the grill rust 9 surprising ways you can use onions | The Times of India

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-02-16
the grill rust 9 surprising ways you can use onions  | The Times of India
The 01/109 surprising ways to use onionsonion can season any dish by providing layers of texture, taste and flavor, but they are not only useful in the kitchen.From acne removal to cleaning the grill, there are nine surprising ways to use onions.Picture courtesy: shutterstock 02/10 clean rusty knife do you hesitate to use a rusty knife?Insert the knife into a large raw onion, which will remove rust immediately.Picture Description: shutterstock 03/10 color Easter egg skin is a great dye!It's as simple as wrapping eggs with onion skins, tying them up with towels, and boiling as usual.They will show a beautiful orange color.Picture provided: shutterstock 04/10 Polish metal crushed raw onion and mixed with equal water.Pat the metal surface with a cloth.Wipe until they shine clean.Picture courtesy: shutterstock 05/10 getting rid of the smell of paint keeps you awake all night?Instead of buying expensive room fresheners, put a few freshly cut onions in a plate of water.Put the bowl in the newly painted room for the night and it will eliminate the bad smell of paint and varnish and sometimes even unhealthy.Picture courtesy: shutterstock's 06/10 acne-removing magic onion enzyme is also effective for "acne-removing.Mix the crushed onion slices with water and apply them to acne.The ingredients of The Onion are very harsh on zits and remove them effectively.Picture courtesy: If you are stung by bees and rub on your skin with onions, the blinds 07/10 can relieve the thorns of bees.It will relieve the pain.Image courtesy: shutterstock 08/10 soothing burnonion also has antibacterial properties, so it can prevent wound infection.Rub onions at the burn to relieve the pain.Picture courtesy: shutterstock 09/10 cut your grilled onion in half and then scrub the grill with a fork and half an onion.Picture courtesy: shutterstock 10/10 absorbs the smell of burnt rice to remove the smell of burnt rice that permeates every corner of your home?Put half an onion next to the stoveIt absorbs the smell.
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