the grill rust 8 grilling mistakes everyone makes, and how to avoid them

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-15
the grill rust 8 grilling mistakes everyone makes, and how to avoid them
Labor Day may be one of the last warm weekends to light the grill.But, before you lie on a hot dog or a skeleton, know this: even if you think you're doing a good job on a grill, something you're doing is obviously wrong.Curious what mistakes you might make?Don't panic: There are eight BBQ mistakes you should avoid in order to guarantee a good barbecue.Be sure to put the grill at least 10 feet from your homeOr any building, such as a garage, porch, or corridor.Got that?Andrea Corelle, a celebrity catering provider for elegant affairs, said that barbecuing directly under the tree is also not advisable because Sparks may grow branches and will never cook under tents.Worried that sparks will spoil the grass or deck under your grill?Lowe's "grill master" Eddie zlinski recommends placing the grill on a flammable mat or waterproof cloth.It takes about 15 minutes for gas grate heating or charcoal to reach the right temperature.Family expert Jamie Novak notes that three things can happen if you don't warm up: "The meat is more likely to stick to the fireside, she says: "You'll miss out on those iconic grill lines and the exterior of the scorched, and it's possible to dry the food as it has to stay on the fire for longer to finish cooking.Correale added that before you open the grill, cover the grill with a cooking spray or brush the grill with oil."Use something as high as a smoke point like avocado or red flower oil," she said .".After the party was closed, no one wanted to scrub the grill in the dark, but the cleaning was right next to the BBQ piety.Home expert Alex Battista recommends closing the grill and turning up the gas (or adding more charcoal to reach this temperature) for 10 minutes before dealing with your mess."This will burn most of the rest of the food, sauces, or grease," she said ."Zielinski recommends that Next, take out the grilles, soak them in soapy water (the plastic children's pool is ideal), and then scrub them with a steel wool pad.But skip the brushThose sharp bristles will fall off and finally get into your food.Don't give up your gear!Instead, pull it into the garage and cover it with a tarp.But if you do expose the grill to elements, please check if it is rusted."Check the joints and connectors, remove rust using a brush, then clean up the dirt and polish with baking soda and a piece of aluminum foil," Zielinski suggested .".Put baking soda at hand to put out the oil fire.Do you think you can speed up the fire with another lighter liquid?You risk ruining your meat.Lose your eyebrowsIf you want the fire outNever add a little bit of kerosene or gasoline to reach a bigger fire, as both of these can lead to a dangerous torch --ups.Have you heard of the Wenzhong tube?On the gas grill, these tubes deliver gas to the burner-Every year they need to be checked for leaks."Run a little soapy water along the fuel line to see if bubbles will form when the gas is opened," Zielinski said .".If they do, "tighten the line or replace it."The Wenzhu tube also needs to be cleaned because the spider likes to nest inside during the off-season, which will block the pipe and prevent the gas from igniting.Wipe the pipe and clean the net using soapy water and special Wenzhu brush or pipe cleaner.Do not place propane tanks outdoors or in direct sunlight;Store them in the garage.The reason?The tank can be heated, allowing the safety valve to open and leak propane-This is a fire hazard.A dirty mustard jar won't hurt anyone.but it's gross.Instead, simplify the condiment by pouring the condiment into a muffin jar."Fill each cup with ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles and onion slices," Novak said .".Bonus: better than half-Empty bottles, easier to walk around the table.Not sure which burgers are rarewell done?Color coding can help: rare burgers use red plates, medium burgers use blue, good burgers use whitedone.Or mark the R, M, and W plates with marks.Problem solved!The article first appeared on real estate agents.
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