The secret to keeping chicken moist on the grill is brine - side burner liquid propane gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
The secret to keeping chicken moist on the grill is brine  -  side burner liquid propane gas grill
Barbecue is the perfect way to cook pork or beef fat blocks, but a relatively thin chicken is another matter.
For smoked BBQ chicken and wet, tender meat, we have to come up with some tips.
Keep the bird moist and juicy with white meat, and place the chicken breast on the grill, away from the heat source, which is more uniform than the black meat for cooking time.
We adjusted our favorite BBQ sauce to better replenish the chicken, add vinegar to balance the sweetness, and change the root beer to coffee to increase the smoked flavor.
BBQ chicken portion: 8 sandwiches start to finish: 1 hour and 30 minutes, plus 1 hour of salted chicken, 1 hour and 15 minutes for stewed chicken: 1 cup of salt2 (4-
The whole chicken is discarded (we prefer to halve the chicken ourselves, but you can get half the chicken from your butcher.
Pepper2 cups of potato chips, soaked for 15 minutes, drained sauce: 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil 1 onion, chopped fine4 cup chicken broth 1/4 cup apple wine vinegar 1 cup boiled coffee 3 Cup/4 cup molass1 Cup/2 cup tomato Buster 1 cup/2 cup ketch in 4 quart cold water, smoke and dissolve salt in large containers.
Remove the backbone from the chicken and divide it into two halves vertically through the center of the breastbone.
With a metal string, poke 20 holes in half of each chicken.
Place the chicken in salt water, lid and refrigerate for 1 hour.
Remove half of the chicken from the salt water, pat it dry with a paper towel and season it with pepper.
Use heavy chunks-
Tariff aluminum foil, pack the soaked wood pieces in the foil bag and cut several vents on top.
At the same time, heat the oil with medium heat in Dutch oven
Until the sparkling heat.
Add onions and cook until soft for about 5 minutes.
Stir in broth, vinegar, coffee, syrup, tomato sauce, mustard, chili sauce and garlic powder to bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to medium-
Cook low until the mixture is strong, about 65 to 75 minutes, about 4 cups.
Stir in liquid smoke;
Reserve 1 cup of sauce when serving.
(The sauce can be refrigerated for 2 days. )—
For charcoal grill: open the bottom vent halfway.
Light large chimney starter with charcoal coal ball (6 quarts.
When the coal at the top is covered in the ash section, pour into the steep bank pile on the side of the grill.
Place Wood packs on coal.
Place the cooking grate in the proper position, cover the lid and half open the lid vent.
After about 5 minutes, the grill is heated to heat and the wood flakes smoke. —
For the gas grill: place the wood sheet bag on the main burner.
After about 15 minutes, adjust all the burners to the high, cover and grill until hot and wood chips smoke.
Keep the main burner high and turn off other burners.
Clean and refuel the cooking grate.
Place the chicken skin side up on the cool side of the grill and the legs are closest to the heat source.
Cover and cook until the breast reaches 160 F, the thigh reaches 175 F, 75 to 85 minutes.
Transfer the chicken to the engraving board, loosely place the tent with tin paper and rest for about 15 minutes until it is cool enough.
Remove and discard skin.
Pull the meat down from the bone and separate the dark meat from the light meat.
Cut dark meat into 1/2inch pieces.
Cut the white meat into thin silk.
Add chicken and sauce to the pan and cook in medium
About 5 minutes, low heat until the chicken is heated.
Serve a burger roll with sauce. ——
Nutritional information for each meal: 320 calories;
56 calories in fat
6g of fat (1g saturated;
0g trans fat );
115 mg of cholesterol; 894 mg sodium;
26 grams of carbohydrates; 1 g fiber; 21 g sugar; 37 g protein. ——
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