$;102 Talent Ave.;Harvestrestaurant, Oregon.com.Medford (6) the less visionary person of JAXON vinegardsone may have seen only one abandoned 1. 70sdouble-The wide trailer parked on an old Pear Garden continues, but JamieMcCleary and his wife Catherine know this 16-Kerry real estate can grow grapes.In 2009, they cleared the land themselves;Grow Silas, organic, tenpenillo and vioni vines;Local winemaker Rob Folin was also invited to make the juice.Currently, the tasting is reserved on the terrace overlooking the wine and Fern Valley.Looking for an open one in springTaste the "farm" in the air next door.$5 tasting;5709 Hughes Rd.;jaxonvineyards.com.We recommend: Jaxon 201 2 Syrah (Rogue Valley;$28).(7) DANCIN vinyardsyou will swear to give up the crowded tasting-After a sunny afternoon in this beautiful idyllic setting, the room counter is always available.Here you sit on a picnic table under a huge walnut tree and enjoy a wood --Dancing firedpizza and a bottle limited = make real estate Chardonnayor strong.Owner Dan Maka and his wife CindyCin, get it?), A gravity is being built-flow winery on-Site, this should be the time for Justin to get ready for this year's harvest.Taste for $5;4477 S.StageRd.;Dance lovers.com.Recommended: Dance 2014 "Melange" Chardonnay (nanolegon;$29).Those who know about Southern Oregon wines know about Herb Quadi.Born in Muscat, Central CaliforniaQuady, who received parents and education at Bonny Doon at RandallGrahm, after falling in love with southern Oregon, decided to move his winemaking talent North."The bars here have been rising," Quady said of the area's snowballing highest score ."."There is no room for anything mediocre."Into the bricks of Quady --In the lovely main drag of jacksonville you will see (and taste) that he is right.$5 tasting;255 California Streetquady north.com.Recommended: Quady North 2014 rose (Rogue Valley in southern Oregon;$15).(9) mccully house Hotel is ideally located.Next to the Stim coffee, opposite the fromQuady North tasting room, there is a grass park at the back, and McCully House is the best setting in downtown Jacksonville.7 spacious rooms were renovated in 201 3 or just built one with asunken bathtub and sweet little terrace.But the preferred place to sit at andsip is a red Adirondack chair on the front lawn, where you can watch all the moves, or no moves, in this charming town.From $ 165;Jackson.com.(10) Cowen vineyard and garden's tree-lined country road to Cowen is far from Wall Street, and on 2004, Bill Steele worked hard with his wife Barbara to start testing soil in the Applegate Valley.They found that terroir of this land in southern Oregon is very similar to Rhone in France.The Steelers planted their first batch of grapes in 2005 and are now known for being rich in RhoneWine in style, as well as strict biodynamic ethics.The wines they produce are elegant, simple, vibrant and can feel the taste from the soil.$10 tasting;1665 East Side Road;cowhornwine.com.We recommend: Cowhorn 2014 "spiral 36" White (applegatevalle, Oregon;$28).We sell wine here, but we should not forget the beer.There are hops in southern Oregon too!You can taste the best use of these hops in this straight lineout-of-Portland food bar, on-site restaurantsoda fountain--About a dozen Americans and BelgiansStyle micro beer on tap.Most of the beer is brewed from Conner Fields of applegatevalle;Delicious food is the product of Rogue Valley food truckFulcrum catering company$$;121S.W.H St;thehaulgp.com.Paul O'Brien Winley Scott O'Brien Kelly abandoned the big-Name the wine country as joining "the next great wine region" with his longtime friend Dyson Paul Dema "---Also known as the Valley of anpuqua.With the impact of itsmarine, the crazy mix of micro-climate and soil types, and the ability to grow cool --Climate grapes, such as Pinot, chardonnay and rishlin (larger Redskins like Syrah, Merlot and Tempranillo), this northern Valley is alreadyThese friends produce the old world with grapes from eight UmpquaInside Stacey HattonPino Blanc mix flavors, spicy Tempranillos and singleVineyardPinot Pinot.$10 tasting;609 S.E.Pine St;Boworburne wine.com.We recommend: Paul O'Brien 2013 "cask 11" tempenalillo (Umm Kugu );$36).Don't miss out on these classic sabakira wines located in Fort loesburg, which is known for its Tempranillos.abacela.com.Ashland Creek luxury suites is two blocks from Ashland city center.Ashlandcreekinn.com.The Jacksonville I's restaurant is elegant and rich in food.Gogisrestaurant.com.The French beauty meets the cowboy BISTROLa of the new sammy;Worth being loved.(541)535-2779.Add to your list and make the wine country of southern Oregon a feature of the country.There is no other wine region that offers so much outdoor enjoyment.Start with three of its rivers.The Applegate River winds through the Applegate Valley, perfect for quick, cold soaking or lying on the easy-to-reach banks.Famous rainbow trout in Salmonand.But the real outdoor entertainment is the river.In the fall, the summer rafting season has calmed down, and the Rapids have calmed down, making the rafting more calm in the really wild scenery.This means there are no buzzing jets or party Carnival Cruises (you'll find those downstream further west );Only You, a raft, tall evergreen trees and golden tones ---The river runs 34 miles through the canyon.At the beginning of November, Rogue Wilderness Adventure carried out rafting, fishing and hiking.Go for an afternoon, an evening float, or four days, happy days, camping in the bank, or crashing in a few small hotels on the side of the road.If you decide to match your adventure with local wine, they will bring it ---lots of it--With the flipflop-clad sommelier.> Rogue Wilderness Adventure: guided walking, fishing, rafting and wineAn hour tasting tour from $80/4;put-At Grave Creek in Merlin, about 34 miles.W.of Grants Pass;wildrogue.com.
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