Turkey in a Trash Can! - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Turkey in a Trash Can!  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
We 've been doing this Turkey for years and I think everyone needs to try it at some point.We always make it a big deal, which is beyond the scope of backyard cooking.That being said, it's easy to succeed, and it's not that expensive if there are a few people jumping in to get it to work.Cooking takes more than an hour, so be sure to provide some form of entertainment for your guests.We love the new game of Kubb.Have fun and be safe!Cook now...You will need:-A turkey (thawed )-A new metal trash can, washed off with dish soap --Two Med-sized charcoal bags (one that does not require a lighter liquid )-Metal bars or tubes with "T" on top-Tin Foil-Bricks or rocksOptional drop-off (and catch drop-off birds) pan :-Wood Chips-Beer and/or cocktailsFor this, you need tin foil, bricks, metal bars/rods, Drip Plates and hammers.First of all, find a grass that you don't mind killing.Please note that the grass will not survive in the process, so do not do so in the middle of the front yard.(I warned you).Second, spread out a square tooth foil larger in diameter than the top of the trash can.Use Bricks/rocks to hold the edges to prevent the wind from blowing the foil.I found that it helps when you fold the edges of the foil together.Third, in the center of the foil square, place the pot in the center, pass the pipe/tube through it and hammer it into the ground.This is the turkey you cook.Make sure you put the pot there because your turkey will crash during cooking and this pot will catch it.You want the top of the rod to be about 10 from the top of the pan so your bird can stand up."At this point you need birds, trash cans and chips (if you have one ).First of all, you want to season your bird.We use olive oil, salt and pepper, but you can use almost anything.I know that if you want a fresher skin, use some kind of oil on the outside of the bird.Second, take your prize to tin foil square, place the bird on the pole, and the Pole runs up through the bottom.If you do this correctly, the bird will "stand" above the pan and look for drops of water from the wings.(On the other hand, it's a good time for your guests to call you crazy and/or awesome.) Third, if you have pieces of wood, sprinkle some around the bird, but do not directly under the bird.Fourth, carefully put the jar on the bird.Don't knock it off the booth.If you have charcoal and wood chips, you need charcoal and wood chips for this step.First, place a circle of wood chips around the trash can on the foil.Second, put a layer of charcoal on the top of the jar (do not touch the foil.Then use the remaining charcoal to form a ring on the foil side of the jar.If the ring starts to get bigger, you can put more on top of the jar.BE SAFE!!!Ignite charcoal.Best to light the top (nonFoil side of the tank), then work around the bottom.Make sure everyone is watching and the camera is ready.It will be great.Once the coal is lit, leave it alone and go and play the game in the yard we're talking about.If you make a loud noise and then make a hissing sound, it doesn't matter, the bird falls down, which is part of the process.Let the bird cook until the coal is completely burned and almost cooled.You need oven gloves to lift the jar, but the coal should not be hot.Be careful when lifting the tank, be sure to get the coal/Ashes dirty so that the coal/Ashes don't fall on the bird.Once evenyone takes a good look at your masterpiece, remove it from the stick and carve the baby.I hope you like it, please let me know if you do it yourself.Safe, have fun!-Jake C.P.S.This is the first time I pose so thanks for any/all comments.
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