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the grill rust That\'s my masala.
This is not a novel concept.- three thousand-Ritritwritings, aged, describes the use of spice combinations for cooking and medical purposes ---But the mix of spices and herbs from India and Southeast Asia, known as Curry, has gained popularity recently. As the quote above suggests, the word curry is basically meaningless for an Indian chef, and it is likely that the English colonizer has something for the Southern Indian word Kari (meaning sauce)Savile Saran said the executive chef at New York's Devi restaurant "the North American and British call it curry powder, mainly a mixture of ginger flour and some other spices, and we Indians actually feel the taste is bad. "That's probably why we bought more authentic Indian spices in record numbers. Whether it's because the region is getting easier to get a culinary tour, Bollywood films are becoming mainstream, or the surge in the rebels, spices and blends we associate with the Indian flavor has been very highPhabha Nair said in the economic times, "Indian urry powder is doing very well now and there is a lot of demand for foreign Indian ries," he added, with ginger Flour, fragrant fennel and hueruba.In Brunei's Islamic state of Sudan, food critics gave breath-taking credit for a new chicken dish recently launched at the localKFC [R] store, a chicken dish "originally available with KFC..Served with chopped curry leaves."It makes sense considering that Prophet Muhammad himself is a spice merchant. The findings of the scientific and medical communities also prove the benefits of Indian spices. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently found a potential link between ginger powder extract and prevention of Alzheimer's disease, tumor growth and elevated blood pressure. The devotees of Ayurvedic nutrition know that cardamom helps digestion, and cinnamon can improve blood circulation and play an anti-digestion roleIt contains an antioxidant that can fight "bad cholesterol "."In India, curry leaf powder was added to the lunch of primary school students to help eliminate vitamin deficiency, and scientists from King's College School of Pharmacy at London University reported that these leaves have the potential to control the symptoms of diabetes. Although Huang Jiang-The full load of powder packed and distributed throughout the United States is more or less uniform from San Diego to Boston, and in India, every family chef, chef and spice packager, putheath, or herself, in masala"That's the way Indian food is," said JehangirMehta, one of the three chefs who prepared the Curry --Spike dishes on the following page."The masala that your neighbor did is completely different from what you did. This is not the exact definition of one flavor, nor is it standardized."Mehta was born and raised in Mumbai and returned to India once a year to visit his family and reserve a Marsala made by an elderly woman who made a custom for his familyHe also filled the shis trunk with the container of "wet" masala prepared by his mother and aunt by placing fresh coconut on the stone, using red pepper, poppy seeds, coriander is a typical practice for chefs in southern India. Saranconcurs added, "we have as many [mosques] as families living in India. Each family has many powders for a variety of dishes, and the presentation of each powder changes depending on the mood and inspiration of the person making the powder. (See the sidebar for some basic categories of masala.) As for Saraneschews's "horrible" commercial curry powder, it does not need to be removed completely from the busy chef'spantry."We custom-A lot of other ingredients are mixed, but I just don't have time to make curry powder every day, "said Jason Carter of Toronto Lee. Carter Bake powder in a dry pan to release its tasteIntensive essential oils. Pino Maffeo has also contributed curry recipes to this story, he alternate between authentic Indian blendeslike Javin and commercial varieties, he added this with his own choice of spicesAccording to Suvir Saran, a large number of masalas can be divided into the following basic variants: Chaat masala: "Chaat means licking, which makes us drool when we think of it. "Saran explained. This mixture is based on black salt and assifitida, a resin obtained from the root-like stems of the fennel plant with a strong smell of onions and garlic. Season with pomegranate seeds, dried mango skin, black pepper, roasted cumin, coriander, red chili powder and white pepper. According to Saran, chaat masala is used to tasting a lot of Indian street food, which, unlike most masalas, is usually purchased in the market rather than mixed at home.

Garam masala: a typical mixture of unroasted spices cooked in northern India, usually containing cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom."The name means a warm mix," Saran said ."."InKashmir, they will grind fennel seeds and ginger, and in some parts of northern India they will dry with red pepper. If you want to be very decadent, you can even add a few saffron."Pav bhaji masala: popular street snacks used to be tasted with bread-ready mashed potatoes ."..."It's like a hot dog bread, but it's cheap and buttered," Saran said .".This spicy powder, coriander, black pepper, dried green mango, cloves, Taj, black salt, salt, cardamom, fennel seeds, cumin and currant leaves.Saran podi and sambhar podi: "sambhar podi is garam masala in southern India," Saran said. Used to season soup and dosha, Saran explains, it is a mixture of Hoole yellow and black lentils, as well as mustard seeds, curry leaves, whole peppers, assifitida, bringing unique bitterness. Rassan podi contains many samples of sambhar podi, but the proportion is different. It is most often used to season Wood lig fish soup. Ontario independent leejason carterleetoronto [illustration omitted] if jason carter believes in what his employees at Windsor Casino have told him, he may never seek an opportunity to goAs a 22-De partie, a one-year-old chef in the main kitchen of the resort, Carter is half of the majority of the chefs he oversees and they are less keen to receive his guidance."When I start talking about food or something I'm afraid of, these poor old ladies will tell me that my career will never go anywhere," he recalls ."."I'm just trying to keep memouth quiet and do a good job."It's bureaucratic to work in such a big trade union --Finally arrived at the management environment of the young chef."If I want an orange, I have to sign it on a piece of paper and take it elsewhere in the building."If you spill something, you are not even allowed to clean it up," he said .".In Lee, who opened as chef de cuisine, such a department no longer bothers Carter. He purposely selected a passionate and experienced staff member to open a more casual branch for Susur, the next-door neighbor, and found himself completely immersed in managing all aspects of the kitchen."[My staff has improved thousands of times, I have a great group of people, but now I am still training them," he explained ."."I still have to stay in the kitchen all the time. I always tell them that when they leave after working with me, they can do whatever they want. If they are with me, I will give them the tools and solid foundation they need to be chefs."Carter began building his own foundation at a small Italian restaurant not far from the Ontario Agricultural community where he was born and raised. Carter met the boss while making a dishwasher in the house they also owned, after his boss and her mother started making fresh pasta for the staff meal at home, he was cooking. He was transferred to the restaurant for five years when he graduated from the dishwasher and entered the hotline and pizza oven. From there he went to the Windsor Casino and ended up working part-timeTime to work in a nearby restaurant run by two friends of Carter-Porcino. When the chef was clearly ready for the bigger challenge, Dale Parker, his owner at the casino, directed him "...Go to Toronto.

"His first job in Toronto was in North 44, where he strolled around the pastry department, waiting for a job vacancy in the main kitchen."It was my first pastry job and although it was not my business it was fine.I don't like to cook so carefully. I want to be rough again.It works a bit like handcuffs."Basically, I just kept screaming before they let me into the hot kitchen," he said .".When he was working at the station, afriend mentioned that Su sur Lee planned to return to Toronto from his three months.Working in Singapore for one year.Carter tracked down an already-He said he hired an employee in front of house staff and called to express his interest in a job, although "they don't know Joe Blow Me "."After a while, chef Lee called me and we met for tea.It was hard for him to read when you first met, but it went well.I have been following him since I was at the casino and I am very shocked.Let it come together like that surrealism."Carter helped to open Su Sur, who was promoted to vice chef after three years of cooking. When Lee approached him and was ready to embark on a new restaurant project, Carter said, "it was difficult for me to leave, even though the building was connected and I just moved next door.I helped open Susur and put a lot of time into it.It was my baby. But my best friend took over my deputy head chef in Suther [spot] and I really wanted to do a good job with it because I wanted to show it to everyone in Suther, if you insist, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.Ma Huateng [illustration omitted] after opening and running several successful restaurants from the East Coast to the west coast, Pino Ma Huateng has now set himself a slightly higher"I'm trying to figure out how to use food to activate endorph in people's brains," the Boston native said .", Every Monday, he develops and tests his ideas about food and cooking with a chemist at Suffolk University in Boston."I have always been interested in science and how I can do it better and make things better," he continued ."."A fish can be provided by anyone.Anyone can steal.More than that.It's like a painter who knows there's more to do than draw a face for cash in Central Park."For one of his current projects, he renders and filters fat from Kobe beef and puts the liquid into the centrifuge, which divides it into three different layers by density, each of which"I took out my favorite fat layer and I thought it was delicious. later, when I put a piece of fine beef on the grill, I could only wipe it with fat.Fat is the taste, so if you can come up with a way to re-introduce the fat of your choice, you perform well in the taste department."Maffeo eventually synthesized a fat that has the same flavor as the extracted beef fat but has no cholesterol or sodium.He and the chemist were working on another project, but he objected when he was asked to provide details."I can't tell you about it, but I might say it if it was like I thought, and he said,", if the chemist did what I wanted to do, she would have won the Nobel Prize."When he was not working in the lab, Maffeo was the executive chef of restaurant L, located on the first floor of the historic building, which has been the menswear retailer Louis Boston since 1989.Built by architect William G. in 1863Preston was the site of the New England Museum of Natural History, and later collected Bonwit Teller.Maffeo's restaurant, which replaced the Louis cafe in January 2004, offers lunch menus including Asian soups and noodles, as well as more food that is often experimental at night.Alexandra Hall of boston, of boston Magazine, speaks for diners in the city, asserting:"..Thanks to the innovative Asian style of chefPino Maffeo, we don't miss the old cafe Louis at allInfluence creation at Coffee's successor L Restaurant"Maffeo's First Boston restaurant, which he opened with his childhood friend Tony SuzySage, Italy, 1990sNorth end of Boston.He recalled receiving a mixed reception from the local Italian restaurant owner."We are making a completely different, modern Italian food, and they are a bit hard to swallow," he said of his neighbor ."."I was invited to talk about the restaurant at radcliffe, and a person from nearby was in the audience.He stood up and said to me, "What happened to the red sauce joint?What's wrong with you?" Maffeolaughs."We don't want to take their customers.Their customers will never come to us.We're catering to a new generation of Italians.Americans, people who visit Europe a lot, "he said. Maffeo closed the restaurant after his longtime friend, PatriciaYeo, offered to make him cook in AZ, Manhattan, where PatriciaYeo worked as a chef many years ago in San Francisco.He accepted it and helped the restaurant earn three stars from the New York Times, and the two also opened a second restaurant in Manhattan, Pazo."We had an all-The star team, with so many talents, the food was also very good, but we ended up getting only two stars [from The Times] and some mixed reviews and Patricia Maffeo explained: "He decided to keep doing bigger and better things." He then returned to Boston to take care of a sick family member and eventually opened the L RestaurantHe said that while his menu at the cantantl restaurant is known as a trendsetter, including delicious marshmallows, pop music and desktop perfumes, "I think people who set the trend are almost like middle men.Everything becomes important if you want to make money.You end up getting your ideas from other people who are loyal to their beliefs, work hard, trap themselves in a hole, and drive out the Chitty chitbang car.Then, the person who led the trend came, noticed the car, did it again, put it on the market and made millions.I 'd rather be the one who had this idea in the first place.New York, NY [illustration omitted] when he first came to the United States, it was safe to say that jehangir Mehta had experienced some cultural shocks."Oh my God, I think, there is no street light!Only one bus per hour!I find that in some ways it is more primitive than the village of India, "laughed the chef, who was born in Iran and grew up in Mumbai, as he described, the first few months were students of the CIA in the countryside of Hyde Park, New York."In India, there are more people who chew tobacco than those who smoke because it is much cheaper and there is this red tobacco juice everywhere.When I left India, I thought, at least I don't have to see anyone chewing tobacco anymore.It turned out that my roommate chewed tobacco too many times, so he brought a fragrant spit himself and put it in this small room by the bed.I can't believe my luck."For Mehta, the situation is much better, he is currently the executive chef of Aix, New York, and the owner of the party company Partistry, which provides manual services.Make chocolate, wedding cake, tea, spices and cooking lessons for children and adults.His creation is based on Ayurvedic principles and his love for unusual combinations of fruits and spices.When William Grimes reviewed Aix for The New York Times, he pointed out that Mehta "...Of the Vanguard.Dessert making academy "and continue to describe it as the most watched" interesting --About the item in his open menu, "a so-Called Provence salad, a layered green tomato, thinSliced fennel and melon with chlorine on itMint ice cream green spoon."Recently, Mehta consulted on the opening of Talkie, Mumbai, an Indian street food restaurant in New York, and was surprised to hear critics complain about the lack of heat on many dishes in the new restaurant.Mehta said: "The food writers are very kind to me and I don't want to criticize them in any way, but sometimes I feel like they draw a chart in their mind when they look back on something, then use this chart to review an unfamiliar dish.Just because it is Indian food doesn't mean it will get on fire.Every Indian State speaks a different language and every state has different food.In some states, you squeeze a whole piece of lime on a plate, and one might say, my God, that's too much, but that's what this dish does.Or I might.This is wrong, according to everyone, but this is the dish in 700 in India.That's what it does."Just came out of the CIA in 1996, after working at the delicious restaurant L'Absinthe in New York, Metas became a pastry chef atTyphoon Brewery, where he learned enough about Jean-Georges."It's like working for the best people alive," he said of his experience in the kitchen of vongerichten's flagship restaurant.It was at Jean-For the first time, he met dictier Velo, exs' executive chef, when he was Jean-Mehta called him the "cultural soul mate" of George."Vongerichten appointed the pastry chef for the opening of Mehta in MercerKitchen in 1998, and at first the young chef was not particularly keen to hold the position."I'm getting promoted a little too fast and I don't think I'm ready yet.I was happy when I was at Jean.I want to keep learning, George. I feel like I have been cultivated."Despite his fear, Mehta saved money in the Mercer Kitchen, and now he says," I may get to where I am today sooner because I have to teach myself at Mercer."Before he became a superstar, his next stop was the United Pacific Ocean under the leadership of Rocco DiSpirito," Mehta said ."."Not many great chefs are also great chefs, but Roko is both.He is rather militaristic.We have to clean-in every day.

The waiters are scared. they can't go around.Black socks refer to black socks, not gray or black with thin stripes.Black socks.Whether you're doing it right or not, or you're out, it's very important.Mehta finally left his friend, Didier's family, toVirot.Received, but ended up short-Livedrestaurant, so cold heel, compass, before Aix Virot with Mai chef Annis."I like to live in New York," Mehta said .""People say to me, you have little time in New York to do anything, so what's the difference?But just know that everything is here and it makes you feel more energetic for you.The same is true of Mumbai, so people on the streets are very active in strange times.I can't imagine living somewhere else.Related article: Green CurryPork belly marinated with Chinese almond paste and carrot coconut chutney (for 4 use) JASON CARTERPinot GrisKettle 2002 in Valery bc province, Canada guided marinated pork belly:A pinch is set aside for each spice to make the shell.Add the remaining spices to the salt solution.Put the pork into a shallow container and pour it into a solution.Cover and refrigerate for 72 hours and rotate the pork once a day to ensure even pickling.Remove the pork from the solution and discard the liquid.Remove excess solids from pork and meatloaf.Green curry marinade: in a food processor with metal blades, mix curry, Ginger flour, pepper, coriander, pepper, scallions, garlic and thick soup with onion oil in a steady stream of water, until the mixture is emulsified.Season with fish sauce.Rub the mixture on all surfaces of pork, lid and refrigerated for 48 hours.Remove excess marinade from the surface of the pork and place itSealed plastic bags.Adjust the pot water to 225 degreesDig a pork belly in the water for 7 to 8 hours.Remove the heat from the refrigerator and keep it.Chinese almond sauce: mix almonds, water and puree in a blender to make it smooth and consistent.Through fine strainScreen, salt seasoning.Carrot sauce: Boil the carrot juice in a pan.Skim and discard the foam.Reserve juice.In a separate cooker, bring wine and vegetables to a boil.Cook at high temperatures until half less.Add the preserved carrot juice through fine filtrationScreen and set aside.For tamarind-Glazed Ham: in a stew, mix all the ingredients except the ham and bring them to a boil.5 to 6 hours, or until the mixture has a glaze consistency, occasionally skimming and discarding impurities.Through fine strainSeason with a sieve and salt.Preheat the oven to 125 degrees.Brush both sides of the ham with a tamarind glaze, place it on a plate lined with Silpat [R] and bake it in oven8 hours or overnight until crisp and smooth.Carrot coconut chutney: Mix all ingredients in a food processor with a metal blade and puree to form a thick mixture.Season it with salt and pepper.To complete: in the deepFry the pan and heat the oil to 375 degrees.Add a spice mixture and rice in a small bowl.Clear the pork in the flour, then clear the pork in the protein.Press the mixture of spices and rice on the surface of the pork.Fry in the oil until the spice mixture turns golden brown and the pork is heated.Drain the tissue and place it in the middle of the plate.Apricot and carrot sauce around pork.Top pork with ham and zest.There is a small hot and sour sauce next to it.Ingredients for roasted pork belly: green curry marinade: Chinese almond sauce: carrot sauce: tamarind sauceGlazed Ham with carrot coconut chutney: to be completed: oil stewed with onions, ginger, leeks and scallions, then filtered;made in-house at Lee.* The roast pit of the apricot, also known as the apricot core.There are both healthy food stores and Asian markets.Related articles: JASON CARTERBaco NoirHenry red curry beef pie and Curry dumplings (supply 4) direction of 2002 red curry beef in PelhamOntario, Canada: seasoning cheeks with salt and pepper, seasoning and dredging with flour.In a frying pan, heat the oil with high temperature and look around.Take out and leave out the heat.In a food processor bowl equipped with metal blades, add coriander, lemon grass, pepper, ginger, garlic, shrimp paste, coriander, high ginger, green onions, tomato sauce andSet aside.Boil the coconut milk in a small pot and reduce it by one quarter.Add curry whisky in 30 minutes.Preheat the oven to 300 degrees.Curry mixture by fine-strainSift it with a sieve and cook it.Put some small dishes in the baking tray and cover them with a curry mixture.Cook in the oven for six hours.Remove from high temperature and cool to room temperature.Cut the meat with a fork and return to the cooking liquid.Cover and refrigerate until it can be used.Curry clear soup: in a large bowl, mix all the ingredients except soup juice and fish sauce, and mix them by hand.Place the pad in the big soup pan and stir in the chicken mixture.Super boiledLow heat, stirring is only enough to prevent the solid from sticking to topan.Once the solid forms the raft, poke a small hole in the raft and remove the cow bris from the center.Continue to cook for two hours under low heat, take carenot to boil the ingredients, remove them from the heat, and carefully filter through the cheese cloth.Discard raft.Season with fish sauce, spare, keep warm.Tomato mustard jam: in a frying pan, heat the oil with medium heat and add garlic.Stir-fry for 3 minutes with medium heat and then add mustard, curry leaves and chili peppers.Stir-fry for two minutes with a fire, then add tomatoes, sugar and vinegar.Cook for 30 minutes on a small fire.Stir with tomato sauce, salt and pepper and cook for another 45 minutes.Keep away from the heat and cool.Keep the lid cold until required.Lobster dumplings: Sift together flour and two ounces of wheat starch on the working surface and make them in the center.Add beatogether eggs, egg yolks, a teaspoon of olive oil and salt to the small bowl and gently put it into the hole after tasting.Gradually add flour to the liquid mixture using a fork, be careful to prevent the liquid from escaping.Pinch the mixture by hand after 5 minutes, then wrap it in plastic and rest for 30 minutes.At rest, cook the tail in boiling salt water for a minute, then drain and electric shock in the ice bath.Remove and discard the shell and chopped meat.Transfer to a bowl of food processing machines with metal blades and mix at high speed until the meat is sticky.Reduce the speed by adding the remaining wheat starch, scallions, ginger, sesame oil and coriander.Stop mixing when the mixture is mixed together and similar to the dough.Heat the remaining olive oil with a small frying pan and fry small pieces of the lobster mixture.Taste the cooked mixture and season the mixture with salt and pepper.Roll out dough 1/16Inch thickness and used 2-The inch round knife cuts four circles from the dough.Brush the surface of each circle with beaten protein.Place the 1/2 oz lobster mixture gently from the center of each disc and fold the dough into dumplings.Press the air bag and curl edge with a fork to seal.Refrigerate until ready for use.Note: the dough made by the recipe is 8 to 5 enough.To complete: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.Roll out pastries to 1/8-Thickness and use 3-The inch round knife cuts four circles from the dough.Freely spread the surface of each circle with jam, leaving 1/4-There are about 3 ounces of beef on top.Bake in the oven for 4 minutes.Put a dumpling on each cucumber to prevent cooking in a steamer for 4 minutes.Discard cucumbers after steaming.Serving: Place the egg tarts on one side of the plate and decorate them with yogurt and curry leaves.Put the dumplings in a small bowl and pour a cup.Decorate with pepper and serve immediately.Ingredients for red curry beef: curry soup: tomato mustard jam: lobster dumplings: Finish: Decoration: * ginger root is the root-like stem of the ginger family.1 teaspoon of ground ginger can be used instead.Root stems are sometimes called Thai ginger.It grows in Java and Malaysia and tastes a bit of a camphor tree.Available in the Asian market.***The by-Gluten produced products, also known as non-Flour or wheat starch.(866) 436-available in the Asian market or in the organic Kingdom1390 or www.organickingdom.com.Related articles: black cod with curry oil, sweet potato egg souffle and lemon (4) JASON CARTERRiesling13th Streel G.H.Funk vineyard Niagara, Canada, 2003 direction: Rub the lemon area with salt.Packed into small containers, cover and refrigerate for 2 weeks, stirring every 2 days.

Two weeks later, remove from the container and rinse under cold water for 30 minutes.Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.Small oven-place lemonProof the container and lid with a cup of canola oil.Cook in the oven for three hoursCool to room temperature and put in a sealed jar.Remove the pepper from the stem and rinse it clean. Dry placement in stainless steel containers.Heat the remaining oil in a frying pan until it smokes.Take it out of the fire and pour oil slowly on the pepper to make sure all the pepper is scorched.Transfer the pepper and oil to the container with lemon and seal.Store in a dark place for two years.Cod: put curry powder in a glass jar.Heat oil to almost smokers.Take it out of the fire and slowly add oil to the jar.Stir until half for 48 hours. Remove oil through paper filters.Place the cod in a jar or in a narrow bowl, add spices and cover with curry oil.Let's sit for an hour.Leave the fish injar and cook in the steamer for about 10 minutes until it is just finished.Sweet potato milk cake: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Place potatoes in salt water and reduce the heat to warm to tender.Drain and transfer to the food processing machine with metal blades.Thick soup until smooth, add hot water if necessary.Through fine strainScreen to cool to room temperature. Add nutmeg and salt.Beat the protein to the soft peak and put it into the thick soup.Prepare four parts with butter and flour.Place ramekins in a water bath pan, sprinkle with zest and bake in the oven for 8 minutes.Service: Place a fillet in the center of the plate. With lemon and pepper and hot and sour sauce.Ingredients of preserved lemon: Cod: Sweet potato egg souffle: Gao Liangjiang used for: * Root-like stems is sometimes called Thai ginger.It grows in Java and Malaysia and tastes a bit of a camphor tree. Available in the Asian market.* Ginger huanggen is a root-like stem in the ginger family.1 teaspoon of ground ginger can be used instead.Related article: JASON CARTERViognierDaniel LenkoOntario 2004 edition of green curry sweet bread: in a stew, combine the raw material with the wine and bring it to a boil. Add sweet bread and reduce the heat to 1 hour until it softens.Refrigerate the sweet bread and store the bra liquid.Sweet and sour glaze: mix the original pulp, brown sugar and vinegar in the stew pan and put them into sim.Stay away from the heat for 8 hours or overnight.Through fine strainScreen, cut by half.Reduce the braising liquid by 3/4 in a stainless steel pan.In a frying pan, butter with medium heat-Add scallions in low heat.Cook until softened, then mix with vinegar to reduce by half.Through fine strainKeep warm and put the mesh screen on one side.In a stew, mix sugar and water and bring it to a boil.Large bubbles are cooked to appear, but sugar caramel is not allowed.Add the vinegar mixture in the center of the syrup and reduce it by half.Add the liquid in the sauce and continue to cook until glazeconsistency.Through fine strainSeason the sieve and salt.Keepwarm.Green curry lentils: in a large spice grinder or food processor with a metal blade, mix the coriander, pepper, scallions, lemon grass, garlic, yellow ginger, cumin, and coriander with Gao Liangjiang and lime into a fine paste.Boil the coconut milk and stir well.Reduce the heat to sim and cook for an hour.Fine strain-Screen, fish sauce stir for spare.In the frying pan, heat it with medium fire, add onions, carrots, leeks and celery until it becomes soft.Add lentils and cook for two minutes before adding wine and soup.Cook lentils in mediumLow heat, stirring occasionally until they are soft but not fully cooked. Add curry sauce and cooking until the lentils are completely soft.Season with salt and keep warm.Cashew butter sauce: In a frying pan, overheat with 1 teaspoon of oil and add scallions.Sweat for two minutes and add wine, vinegar, parsley, pepper and bay leaves. Reduce by half through fine high temperature and strainmesh sieve.Return the liquid to the pan and add cream.Cook for 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and transfer to tall-sided bowl.Stir into mud with a hand mixer, add butter each time, continue to mix until all butter is added.In a small pan, heat the remaining oil with medium heat and add cashew nuts.Be careful not to burn cashew nuts until brown.Remove the heating and drain from the paper towel.Season cashew nuts with salt and stir them into sauce.Season with salt and pepper to keep warm.Pineapple saffron glaze: Mix sugar and water in a small pot and bring it to a boil.Cook to reduce by half and set syrupaside to keep warm.Boil the pineapple juice in a separate pan.Skim foam from top and reserve.Add the reserved syrup and three red flower lines to the pineapple juice and cook for 20 minutes on the hot air. Fine filteringSift and season with salt and pepper.Add pineapple foam and thick soup with a hand mixer and recombine.Stir the saffron and keep it warm.Finally: season the sweet bread with salt and pepper and dredge the inflatable.In the frying pan, heat the oil with high temperature and cook sweet bread with golden crisp.Take it out of the pan and drain it on the paper towel.Add the retained sweet and sour glaze in the pan, cook at high temperature for a minute, then add sweet bread and stir to the coating at high temperature. Serving: pineapple saffron glaze plate.Add a scoop of pineapple slices and top.Add a Meat Loaf and cashew butter sauce around.Decorate with pear and onion and serve immediately.Ingredients for sweet bread: sweet and sour glaze: Green Curry lentils: cashew butter sauce: pineapple saffron glaze: Finish: Decoration: * Gao Liangjiang, root-like stem, sometimes called Thai ginger.It grows in Java and Malaysia and tastes a bit of a camphor tree.Available in the Asian market.* Also known as Huangyan sugar.Available in the Asian market.Related articles: Curry Arancini from Japan SakeKaika Jumai ginjochigo county mixed with Fluke and soy jelly (Serves8) pino maffeo "kaz mix all the ingredients in the spice grinder and grind them to powder.Note: more is needed to make recipes.Save in a closed container.Aransini for curry: boil the water in a pan.Stiin curry mixture and 1/2 tablespoons of salt, slowly add rice without stirring.Reduce the heat to 18 minutes and cook with the lid.Stay away from the heat, stir with butter and cheese and cool on one side.Mix nori into rice and divide the mixture into 1 1/2-ounce portions.Roll each into aball.In a deep-fryer or tall-Heat the vegetable oil to 350 degrees in a side pan.In a small bowl, stir the eggs and milk together and season with salt and pepper.Put each meal in the flour, dip in the mixture of eggs and milk, and add the crumbs.Fry the ball with oil until golden brown and work in batches.Take it out with a spider or slotted spoon and drain water on a paper towel. Season with salt and pepper.Soy sauce jelly: Mix soy sauce and water in a small pan and bring it to a boil.Add konbu to reduce the heat to sim and cook for 10 minutes.Squeeze out excess water from gelatin and add it to the soybean mixture.Heat and strain removal by finemesh sieve. Pour the mixture into a half pan lined with parchment paper.Refrigerate until solidified.Vanilla mayonnaise: Mix egg yolk, vinegar, water and mustard in a bowl until the mixture is bubbling.Stir constantly and add the oil in the fine flow until all is added and the mixture is emulsified.Season with lemon juice, herbs, salt and pepper.Refrigerate until after use.Soy sauce: Stir all ingredients in a small bowl.Service: put four pieces of vanilla mayonnaise on each plate and one arancino on each plate.Sprinkle a small amount of mustard on aransini.Use a piece of Fluke on each one.Get Lucky with ginger, a flower and a piece of leeks.Sprinkle the sauce along the line along aransini, place a ball of soy jelly next to it, and serve immediately.Ingredients of curry mixture: Curry arancini: soy jelly: vanilla mayonnaise: Soy sauce: * dark, thick, slightly sweet Japanese seaweed, dry goods have been sold;There are both Asian markets and healthy food stores.Related article: Thai citrus perfume (supply 6) 2001 citrus perfume by Rose domine tempiyedan, France: in large glass jars, combine all ingredients.Let's stand in a cool and dry place for two weeks.Fine strain-Mesh screen turning nebulizer.Midnight Snack: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.Roast potatoes on a salt bed until it is easy to pierce with a peeler.Remove from the oven and Peel when cooled enough to handle.Work on clean boards through the food factory.Sprinkle the flour on the potato, form a hole in the center of the potato, and add the egg yolk and nutmeg to the hole.Slowly add the egg yolk to the potato and flour mixture by hand.Roll the mixture into balls, split into eight equal parts, work on a smooth surface, roll each part into a pencilthin log. Cut each log into 1/4-inchsegments.Burn out the stock.Cook the dumplings in the boiling soup until they float to the top.Put oil, throw oil, set aside.For Lobster: bring the court broth to a boil in a steamer or large pan containing a colander.Steam the lobster for two minutes, then take it out and refrigerate it.When cooling, remove the meat from the shell, keep the body and keep the room temperature.Add lemon grass, vinegar and wine to the frying pan and bring to a boil to reduce the consistency of the syrup.Fine filtrationScreen the pot.Reduce the heat to low, gradually add the butter, and stir evenly after each addition.Season with salt and pepper.Add meat immediately after heating.Throw the coat and hold in beurre blanc until the meat is just hard.In a food processor equipped with metal blades, mix shrimp, ginger, jalapeno, garlic and mud.Heat the pan, add oil, heat for a minute, and then add a pure mixture.Cook for two minutes, then add ginger, scallions, curry sauce and curry powder.Stir regularly until the mixture turns brown.Add citronella, lemon grass, lemon leaves, lobster body, salt and pepper, and add vermouth.Cook with medium heat for 30 minutes, then add coconut milk and stir for 90 minutes.Take it out of the fire and add basil.10 minutes, then through the fine strainmesh sieve.Keep warm.Lemon grass foam: hot milk in a small pot and take it out after heating.Add 15 minutes of lemon grass and steep.Through fine strainSieve, cold to cold.Use the steam accessory on the cappuccino coffee machine to stir the milk to a light foam.Serving: Heat the butter in a frying pan with medium heat until it smells.Add gnucchi and heat for one minute.Divide the soup in the Bowl served.Place the pea tendrils in a warm pan and place a small mouth.Arrange the lobster on the dumplings with delicious sauce.The lemon spoon bubbles on it and is decorated with basil leaves.Spray wide-arc citrusperfume perfume on the table of the bowl, allowing diners to breathe in the aroma and eat it.Composition of citrus perfume: for tuanzi: for lobster: for bouillabaisse sauce: For lemon grass foam: Service: * hand lemon of Buddha is similar to manyfingered hand.The fragrance is rich, and it is made of skin.Can be produced through Melissa's World variety, (800) 588-0151 or www.melissas.com.Root stems are sometimes called Thai ginger.It grows in Java and Malaysia and tastes a bit of a camphor tree.Available in the Asian market.Madras curry sauce is a mixture of curry leaves, yellow ginger, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, cloves, peppers, bay leaves, huluba,Available in the Indian market.Brands with cilantro, yellow ginger, huluba, corn flour, salt, cumin, ginger, spices and nutmeg.Available in the Indian market.Related articles: Curry candy corn with citrus and Thai Brazilian salad (4 serving) French RoseReims 1996 citrus and Thai basil salad: Mix all the ingredients together, sit for an hour at room temperature.For Curry corn: Heat the oil with a pot cover.Add popcorn and stir onto the corn kernels and lid with a wooden spoon.When the burst starts, reduce the heat to low.Cook for a minute and then heat.Shake the lid.Discard unpopped corn kernels and remove the Brown Center from each pop-up corn.Place popcorn in a food processor bowl with metal blades and process it for one minute.Stained by a colander.Go back to the food processing machine and repeat it three more times.In a bowl, mix the popcorn, curry leaves and PopRocks [R] evenly.Serving: distribute Curry candy corn in four test tubes.Place a tube in each of the four high lens glasses and pour rice around the tube so it can stand up straight.Distribute citrus salad in four ceramic spoons.Serve immediately.Ingredients for citrus and Thai basil salad: for curry candy corn: for decoration: * bergamot lemon is a large yellow fruit similar to a variety of citrusfingered hand.The fragrance is rich, and it is made of skin.Can be produced through Melissa's World variety, (800) 588-0151 or www.melissas.com.* Flavored candy particles containing carbonated pockets produce a burst effect when taken.Available in a candy shop or through pop rock candy, (732) 801-9083 or www.poprockscandy.com.Related article: masaman curry broth with 2003 orders for aromatic tea bags (4 copies) French masaman curry sauce: in small pots, heat the oil too high and add scallions.Fried to Golden Crisp.Pump dry paper towels and place them in a spice grinder or mortar and stle.Add all the remaining ingredients and grind them into medium paste.Note: Make more recipes for recipes.Store the excess in a closed container.For Massaman curry sauce soup: overmedium in large, hot oil-High temperature and bone.Stir with oil to the coating and cook at high temperature until brown.Stir in the onion, lemon grass and ginger, and the boiled untilonion is soft and slightly brown.Add curry sauce, cook for two minutes, then add fish sauce.Cook for 4 minutes, then add coconut milk, chicken soup, salt and pepper to season and cook for 1 hour on a small fire.Add lemon leaves and basil, cook for 30 minutes, and occasionally skim oil from the surface.Through fine strainKeep warm.For fragrant tea bags: fold each cheese cloth square half three times.Divide the ingredients evenly into several packs, roll each one into a tight ball, and fix it with a hemp rope.Serving: almost cooked the broth.Put a tea bag in each bowl.Pour the broth on the tea bag and soak it for two minutes before serving.Ingredients for masaman curry sauce: Ingredients for masaman curry soup: Ingredients for aromatic tea bags: * root-shaped stems are sometimes called Thai ginger.

It grows in Java and Malaysia and tastes a bit of a camphor tree.Available in the Asian market.Related article: Marshmallow with dust from Madras curry and baked pumpkin seeds (yield 16)SecReims, France, female director of Madras curry mixture: in the hot pot-Roasted coriander, bay leaves, cumin, and fragrant fruit until the aroma is overflowing.Spice to Spice grinder, add the remaining ingredients and grind to powder.Note: Do more necessary for the recipe.Store the excess in an air container.For baked pumpkin seeds dust: stir-fry pumpkin seeds in medium heat and bake them to golden brown.Cool a little, turn to the spice grinder and grind to fine powder.For Marshmallow: mix the sugar and curry mixture and transfer to the marshmallow machine.Run the machine according to the manufacturer's structure.When marshmallow begins to form, dust a few needles of pumpkin seeds.Wrap marshmallow around each of the 16 5-Paper tube.Finally: Sprinkle each curry mixture with pumpkin seed powder for tasting.Serve immediately.Composition of Madras curry mixture: for baking pumpkin seed dust: For Marshmallow: Complete: * available via SidWainer & Son [R] Specialty Foods (800) 423-8333 or www.sidwainer.com.Related articles: treeches cake with soft lotion, pear, Almond (Month of Service) JEHANGIR MEHTAMombazillac special brewing "lady" Tirecul-la-GraviereBergerac, 1997 directionsFor tres leches cake in France: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.In a large bowl, stir the egg with an egg beater or electric mixer until the egg is thicker and blistering.Fold the sugar and flour with a spatula.Transfer the mixture to a semi-sheet plate lined with parchment paper and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until it is finished.Let it cool to room temperature and then refrigerate until it cools.Soak the liquid for eches l: Mix all the ingredients evenly in a bowl.Pour the mixture over the cake and let it soak in the refrigerator one day.For pears and almonds: use melon balls to form as many balls as possible from pears.Melt the butter in a small pot and add jaggery.When jaggery is dissolved, add green lime juice and pear.Stir for two minutes at high heat, then add almonds.Rotate the heat for a few seconds, then take it out of the heat and cool it to room temperature.For coconut mixture: Mix all ingredients in a large spice grinder or food processor and puree to form a coarse paste.Note: make more than the recipe needs.Store the excess in the refrigerator.Coconut Curry lotion: Mix all ingredients together and bubble slightly.Service: use 2-Cut the cake circle with an inch ring knife.Placed in the center of the plate, surrounded by coconut curry lotion, decorated with a mixture of pearls and almonds, edible.Ingredients for Res honeycomb cake: Ingredients for eches honeycomb infusion: Ingredients for pears and almonds: Ingredients for coconut mixture: Ingredients for coconut curry lotion: * natural sweeteners made in the concentration of cane juice.Available in the Asian market.* Round, flat, rich-flavored almonds from Spain.Available via Chefshop, (877) 337-2491 or www.chefshop.com.Related article: Curry10-year-old maurycuvee SpecialeMas amielmaory, female French director: mix cream, milk and glucose in a stew pan and put them into the sim.Place chocolate and butter in a large bowl and pour in a hot cream mixture.Let's sit for two minutes, then stir tomelt and add the ingredients.Arrange 12 one-An ounce of cylindrical silpat [R] mold on a paper tray lined with parchment paper.Fill each mold with warm ganaki.Refrigerate the cylinder until the mixture is firm but still somewhat soft.Leave the remaining ganache at room temperature.Curry filling: in a small pot, mix all the ingredients together and bring them to a boil.Remove from the heat and soak for 20 minutes.

Fine filtrationThe mesh screen is refrigerated to cold.Saffron mehendi: Mix water, sugar and saffron in a small pan and bring it to a boil.Cook for a minute.Squeeze out excess water from gelatin and place it in a small bowl.Pour the hot mixture over it and stir to dissolve the gelatin.Cool to room temperature.Finish: fill the curry with a spoon or pipe on each half-cylinder full of chocolate Fill the mould with the remaining room temperature ganache.Refrigerate until firm.Gently remove the chocolate from the mold and roll each chocolate with paillette feuilletine to cover the sides.Refrigerate until ready.Service: immerse clean hands in saffron mehendi, leaving a handprint impression in the center of each plate.Put three pieces of chocolate on each plate and bring it up.Ingredients for chocolate ganache: Curry filling: Saffron mehendi: * Completed: * available via Kalustyan's, (800) 352-3451 orwww.kalustyans.com.* Mehendi is the name of RustRed skin dye, made from ground leaves of mehendi shrubs.In India, it is used to create complex patterns on the hands and feet of the brideto-Become a female member of her family.* Food available through Paris, (800) 727-8791, orwww.parisgourmet.com.Related articles: charentis melon Carpaccio, mango tea and jackfruit sorbet (served 4) JEHANGIR MEHTAMuscat de Saint-Jean de minervoisdoine de BarroubioSaint-Jean de Minervois, France, 1992 directions for jackfruit sorbet: use juice in one of the two cans to paste jackfruit.Through big strainAccording to the manufacturer's instructions, hole the sieve, pour it into the ice cream maker and freeze it, and keep it infreezer until it is ready for service.Mango Cup: Place all ingredients in a bowl and sit for an hour at room temperature.For charentis melon carpaccio: cut the melon into very thin slices using an electric slicer or a sharp knife.Finish: Arrange the slices on the plate, allowing the edges to overlap.Place 2-Diameter 1/4-inchHigh ring molding in the center of melon and filled with mango tea mixture.Remove the ice cream from the ring mold and top mangowith meatballs.Decorate with micro-green and serve immediately.Ingredients for jackfruit sorbet: Mango Cup: charentis melon carpaccio: Decoration: jackfruit is a big treeFruit from Southeast Asia with flesh like bananas and pineapples.Can be reached through the can of the caroustin, (800) 352-3451 or www.kalustyans.com.* Also known as the French breakfast melon, it has gray yellow skin and sweet, light orange meat, about the size of grapefruit.Available at professional agricultural suppliers.Can replace Canterbury* Available Through Chef's Garden (800) 289 4644 orwww.chefs-garden.com.Related articles: curry leaf cream with Honey Jujube baby fennel (service month) JEHANGIR MEHTABonnezeauxDomaine du Petit valuval Valley, 1996 directionsFor curry leaf cream in France: heavy pan, combinecream, boiled together with milk and sugar.Remove from the heat, add the currant leaves and soak for 10 minutes.Squeeze out excess water from gelatin and place it on ice in a bowl.Filter the hot mixture on gelatin and stir until it cools.8 points 3-Ounce mold, cold storage until solidification.Fennel syrup: Mix all the ingredients in a large pan, cook for 10 minutes, and then take out a cup of syrup to refrigerate.Leave the rest of the syrup as fennel.Sugar gourd fennel: add fennel, sim1 hour, to the retained fenilou.Separate the fennel from the syrup, filter the syrup to remove the leaves, and return the fennel to the syrup.Cool to room temperature.To complete: Unlock the mold of panna cotta on the cold plate.Ball fennel into a refrigerated cup of fennel syrup using a microdisc machine.The drizzle around Panna cotta is mixed.Put the sugar gourd and fennel on the plate.Serve immediately.Ingredients for curry leaf panna cotta: fennel syrup: sugar gourd fennel: Complete: * available via Kalustyan's, (800) 352-3451 orwww.kalustyans.com.Related articles: crispy curry wallet pomegranate reduced andVanilla ice CreamJEHANGIR MEHTAPineau des CharentesBernard BoutinetCherves de Cognac, France NVdirectionsFor crispy curry wallet: in a bowl, put fruit, sugarand brandy, mix well, let's sit for five days.Fold the nuts into a mixture before use.Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.Brush a sheet with butter and sprinkle curry over the entire surface.Place 3 tablespoons of fruit and nut mixture in the center of the sheet.Brush another sheet with butter, sprinkle with curry, and use it to stir the fruit mixture.Fold the sheets together to form a wallet.Repeat with the remaining ingredients.Place your wallet on a cardboard pan lined with parchment paper and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden.Vanilla rum ice cream: mix milk, cream and vanilla beans in a pan and bring to a boil.Stay away from the heat and let the steep 5 minutes.In a large bowl, stir the sugar and egg yolk together until it turns yellow and the volume increases.Add egg yolk mixture-While constantly stirring, add the third of the hot milk mixture to the egg yolk mixture.Stir the mild egg yolk mixture back into the hot milk mixture and place it under medium heat, constantly stirring until the mixture is thick enough to cover the back of the wooden spoon.After heating, add rum and cool in the ice bath.According to the manufacturer's structure, put ice cream into the machine for freezing.In the fridge.Reduce pomegranate: bring juice and sugar to a boil in a pan.Reduce the heat to the fire and to the sauce.Remove from high temperature and cool to room temperature.To serve: put a wallet on the plate and ice cream next to it.Pomegranate minus plate, serving.Ingredients for crispy curry wallet: vanilla rum ice cream: Pomegranate restoration: * available through the caroustin people, (800) 352-3451 orwww.kalustyans.com.* Food available through Paris, (800) 727-8791 orwww.parisgourmet.com.                                

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