The South Side offering the best in great barbecue - what's the best charcoal grill

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The South Side offering the best in great barbecue  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
When the barbecue strikes on impulse, there are restaurants in the south side area that satisfy meat lovers.
The summer barbecue is a good feast for most people.
Fire, smoke and meat are the trio of barbecues.
Here are some local favorites: 2203 NogalitosOpen for less than two years, Bobby G's old school BBQ and dining has carved a special place for himself in the local dining.
Bobby G has pork and chicken wings on the menu, which is different from the usual barbecue products.
Chicken wings received a delivery from San Antonio-
Last year's news Critic Award.
They can order a variety of flavors. the most popular ones are tiger head sauce, and Parmesan cheese, sweet, sweet skin and hot skin.
"Since we won the critic's choice of the best chicken wings in town, our chicken wing business has really started," restaurant Unitedowner .
Salinas graduated with his wife Gloria.
The Salinas family are proud of their alma mater, and they have several tables made of wood from the original basketball court in Burbank. 2900St.
The staff in Berlin are very serious about their meat.
"We do the meat business," the boss said . "
"We are very picky about the meat we use.
We did it all night so it was really delicious.
Barbecue is a tradition for families.
"If anyone knows about family and barbecue, it's Bolner.
His grandfather opened Bolner's grocery store in 1911, and his uncle Dave started the meat market in the 1930 s.
After joining the deli in the 1980 s, they began serving beef bris, sausages, pork and beef ribs, as well as macaroni and cheese, creamy corn and classic banana pudding, among others.
"When you come here and see the atmosphere here, it's like the past.
"Some parts have a 1914 history," Bolner said . ".
"We have been serving people for over 100 years.
"2627 Pleasanton Road, with butter rolls and poor boy on baked hoagies, almost bigger than you can get, B & B Smokehouse is
The boss likes this.
More than 28 years ago, he and his brother opened a B & B after it was difficult to find a good barbecue in the local area.
"We were able to offer a more intimate service and a better BBQ than the larger place," said Finley . ".
"We can change it.
If the customer wants pork, we can put it on the menu by the next day.
"There are classic burgers on the menu, such as chopped tender cow bris and sauce, soft and tender cow bris, with options such as dry sausage, wet sausage and smoked sausage, to make customers day after day
Potato salad and pecan pie are the most popular side dishes.
Tips come early because it will soon become crowded.
"I like people telling me that our food is the best meal they have ever had," said Finley . ".
"This is the biggest customer.
Our clients are the greatest and loyal.
Some people eat here every day. It's great.
"There are two things on the 902 white road that point to the top --
Notch BBQ restaurant: Lack of spelling in the name, how far is it from downtown San Antonio.
Both companies have Ed services.
Ed, a family business, was originally a food trailer.
The service and food here is not a departure from its humble roots.
"We try to be conservative," he said . "
"Our secret is to believe.
We love what we do and our food.
So are their customers.
Ashford said they ran out of ribs for 1 penny. m. daily.
While spareribs, burgers, smoked turkey legs, and even smoked sausages make meat eaters happy, candy attracts many women.
"Everyone likes our cake," Ashford said . ".
"We have German chocolate, pound cakes and all kinds of cakes.
Some people come in for a cake instead of a barbecue! ”xa0xa02980 E.
South 1604 ring road, owner of "Diners", Drive-
TV shows, like restaurants, you know you 've gone to big-time.
If the long line that winds out on Sunday afternoon doesn't tip you, drooling customers are a good sign.
After the Texas Pride BBQ appeared on "Diners, drives and dives", it still served the classic BBQ owners in their 1920 s.
"Everything is fine here," said Customer . ".
"Macaroni, pecan pie, potato salad are all good!
"German and cold potato salad and cheese potato, both sides are as good as tender meat, with a rich Texas sauce.
Fish fry on Friday night in Pollock, Alaska and live concerts throughout the weekend make you want to dance for three nightsmeat plate —
Of course, just to buy another one.
The most popular local bar-B-Q, Snoga's Bar-B-Cue Food-To-
Go to the Gonzales food market, the smoking House restaurant and the barbed wire smoking House bar in Auggie-B-Q.
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