The Truth Behind Barbecuing and Carcinogens - charcoal and gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
The Truth Behind Barbecuing and Carcinogens  -  charcoal and gas grills
If there is no traditional barbecue, what will be the celebration on July 4?Americans like to cook on an outdoor charcoal grill developed when Americans move west.So this Wednesday, when you are exposed to our national heritage, should you also be concerned that your barbecue may contain carcinogens?According to Steven Raichlen, the topic of carcinogens and barbecues has been exaggerated.Raichlen, author of the barbecue Bible and how to grill, is also the host of the long run PBS series "Barbecue University."The problem is exaggerated," he said ."."I was told that if you had 200 charcoal roasted steaksto-In turn, you are at one in a million risk of cancer.It's like getting an X-Ray in the doctor's office increases your chances of getting cancer, and 60 years of age increases your chances of getting cancer."The first culprit in the big cancer-causing debate is the smoke generated when fat and gravy fall on the flame.This smoke contains carcinogens known as multi-ring aromatic hydrocarbons.According to this theory,The food we ate was covered with smoke.The second carcinogenic substance, cyclocylamine (HCAs), is produced in meat cooked at high temperatures.These substances are by-product of heat.Induced chemical reactions between amino acids in meat and those found in muscle tissue.But Raichlen doesn't believe there's anything to worry about."Meat barbecues are part of our leap from humans (early humans) to modern, sentient, thoughtful, socialized creatures," he said."Research from Harvard University shows that,The roast man has a large chin, large teeth and small brain.Once they start the barbecue, their chin and teeth will become smaller and their brains will become larger.If the barbecue was bad all the time, we wouldn't be here as a species.Raichlen provides this advice for grillers who may be concerned :-Indirect barbecue is used-this technology is suitable for charcoal and gas grills.When using gas, ignite one side at a height and grill meat on the other.On the charcoal grill, the charcoal is raked into the mound at 3 and 9 points and the meat is grilled in the center.—Buy more thin meat-Raichlen is not advocating giving upmarbled steak.What he said was to reduce the excess fat that could lead to flashUps without sacrificing taste.—BBQ more vegetables and fish-these foods have nothing to do with carcinogens.—Learn the difference between barbecue and burning-"The goal of the barbecue is to turn the meat into golden brown, not black," Raichlen said .".The fireplace, Patio and Barbecue Association agreed to remove excess fat from meat to help prevent burning of the grill --Ups is a good idea.It also recommends covering the cooking surface of the grill with punctured aluminum foil, or using cedar boards to prevent flashUps and charring.Here are some other tips suggested by the Association :-Often turn the food with pliers to prevent burning.—Do not flatten, flatten or stab the meat.It can cause loss of delicious juice and may cause flashups.—Use the appropriate cooking temperature: the internal temperature of poultry is 165;160 degrees of ground beef and pork;150 degrees-Pork barbecue;Roast beef, steak, seafood and lamb at 145 degrees.
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