The thrill of a grill: BBQ summer - the best gas bbq grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
The thrill of a grill: BBQ summer  -  the best gas bbq grills
How to ignite your BBQ with the best taste.Image: Craig Waller Source: There doesn't seem to be any logical reason why the national featured BBQ cover is closed only on weekends.If your family schedule is getting longer and the recipes are getting less and less, let the grill solve your weekday dinner puzzle: it will heat up soon and there is a world of recipes that will inspire you, it reduces washing and the end result is beautiful smoke, only the barbecue can provide the smell of burnt.For Butcher and chef Colin Holt, the convenience of the hot grill got him hooked on post-Barbecue at eight o'clock P.M. on weekdays."I got home and threw something at the barbecue and had a salad, which was great because I had a little time --"There are restrictions within a week," he said ."."Because of convenience, I use it three or four times a week."If your dinner is part of a large group of peopleMarinades is your savior as they provide the greatest taste with minimal effort.Walk into the door and put the meat that you cleverly remember to thaw that morning into a plastic bowl or container (or if you're a regular steater, investing in the meat marinade of Tupperware is a very smart device that allows you to flip the meat easily to make sure the coating is uniform), Mix the marinade, then leave to do homework/housekeeping/family member pick-ups.The fun of the marinade is that you can: A) follow the recipe, B) make your own recipe, C) buy the marinade in the store, D) buy the pre-Marinate protein from your butcher or supermarket.For options A and B, you need an acidic ingredient such as vinegar, lemon juice or lime juice or sauce, both of which make the meat tender, and promote the absorption of other liquids with a little neutral or seasoned oil, plus a key flavor.Peppers, garlic, ginger and wood herbs, sauces, and a variety of porridge are all options.Be careful not to oversoak the tender protein such as chicken and fish, often drain water before grilling, otherwise the sugar in the sauce will burn or stew.* Quick recipe: mash up a batch of 2/3 cups of BBQ sauce, 1/2 cups of sweet chili sauce, 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of peanut oil earlier in the week.Store in a 1-The jar after the cup capacity is disinfected will be used for the rest of the week.Eat chicken and cook, but it's better not to eat breast meat when you grill.The on-the-Bones and cheaper meat, such as legs or wings, four-point chicken or fat meat, are better for stronger thighs because they can withstand heat and keep the meat.Chicken and pork are also easy to dry when cooking directly, so now you can take advantage of the versatility of the barbecue and use it as part of a hot plate, oven.Bake the meat for a few minutes on each side, then turn off the hot plate opened by the chicken, while keeping the adjacent burner running and closing the lid for the final cooking process.** Quick recipe: this spicy barbecue rub is perfect for chicken, lamb and beef.Make it on weekends and store it when needed.Place 1 tablespoon coriander and 2 tablespoons cumin seeds in a medium fire frying pan.Cooking, stirring, about 1-2 minutes or until cooked.Set aside transfer to mortar and pound with pe until coarse.Mix the coriander mixture, 1 tablespoon of beef to each, 1 teaspoon of pepper and sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder, 1 tablespoon of pepper and brown sugar, and a little pepper.Stored in a closed container until required.Hips are the favorite of most chefs.When it comes to steak options, but this summer Colin suggested we talk to the butcher about cheaper beef cuts, like the onglet or hangar steak."The cheap steak is perfect for stews, but it is also very tasty," he said ." This is the best medium cooked steak, he added."I have a guy here to get the oyster blade."It's a long, flat steak with muscles in the middle, and if you remove the muscles, it's called flatiron steak, which is the American term.It tastes good and has a better texture."To get the best from the steak, no matter what cut you choose, take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before you start cooking."Make sure the meat is at room temperature," Colin said ."."Season it, oil it, put it on the grill, rest at least 10 minutes behind the grill, away from the heat."* Quick recipe: Skip the sauce from a bottle and make your own satay sauce with roast beef.Heat 2 teaspoons of oil with medium heat in a small pan.Chop up 1/2 of the brown onion and stir for 5 minutes or until it softens.Add 1 chopped red pepper and 1 clove chopped garlic and cook for 30 seconds or until fragrant.Add 1/4 cups of crispy peanut butter, 1/3 cups of coconut milk, 1/4 cups of water, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.Cooking, stirring, about 2-3 minutes.Our passion for cooking continues over the course of the week, which is why Thursday is a family favorite day: obstacles.But instead of using the Winter mashed potatoes and gravy as a side, try to make it more delicious by pairing your delicious sausage with a complementary salad.Try pork sausage with coleslaw, starring granny Julianne Smith, spicy sausage with grilled vegetables like peppers and tomatoes, and chicken sausage with dill radish --French fries salad, lamb like Middle Eastern tomato, mint, red onion and other combinations.For sausages, follow the principle of cooking chicken and use only direct heating to brown the outside.** Quick recipe: the chunky salsa is a great side of the sausage and the perfect way to increase your daily vegetable intake.Mix the cooked corn kernels with tomatoes, Lebanese cucumber Ding, 1/4 red onion, 1/2 avocado Ding and 2 tablespoons of fresh coriander leaves, and 1/2 lime, juicing to make Sal with a spicy barrierNo, not Friday. Fish Friday.Today is the day to put aside your concerns about cooking fish, because once you 've got the hang of cooking fish, you'll realize, grilled salmon or whole apper fish is one of the fastest, most delicious, and most nutritious food you can make.Unlike chicken, for example, it is also very tolerant --If you cook a little more or less, the taste is good.If you want to go baby steps with the fish, try packing the fish with baking paper or foil paper.Squid is also ideal for Barbie, as cooking takes only a few minutes to absorb a variety of flavors, including dry rubbing or squeezing lemon and plenty of pepper.* Quick recipes: these sunburned salmon packages are easy enough for a weekend dinner, but trendy enough for a dinner party.Cut 4 cm pieces of ginger into a matchstick, 1 chopped clove garlic, 1 pepper slice, 1 1/2 teaspoon braised sauce, and 2 chopped scallions in a bowl.Place 1 sheet of baking paper in the center of 1 sheet of foil.1 piece of salmon on top.Pour a mixture of ginger from the previous season.Bring two sides of foil to the center.Fold to seal.Roll-up end closed filling.Repeat with the remaining baking paper, foil, salmon and ginger mixture.Heat the meat plate with medium heathigh heat.Put the parcel on the plate.Cook for about 8 minutes or until cooked.Salmon with rice and white chocolate.--Increased extrusion while the iron was hot, adding some vegetables while the meat was cooking.The mushroom is a good barbecue steak ingredient.Slice the buttons or add some Shimegi and oyster mushrooms to the foil.Add some butter, olive oil, garlic and a little hundred miles of leaves to fold into a small package.Open the baking pan and cook for about 10 minutes.Corn crust, butter, salt and pepper, wrapped in tin foil, roasted on a grill for 15-There is a lot of taste in 20 minutes.Oil on the baking tray and drop on the thin potato chips so you can get the delicious potato chips.Flip a few times and wait until the potatoes turn brown, bubble and sprinkle with sea salt and chopped rosemary.Mix the meat and vegetables on the skewers and you can have a meal in the skewers.Taste the big shrimp or salmon belly, sausage with cherry tomatoes and zucchini, red yellow peppers and mushrooms, chicken thighs marinated with ginger, garlic, soy and honey, and then with scallions.Smoked Barbecue skewers-Serves 4-Preparation time: 15 minutes-Cooking time: 7 minutes-Skills: Basic * 600g beef grain 1 egg, Pat 3/4 cups of fresh bread grain 1 small brown onion, fast Bacon soup without alcohol, chopped 1/3 cup smoked kebab 2 tbsp fresh leeks, delicious vegetable oil, salad leaves and smoked BBQ sauceYou need 12 pre-Soaked bamboo sticks Place minced meat, eggs, breadcrumbs, onions, bacon, garlic, barbecue sauce and leeks in a bowl.Season.Mix well.Roll a tablespoon of mixture into a ball.Put it on the plate.Apply 3 meatballs on each skewer.Spray the grill or grill with oil.Medium Heat-high heat.Cook the skewers for 5 to 7 minutes.Salad and sauce.After rolling, cover the meatballs and refrigerate for 30 minutes if time permits.Chopping or chopping vegetables helps keep the meatballs in shape.The next day lunch is served with the remaining meatballs or packaging.
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