Turkey on a Tripod - square charcoal briquettes

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
Turkey on a Tripod  -  square charcoal briquettes
Cook the Turkey outdoors with charcoal while it hangs on a tripod like a trapeze on a basket.All you need to cook a delicious, humid, Thanksgiving meal outdoors is aluminum foil reflector oven, coal and tripod.(No dangerous oil bomb-ups here!).In addition, instructions are included on tying the barrel knot to keep the turkey hanging on the ground.This manual records the outdoor cooking methods used by our scout forces during the annual Thanksgiving camping.This clever way of cooking turkey with coal was taught to us by a respected "master" of Mr. Scoutmasters.Martin.I published the technology on his behalf so that someone else can spin it.The family dinner contest was attended by the narrator.Please Vote.Materials:-44 "x 18" screen-(4) wooden stakes in metal tents-18 "wide roll of aluminum foil-(4) metal binder (office supplies )-Metal tripod (as shown in the figure is the camp cooking tripod with a round metal grill adjusted up and down.The grill and 3 side chains have been removed.-3 feet hemp rope (natural fiber rope must be used ).Some plastic ropes may melt or are not safe to use with food.)-(2) there is one more thing about plastic oven bags (these bags are designed for home ovens and can handle normal cooking temperatures....I'm forgetting...uhmm...Oh, yes, the star of the show!-(1) Turkey (unfreezing) advanced 4 coal towers (reusable) 1.Cut a piece of barbed wire about 11 "18" for the coal tower.Scroll the mesh into 3 high cylinders of 1/2 "x 18 in diameter.Fix the seams by "stitching" the seams on the cylinder together with the thin gauge wires of length, or cutting some squares along the edges of the mesh, and then folding them back to themselves. The other side of the "hook" seam.1.Lay two or three glossy aluminum foil on the ground.Circle the edges.(He may perform without a net, but this turkey needs something.Not to catch his fall, but to reflect the heat.)2.Place the coal tower at four corners of the foil.The distance between the towers should be 18 ".(18 "rolls of aluminum foil are used as measuring gauges) 3.For high wire action, place the tripod on the foil as shown.1.Fix all four coal towers at the outer corners of the ground aluminum.Keep each tower upright with a metal tent pile.When the aluminum side wall is wrapped around the tower, the position of the column in the outside corner can prevent the tower from tilting inward.Add the sides to the reflector oven.1.Wrap aluminum foil around the tower (shiny side inward) 2.Fix the foil to the top of the tower with a metal adhesive. The oven is finished."DONE?Where is the top of the oven?"No, we didn't run out of foil.That's it...No need for top...never had one...not needed.The Turkey hangs on a rope sling on a tripod.The sling is made by tying a barrel knot around Turkey.(Houdinni would be proud of this line) tied around Turkey with a natural fiber Kenma rope.Stay away from synthetic plastic ropes.They may melt or may not be safe to use on food.The steps below show how to tie a knot.The wire is used in the photo series because it is easier to "pose" than the rope ".Obviously, don't tie up the frozen turkey that is still in the package.Due to the dangerous nature of the shoot, these action shots use frozen stunt double turkeys.(Salmanilla is dangerous for me ).1.Put the turkey in-The ends in the photo below the rope (neck down/leg up) follow the center of the bird (legs on the left and right sides) 2.Take the end of the rope up and tie a simple get started knot on the top of the bird (left end on the right end, then below) just to locate things: this picture looks down from the top of the bird.There is a neck on the table.The breast is on the right and the legs are on the top and bottom of the photo.3.Separate the center of the overlapping knot to create an opening as shown in figure 4.Slide the opening in the hyperhandknot down the side of the bird (as shown in Figures 2 to 4 ). This first picture is what the rope looks like after the previous step.5.Pull the two loose ends of the rope to the top of the bird and tie it tight.The rope on both sides should be far down enough to catch the top of the wings.You want the rope to hold the wings against the body but, if the rope is too low on the wings, don't put it in a position where the bird is too low. The bird may be heavy and can roll out of the knot.6.Tie a circle at the loose end.The ring is used to hang on the hook on the tripod chain.7.After the rope work is done, put the turkey in the oven bag and twist-tie at the top.Double Bag insurance is recommended.You don't want to get the juice off the ground.) OK, so technically this is not the "ring" of the fire (the "square" of the fire does not have the appropriate "ring") 1.Start the charcoal coal ball.Choosing a chimney launcher is a way.No flammable petrochemical liquid is required and coal is easily discharged from the starter with pliers.After the coal glows in the starter, they are evenly distributed to four towers with pliers.2.Top-Besides the tower, there's-litbriquettes.They will graduallyStart with hot coal below."Stand up immediately and see the bold young turkey dangling from the tripod while cooking on the burning coal pile. Turkey should be 3-4 "from the ground, centered between the four coal towers.It's like cooking in a 350 degree oven.Our 26-pound turkey cooked for 4 1/2 hours.(Internal temperature 160 degrees) during cooking, with the combustion of the lower coal, add additional coal blocks to the top of the tower.Thanksgiving camping is a tradition of our troops every year.This past week-End happens to be an unusually warm 50 degree F, but this technology has proven itself over the years and is more typical of 20-The weather is 30 degrees Fahrenheit on November.(Figure 3 shows two sets of Turkish-Regardless of the temperature outside, the hot turkey is a warm welcome, and it is indeed a appreciated thing in the context of occasional snow.There's nothing better than an outdoor Thanksgiving...Is it a snowball on your plate or is it a scoop of frozen mashed potatoes?
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