the grill rust Chuck Amuck

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the grill rust Chuck Amuck
Hard work at Chuck E.Cheese's.All the kids can please-Then parents.A Macon, Ga.According to the Macon Telegraph, the mother personally threw pizza at Chuck and threatened the teenage employee to beat the giant rodent.Chuck's offense?Witnesses told police on Sunday afternoon that attention was not enough to the woman's children.Angered parents told 17-year-The little girl in the mouse costume, she would "beat" her,-Maybe seeing mom beat Chuck, the child gets hurt.Only after the employee changes back into human form.Since the promised beating has never happened, no charges have been made and the names of threatened mothers and frightened teenagers have not been released.Chuck E.Cheese's (search) is a nationwide pizza chain restaurant for children and their parents.Its eponymous, mascot and main attractions are a friendly personA mouse in a baseball cap.—Thanks to the reader Erika J., Kris P., Chris M., and James A.The slime Nabs jewelry of Wis ThiefWEST BEND is guilty.(AP) —Police said a man had a blew snot before stealing diamonds from the West Bend jewelry store, which matched DNA with the tissue he left behind.Owner Marvin Hosa remembers seeing robbers blow their noses and throw paper towels before taking the diamonds and pulling them back in 2002.The DNA of the tissue was entered into the national database but did not match.Two months ago, Illinois police sent photos of a man jailed for robbing a jewelry store to sibend.The search warrant allowed the authorities to extract DNA from the man, who turned out to be a match.Fees to be determined.Harley spirit let cyclists go out at Pa's StyleALUM BANK.(AP) —Harley-Davidson fans can finally make the final ride in style.Tombstone heartwarming companyHandmade two years ago.Well-crafted Old WestCoffin carrier modified by Harley-la-King Davidson Road (search )."We Ride a regular bike and turn it into a motorcycle with special gears to pull the heavier load," said colleagues at the company.Founder Dave Folmar"We can accommodate most of the coffins, including oversized boxes."Retired taxi maker Follmar came up with the idea 12 years ago.With the help of building expert Jack Feather, Follmar has now secured a franchise to the idea and has a service network from Texas to Michigan and New Jersey.Rent for Hearts ranges from $500 to $600.Traditional prices range from $125 to $475.The heartwarming is designed with traditional facilities, but there is a glass-Enclosed carriage with curtains and tassels.Each corner is decorated with four gold lanterns and comes with a black vinyl top.The driver of the tombstone is dressed in a white tuxedo shirt, tie, black trousers and Calvary Mountainstyle knee-High boots with single thorns."For anyone or girl who has been sitting in a Harley seat for a lifetime, it doesn't seem appropriate to drop them off at the back of the caddie, feathers say.The boy became reluctant, chimney workers in California.(AP) —An 11-year-The old boy was trapped in a chimney while trying to get into a friend's locked house and had to be rescued by firefighters."I'm not Santa," said Lance Hill, who spent an hour in the chimney on Tuesday.The Antelope Valley boy said he tried to help a friend, who came up and down the chimney at about 4: 30.m.The foot is stuck.first.His friend couldn't pull him out and called the Los Angeles County firefighters.Fire Inspector Mike McCormick said they tried to get him out of the bottom and even knocked a hole in the chimney that narrowed down to about 8 inch, but that didn't work."My foot is stuck," Hill said .".Finally, they pulled the black young man up with a rope."It feels like I'm on the fly, rising very fast," he said .".He also has some advice for other children."Don't go down the chimney, don't do that crazy thing," he said .""Not even a thousand dollars."The mother of all roast meat racks stolen in found, Missouri.(AP) —In the small town where barbecue is an art, some people think that Paul Kirk's encounter is a tragedy.Someone stole his grill."It's a slap in the face of humanity," said Houston man David cloze, who created this huge customization --Barbecue pot made"It's like a Corvette who stole a man.This is a basic sin.He is not talking about the rickety grills, but about grease and rust in the backyard across the United States.Weekend, Kirk at Roland Park, Kansas.Got robbed of his customs.Grill and $18,000 van made $8,000.On Tuesday, after receiving a phone call from merryam, Kansas, the grill was restored.The police took the police to an apartment building nearby where they found the cookware and van.Rex Taylor, chief of police at Roland Park, said they had no suspects and they were investigating the car theft.For Kirk, a seven.Time BBQ Champion, grill place food on the table.He earns a living teaching barbecue classes and catering, and is called "barbecue baron" nationwide"More than a dozen barbecue booksThe thief also took away the food ready to cook.There are at least 10 pounds cattle bris, a few whole chickens and a bunch of high ribs.Envy of any tailgate party, Kirk's 15-foot one-of-a-A friendly cooker can cook 150 pieces of spareribs at a time.It took a trailer, equipped with an axle and an electric brake, to make the 5,000-A kilo of barbecue moves."This is a habit --Kirk's wife, Jessica, said."There is no one like it on Earth."Since the grill was stolen, a series of angry messages have been triggered on the bbq Forum.Com site, a site that compares robbery to someone who runs away with a man's wife.Information on the competitive BBQ Forum continues to discuss possible BBQ alerts --System or LoJacks.Compiled by Foxnews.Paul Wagenseil of ComIs there a good "outside" story in your hometown?We want to know about it.Send an e-Send to @ foxnews outside with a Web link (we need to authenticate these things.com.
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