Time for a cookout! Grilling safety & homeowners insurance basics. - best outdoor gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
Time for a cookout! Grilling safety & homeowners insurance basics.  -  best outdoor gas grills
Editor's note of the Insurance Information Institute: This article appeared in the third article for the first time.Org and isreprint are here with their permission.Visit the barbecue safety of the original post.Millions of Americans enjoy outdoor barbecues safely every year, but accidents do happen.According to US media reportsS.The fire department said that about 5,700 barbecue fires occur in residential properties every year, causing an average annual loss of $37 million, 100 injuries and 10 deaths.Most of the grill fires are caused by a gas grill failure.In addition, thousands of people go to the emergency room every year because they burn themselves during the barbecue.In the rare case of a grill fire spreading to your property, your homeowner insurance will provide financial protection because the fire is at risk.The homeowner policy includes the following: * damage to the house itself.* Personal items such as lawn furniture are damaged.* Damage to insurance structures on property, such as sheds or terraces.* Guests are injured according to the liability section of the policy.Keep in mind that you have to pay your deductible before your insurance starts, so if the loss is small and your deductible is high, it may not make sense to file an insurance claim.However, the best way to enjoy the outdoor barbecue in the summer is to take measures to prevent accidents, including maintaining the grill and using the grill safely.(Picture: Shutterstock.Com) Grill Maintenance and storageGas grill is usually safe if properly maintained and checked for leaks.In some cases, the grill is unsafe due to improper design or construction.(You can search the website of the Consumer Product Safety Board to see if there is a recall on your grill.) At the beginning of each barbecue season, the following tips can help ensure everyone's safety: * Check the grill hose for cracks, holes and crispness.Also be careful to look for blockages, especially in the Wenzhong tube leading to the burner.Remove obstacles-Caused by food scraps, spiders, or insects.-Use a wire or pipe cleaner.* Run the soap solution (part liquid soap, part water) at the connection, then open the valve of the water tank to check to ensure that the gas does not leak, which will be represented by bubbles at the leak point.* Adjust the hose as needed, away from hot spots or places where grease may drop above.* Stay away from your house and store propane tanks outside.Always check to ensure the valve is firmly closed.(Picture: Shutterstock.Com) safe BBQ practice during BBQ, use common sense and follow the following guidelines: * operate the BBQ on a level far from the house, garage and landscape.Don't move the grill once it's on.* Stay away from the grill and children and pets.* Protect yourself--Or a barbecue.-There is a heavy apron and oven gloves that reach a high level on the front arm.* For a charcoal grill, use only lighter liquids designed for a barbecue.Do not use gasoline or other flammable liquids, and do not add more lighter liquids once the fire starts.* Do not grill indoors or in closed areas.Charcoal grills produce carbon monoxide (CO) smoke, which can be fatal in unventilated places.* Fire extinguishers are nearby.* When you're done cooking, keep in mind that the grill will remain hot for a while.Do not cover or store unlit grills that have cooled and soak coal with water before throwing it away.(Picture: Shutterstock.Com) in the event of a grill accident--Or any accident--It does happen and the damage should be resolved immediately.Use cold water at minor burns, but do not cover the injured area with a bandage, butter or ointment.If the burn is more serious, the victim should go to the emergency room or the emergency center.Call 911 if needed or in doubt.Once you have dealt with any damage, assess your property loss and contact your insurance professional to discuss making a claim if circumstances require it.
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