tough, stylish ocean voyager - stainless steel natural gas grill

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tough, stylish ocean voyager  -  stainless steel natural gas grill
I remember the first time I was invited to the Alexander. It was the mid-
The launch of the 1980 s and the "go fast" era.
Formula 4000 impatient in such a demand
Be owners waved big checks under the eyes of the higher people on the waiting list and happily prepared to pay the premium to jump in.
Maximum speed (
And fancy interiors)
What are the criteria that these shallow cruisers are often judged?
In pursuit of higher speeds, the installation of three engines is no longer so rare, although never normal.
Then Alexander came into this world of excess, the sea of speed and glitter --
An incredible contrast to all of these formulas and Vindexs.
It is a ship with a maximum speed of almost no aircraft, it does not have a large cockpit for mandatory fishing and diving, and it looks more like a work boat.
In fact, it was one of the first fishing boats --
The style of the bigger boat that has now become so popular. Twenty-
Years later, Alexander was still making fishing boats.
The style boats, although their products are much larger, range from tugboats 155 to 54.
There are seven styles of motor yachts in the middle, several wheelhouse and two of their tugboat models.
Their new 60 fishing boats are the second smallest of their fleet, though they weigh more than 33.
5 tons, LOA over 18 m and beam over 5 m.
This is a great achievement for a shipbuilder who almost accidentally enters the industry.
Alexander Chueh, a Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, did not have a plan to become a shipyard until he finally got a shipyard to pay for the debt in 1970.
As a continuous entrepreneur, he accepted the challenge warmly.
Understand Americans (
Then, even more than today, the biggest market for this ship)
He looked at ships from the Far East with near contempt and signed American yacht designer Ed Munk Jenner.
This is a smart move.
Monk, known for its tough and sailing yachts in the Pacific Northwest, has designed a solid fishing boat.
In the coming decades, Ocean Alexander is known for producing good products
Look and boat suitable for sailing.
The latest new 60ft (18m)
Fishing boat extension cruisers, in two meanings of the word "extended": it was designed for extended sailing and an extended version of the company's popular 54 fishing boats.
The monk drew the line again, though the hull shape was still a long way from his early twistplane designs.
The company called the 60 fishing boats movement "S -"
Bow featuring melonseed-
Shape, not round.
The design aims to reduce the tone and resistance by up to 5 cents.
The ship is still firmly in the fishing boat camp, apparently a sea cruiser. The no-
The nonsense bow is broken out, there is a huge Portuguese Bridge, and it is also an extra entertainment area when the conditions permit, at anchor time.
The Walkaround deck is made of high blocks covered by stainless steel railings, and the husky friction strip will handle occasional scratched piles, with the bridge deck extending out of the full beam, protect the salon and main deck from the sun or rain.
The interior is one of the realities of understated elegance with ocean cruising (
Like the water-dense Diamond Sea-
Glazed Dutch door with dog latches, elevated handrails and hard handrails in salonwearing teak-and-holly sole)never far away.
The salon is at the same level as the small rear deck (
Modern flying bridge cruiser standard).
It takes a few steps for a person to get to the kitchen and another three steps to get to the bridge.
It is common on this type of boat, with a sofa and table overlooking the rudder and dashboard.
Room forward with queen-
There is a large bunk and a private head with a large shower.
There is also a queen in the back full beam main living room
Size berth with space on the head-
Save pocket doors and a man-
Shower with seating size.
In addition, just behind is a cabin that can be installed as a crew cabin (
There is a pair of bunk, entering from the stairs of the Salon)
Or as a dressarea-cum-laundry.
The top deck of 60 tugboats was handed over to a large flyover and a larger rear deck.
Steering station, protected by reverse screen and sturdy-
Looks like a Bimini cover, very forward with two rudder seats and a sofa and table at the back.
The deck of the ship is two steps under the bridge, very big.
Completely surrounded by double stainless steel rails, providing a safe passage along the rudder area, it is easy enough to handle a large rib and several water toys, all of this can be launched with the accompanying davits.
The mini kitchen with sink, refrigerator and grill finished this photo.
60 tugs standard 300-
But what's worth upgrading is John Deere diesel, which is double 455 hp-
Caterpillar C7s horsepower.
These will provide a maximum speed of about 14 knots under the open throttle, providing a comfortable and economical cruise at 12 knots.
The bow and stern propeller can easily manipulate the reasonable wind
The affected vessels, especially when they are close or encounter strong winds.
Although there is not a large number of marine Alexander people here, the local distributor waterline international is eager to increase their popularity.
Alexander No. 60 fishing boat No. 18. 14m LWL: 15. 39m Beam: 5. 10m Draft: 1. 55m -1.
Displacement of 68 m: 33,566 kg (approx)
Maximum speed: 14 Cruise speed: 12 sections structure: FRP, balsa and foam core fuel capacity: 7760 liters water capacity: 1893 liters want a full review of the sea Alexander 60 fishing boat?
It appears on the latest issue of the Pacific motor yacht and is now on sale or on www.
Pacific yacht. com.
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