the three most common mistakes in cleaning cast iron skillets - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-07
the three most common mistakes in cleaning cast iron skillets  -  how to clean cast iron
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Cast iron cookware has been given a bad reputation in some circles.
Many criticisms have to do with what appears to be happening when it is not taken care.
Some pan bowls pans pots become uneven and rust or start to heat evenly.
However, when the cast iron frying pan is properly handled, it becomes the perfect cooker from boiling water to fried chicken to baked corn bread.
The three most common mistakes in cleaning cast iron frying pans are related to the use of soap.
When cast iron frying pans are properly seasoned over time and in use, they form a wonderful, natural, non-sticky surface.
If washed with soap after each use, they lose the surface of this seasoning.
If there is no food particles at the bottom of the frying pan, it is enough to wipe it with a paper towel as a whole.
The seasoning is left in the frying pan.
When the food particles stick to the bottom of the frying pan, two problems arise with the use of a grinding washer or a scouring pad.
All the food particles can be removed by refining, but all the seasonings can also be removed.
If you don't
Season at the bottom of the pan and it will continue to stick to the food the next time it is used.
If the surface is wet, it is possible to rust on the bare metal.
Some foods are naturally attached to the interior of the frying pan during cooking.
Monitor the food while cooking and use the correct temperature should help prevent this.
Stainless steel or hard rubber spatula is also recommended.
If it is very sticky, add half an inch of water in the pan and heat it low on the stove for about 5 minutes.
This should help to relax the food stuck.
Don't fill the pot with water and let it sit on the sink all night.
This is a good anti-rust formula.
In addition to avoiding soap, washing and soaking in the water for a long time, here are two other tips for cleaning the cast iron frying pan.
When a frying pan needs to be scrubbed and cleaned with detergent, it is important to re-apply a thin layer of vegetable oil after it dries.
Wipe the oil around the pan with a folded paper towel.
If a frying pan is brand new, it may be before
Season and cover with wax protective coating.
This coating needs to be washed off with soap and water before first use.
Cast iron is a good cooker material when the cooker is properly cleaned.
When seasoning, it is only necessary to gently wipe and clean to keep it free and evencooking.
Unless the frying pan is of a bad shape or hard crust, it should not be washed with a rough detergent, scrubbed with a detergent or soaked in water in large quantities.
After proper care, cast iron cookware will provide excellent cooking for many years.
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