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  -  the grill rust
Update: 11: 17 EDT on July 6, 2009, a long time ago, our British people were famous for their undisputed awe of our food, and there was no more just ridicule of British food than our barbecue.
Australians can effortlessly throw a few shrimp on the barbie and enjoy a delicious meal outdoors;
The Spaniard has never been as happy as baking dozens of sardines dipped in lemon juice on a simple bucket of hot coal;
Even Americans can produce a decent pig.
Bake in a tight place.
But by contrast, we Brits are made with burnt sausages, horrible pink chicken legs and beef burgers that are separated by small pieces of plastic that chefs often forget about the UN
Peel off from the compressed and underthawed meat below.
The pursuit of the perfect BBQ: Tom Sykes put on the chef's apron and went to greatsit sit, the scene of the culinary battle, the intense barbecue that inspired the late great food critic Clement Freud is a way of life, not an ideal way of cooking.
What is the difference after decades.
Today, we have more than one person who has the right
A one-time barbecue, open-air barbecue has become a competitive activity in which we invite our friends to not only taste our food, but also to cook for them as skillfully as possible.
Brian George, president of the National Barbecue Association (NBA)
We had a sausage for the past 13 years. to-
Swordfish and burgersto-
Revolution in Brussels.
But with our passion for the wonderful barbecue these days as a country, there is a fierce stubbornness in the chef side --usually male -
He insisted on doing it his way.
Anyone who wants to end the barbecue quickly and unhappily only needs to start telling the chef what he did wrong.
The problem is that there are many conflicting suggestions.
The barbecue world is filled with more myths than the legend of King Arthur.
So in order to separate the fact of the barbecue from the novel and with the help of the best chef in the country (
Even go to the Kent headquarters in the NBA)
The email proudly showcases the ultimate barbecue guide.
Many barbecue shops think the grill should be cleaned with soap and water twice a year.
At the beginning and end of the season.
According to Mr. George of the NBA, the best way to clean up the grill during use is to scrape it with a line brush, then spray a little olive oil and wipe it with a paper towel.
It's not just laziness.
This method allows fat to pile up in the bar, which means it is unlikely that your food will stick to the bar.
However, like all barbecues, this approach is not agreed by everyone --
Especially Aldo Zili.
Absolutely rubbish! ' the Italian-
The head chef and owner of the London restaurant Zilli Fish told me that he was disgusted with the olive oil in his grill.
He grew up in a house without gas when he was a child, where most of the cooking was done on a barbecue.
"The Barbecue must always shine clean before you use it," Zilli said . ".
Food safety is part of the reason, but taste is one of them.
Who would want to eat fish and sausages cooked in the same pot?
It's the same.
"Each time before you start, you have to wash the grill with soap and water and then rub sea salt and lemon juice in the bar.
If you decide to take this lazy route
Rely on heat every time instead of trying to disinfect the cooking surface
Then, the best way to clean up the grill at the end of the year is to fill a large bin with water, drop a dose of washing powder and let the grill completely drown overnight.
Rinse with a hose in the morning.
Don't tell your Italian friends.
I recently spent a week on vacation in France, racing against my brother. in-
Law Chris goes to the barbecue every night because I want to soak the charcoal in a lighter liquid to speed it up.
However, he is a barbecue purist who likes to plant a fire with fire, and then slowly add a group of charcoal after group in a maddening ceremony, resulting in dinner shortly before midnight
Who is right?
Mr. George told me in my BBQ class that it would definitely be better to use the fire.
It takes longer but tastes better overall.
Make sure it has no smell if you have to use a lighter liquid.
But it doesn't make sense to have a barbecue in a hurry.
Barbecue is the opposite of fast food.
Eating in a relaxed way makes your digestive tract work better than gobbling. ' Liam Kirwan -
Chef at Albion restaurant in Islington, London, who cooks a barbecue for up to 150 customers at a time-
Prefer another method.
I learned a trick from a South African chef, where I soaked egg boxes with regular cooking oil (such as sunflower oil) and then put them under coal, he said.
"Light it up and you can have a barbecue in about ten minutes.
Jim mark, author of the barbecue tip, said: "You should mentally divide the grill into three sections.
"The first part is the hot spot, which is where you put all the coal tightly together.
The second paragraph is the heat zone-
Charcoal should not be packed very tightly, there is a little space between the coal balls or charcoal blocks.
"The third paragraph should be empty, and when a lot of fat flows out of the last five minutes, you can park things there so that the torch disaster can be avoided --ups.
Remember, the more coal you start with, the longer you cook.
Time is crucial, so don't rush to cook.
Keep in mind that Barbie is usually spoiled.
If you use lighter liquids, your BBQ should be ready for cooking within 30 to 40 minutes of the end of the game.
But if you're on a natural fire route, be prepared to wait for more than an hour. For party-
Where you use a few kilograms of charcoal, the size barbecue can double those times.
What you are looking for is that all the coal is no longer glowing red, but covered with a gray layer of ash.
Or try a hand test.
Hold Your Hand 6 inch above the grill: If you can put it there for less than a second, then the coal is still too hot to cook;
If you can put it there 1-
2 seconds, you can go, coal should be considered "hot; 2-
3 seconds is equal to "middle "; and 3-
4 seconds equals "low ". At 5 seconds-
In addition, coal is not good for anything other than keeping cooked food warm.
Most of us have bad BBQ memories of a bunch of raw chicken in a fully carbon shell.
Avoid this Barbie doll.
Put your chicken on the "hot" side of the grill, Shhh (
Stable explanation, as prepared. . . Cook! above)
In the first 5 to 10 minutes, seal it completely and then move it to the medium for another 15 minutes.
Test if the chicken is exactly the same as what you did in the kitchen --
Insert the knife in it. if the juice is clean, you can.
The sausage should be placed in the low heat first and then moved to the hot to avoid the skin bursting.
Steak and kebabs take a few minutes depending on the blood of your guests.
Television chef Ainsley Harriott, author of the new book "only five ingredients," which has a barbecue section, said there is no reason not to start with chicken in the oven first.
He said put the chicken leg in the oven for 15 minutes and finish it on the barbie.
"I also cooked the ribs.
If you have a huge BBQ and you can put things for 20 minutes, that's fine.
But most of us don't have the space to keep things going for so long.
The huge fork looks interesting.
But it's annoying for serious BBQ lovers.
It's too easy to stab sausages, causing fat to swell, uncontrolled flash --
A burnt sausage. Use a long-
The metal spatula or sashimi and a pair of pliers are replaced.
Obviously, you shouldn't use a one-time barbecue.
They are contempt for those who are obsessed with barbecue.
They are very expensive for what you get, and the coal is too close to the grill to provide heat without burning food.
When these red ones get hurt, too.
Hot objects are abandoned on the beach, covered in thin sand.
Often laughed at by the old when barbecues
The finished product provided by the school's connoisseurs lacks a smoky flavor and can help produce the taste by throwing some herbs or smoked wood slices (such as apples or pecans) on artificial coal or lava, thus effectively pimped.
No doubt, the best.
Cook on lumpwood charcoal, preferably in a dome barbecue with a lid, which provides a full experience.
It is best for amateurs to avoid charcoal pellets and coal balls
They are usually just charcoal dust that is combined with the artificial adhesive, which gives a suspicious taste.
However, their advantage is that the coal balls are used longer than wood charcoal, but the quality varies greatly.
Two brands recommended by expert Mr. mark include hot beads and spray beads.
A small number of Leder barbecues insist on using wood instead of charcoal.
Most suitable for large parties on the farm, it is absolutely not advisable in the smoke-free area, which needs to ignite a huge bonfire with something similar to the old oil bucket and allow burning until only the glowing residual fire is left.
Apple Wood and Hawthorn are one of the best natural wood in this method because they are dense and long in length
The burning wood gives a unique taste.
Believe it or not, this is a barbecue cover.
The lid allows you to do two things.
Turn your barbecue into an oven from the grill.
Mr. Mark said: "In the open-air barbecue, you can only really cook the food that can be completed in up to 20 minutes after the barbecue.
"But when you put the lid on, you enter the field of smoke --
Cooking, which not only adds meat to the meat, but also means you can bake: Leg of Lamb made like this is especially great.
"Cook the legs or shoulders of a sheep like they do in a hot oven.
Take the joint out of the fridge one to two hours before cooking, make it to room temperature, do things with rosemary, rub with sea salt, and then depending on how rare you like it, cook between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes.
"You can also make a nice loaf of bread at a barbecue with a lid.
Tom Aiken from Tom's Kitchen at the London restaurant is the author of the recipe fish, in order to prevent sardines and sardines from breaking into pieces every time they try to flip, the secret is to put the fish in the hottest place on the grill.
Suspicious thing: cook them very hot at the beginning to seal the skin. When you make a whole fish, take off your head and grill the rest of the part in the very hot part of the barbecue so that it will instantly Sears and blow up the skin.
If the heat is not strong enough, the skin will stick to the grill.
After a few minutes on each side, move to the cooler part of the grill.
"You have to make sure there's enough fat in the meat --
About 30 cents in fat.
To keep it delicious and juicy, Aikens said.
Salt, pepper, garlic, onion and Baili, plus a few egg yolks, can be combined together as an extra seasoning. ' It's an all-too-
Familiar scenes
The barbecue has been lit, the guests have arrived, the party has just begun to hum-
Before hitting the program with rain, a large black cloud hovers overhead.
Don't panic-
There is no reason to cancel your party.
Mr Marks says the best solution for those with "up-" garages isand-over' doors.
"Bring all your guests in and then push your BBQ into the garage with great care, and you and your assistant can back down and cook under the open garage door.
When you push the food inside to the guests waiting under the umbrella, you will be treated as a hero.
"But what you can't do is keep yourself in the garage.
The door must be open.
Because there is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, even if you are using a gas barbecue.
"If you don't have a garage then a parasol is OK, but you may need your sous chef to help you put it in the right place and you may get wet.
But don't despair.
Some of the best barbecues I 've been to are held in the rain.
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