time for changing of the barbecue guard - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-07
time for changing of the barbecue guard  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 2/7/2015 (1431 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
I beat on the other floor.
The day before Canada Day, someone suddenly knocked on our front door without warning and broke the column on my home computer.
This is a muscular team from Home Depot.
Ready to impress and be extremely jealous
Pass on my brandnew, state-of-the-
Art propane BBQ.
Regardless of personal safety, I bravely led the delivery staff along the back lane, and when they pushed the new grill to our backyard, I opened the door for them to commemorate the 148 th birthday of our country, my wife decorated it with dozens of Canadian flags.
As a man, I was initially very excited about the prospect of falling behind brand control --new barbecue —
Or at least before I took a look at my rusty old grill, I had been sitting alone in the corner of our shabby courtyard, abandoned and confused.
I immediately felt my old BBQ frustrated and confused about the arrival of the new arrivals.
"What's going on?
"It's the telepathy message it gave me with tears.
"For so many years, you are no longer satisfied with my work? Sniff!
I thought there was something special between us.
"When I signed up for the new grill, that's what I thought, unlike my old Grill, in its original state and not covered with the hardest material known to man
After decades of turning burgers and hot dogs into unrecognizable and inedible black sludge, the carbonated crud pile up.
What you need to know is when some people
We call them "auto workers"
I have a deep emotional attachment to their beloved car, I am a separate sect and they have built almost unbreakable connections with the barbecue.
I won't name it, but I also know that some people have pet names on their journey --on lawn mowers.
In contrast, I don't think women have the same enthusiastic connection with their home appliances, but I 've seen other normal women, like my wife, who experienced religious epiphany while checking the buildingit-
Furniture from Ikea.
The psychological point I am trying to make today is that the replacement of my BBQ guard is always a bittersweet moment.
When my wife and I rolled the old grill to a temporary break next to the recycling and trash can, I got a little fuzzy --
Eyes on the hundreds of amazing BBQ moments we shared together.
For about 12 years, my old grill and I became a crazy partnership, just like the charming old couple you saw on the ice --
Skating shows, the former Olympic champion glides for decades in shiny sequins.
I don't want to be overly emotional, but my old BBQ and I are very familiar with each other's personality quirks.
When its electronic start button fails, I know very quickly that when a match is inserted to ignite propane, unless I want my eyebrows to be burned by a sudden burst of flame, otherwise I shouldn't get my face too close to the grill.
I don't do this often, but replace the old one
It's never easy for me to go out for a barbecue.
Can be said to be the most careful
A few years ago, when I was in an extremely crazy moment, from an old --
My first propane school charcoal grill
Power BBQ.
I 've been boycotting the sweet siren song of propane and telling anyone who doesn't listen to it, except for the smokey smell of cooking with glowing charcoal coal balls.
One day, a smart silver
The Tongued salesman drew me to the dark side and explained that in the cold winter when all you did was push (bad word)
The button, instead of shaking out of control when you doused your coal with gas, and throwing matches on the pile after the game, while silently praying to the burning God.
I just changed it after my old charcoal grill, a faithful and determined companion, like Lacey in the old TV series, when a pile of hot coal burns from the bottom of the kettle, sprinkled on the lawn, rolling in the direction of our frightened basset hound, it suddenly fell.
So, in my house, these are times of confusion and difficulty.
It will be a few days before the remains of my beloved old Grill will be taken away.
Before the new BBQ, I need some time, and I have formed a bond of male trust that is essential to preparing the barbecue properly.
But I think everything will be fine because of my new barbecue.
This is from my broken heart
It's really shiny! doug.
Speirs @ freepress. mb.
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