turkish food - the adana kebab and a simple homemade recipe to make this traditional turkish dish - bbq tools

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
turkish food - the adana kebab and a simple homemade recipe to make this traditional turkish dish  -  bbq tools
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Adana kebab is a popular Turkish kebab that can be bought from many Turkish restaurants, fast food restaurants and restaurants all over Turkey.
Go to any traditional Turkish restaurant and check out the menu and you will be sure to see this spicy meat dish after tasting these delicious traditional Turkish kebabs, you will soon understand why it is so popular.
You go further south and east of Turkeye.
The closer you get to the Arab countries, the more spicy adana kebabs are.
Southern and eastern Turkey. e.
In the eastern Mediterranean region, the spicy version of this special food is considered to be a feature of the region.
A truly authentic Turkish Adana contains a lot of tail fat which makes it very moist and juicy.
It is not possible to completely copy authentic kebabs, but it is possible to make a homemade version that is close to real.
My homemade spicy Adana is fast and easy to make.
While you don't need any special equipment or cooking skills to make my homemade skewers, you do need to know about the kitchen, but in any case, you don't need to be a chef at cordon blue.
So, in order to make this delicious dish, what are the ingredients in the homemade spice kebab? You need 1 kg chopped lamb, two onions, three peppers, three cloves of garlic. A string of parsley, chili powder, Sumai, salt and black pepper.
All the ingredients are available from all the stores, so you can't excuse "I can't get the ingredients" for not making this delicious meal ".
The first step in making my version is to chop up the onions, chop up the peppers, chop up, crush the garlic cloves, and chop the parsley.
The type of pepper depends on how hot you like it.
If you want very spicy meat, you can use strong peppers like Scottish hats, crazy hot Naga or ghost peppers.
If you want to eat more steady, spicy meat, you need fewer peppers.
After the ingredients are chopped and ready, the next step is to put the chopped lamb, onion, pepper, garlic and parsley into a mixed bowl.
Next, add a teaspoon or two of chili powder (
Depending on how hot you want your kebab to be)
Mix two teaspoons of Sumai, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of black pepper.
With all the ingredients in the bowl, it's time to put your hand in and start kneading the aroma mixture of meat and spices until it gets smooth like a dough.
At this stage of the process, it is important to ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
After the meat sauce is made, you need to put it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.
I have to stress that 15 minutes is the least and I tend to put the mixture in the fridge for three to five hours.
This is my homemade traditional Turkish meat dish, which can be adjusted and customized according to various tastes.
If you like very spicy Turkish food and barbecue, you can increase the number of peppers or use a very spicy variety of peppers.
If you like a lot of garlic, you can increase the amount of garlic, and you can increase the amount of onion if you especially like it (
You can even use any type of onion you like, and while I prefer to use red onion, brown onion works well too).
There is no hard rule when making Adana kebabs, and the proportion of the ingredients used depends entirely on you.
The next stage of the process is to blur around some skewers to cook.
The wooden bamboo skewers are not suitable for my spicy skewers, and the metal round skewers are not.
The perfect skewers need to be flat as this will keep the spicy meat sauce in the cooking process.
So once you have some flat metal skewers, you need to split the meat sauce into eight separate balls.
Take a spicy meat ball and mold it evenly around a flat metal string.
Once all the paste is formed around the metal skewers, you need to put them back in the fridge for about an hour.
Some homemade Adana kebabs, ready to grill during the barbecue.
The best way to cook kebabs is to grill on a charcoal grill, although you can use a gas grill if you wish.
When barbecuing meat on a charcoal barbecue, you need to gently brush some oil on the meat to prevent the meat from sticking to the grill and burning.
The skewers need to be rotated regularly during cooking to make sure they are cooked all the way.
Another way to cook Adana kebabs is to place them under a grill in a traditional oven.
Again, you need to brush a thin layer of oil on Adana kebab and turn them regularly during cooking.
Barbecue adana kebabs in this way is very good for those cold or dark times.
Cooking Adana kebabs in this way allows you to enjoy Adana kebabs throughout the year.
There are some spicy Adana kebabs on the grill, which is by far the best way to cook this traditional Turkish food.
Adana kebabs can be eaten by yourself, but for a truly authentic Turkish cuisine experience you should use some rice, a few long bell peppers (
The choice of red or green peppers is entirely up to you)
There are also some green salads with chopped tomatoes and onion rings.
Long peppers can be eaten raw, but when you cook meat, they are best cooked under a barbecue or grill.
Another option for rice and vegetables is to remove the spicy meat from the skewers, along with some chopped lettuce, red cabbage, onion rings and chili sauce, and put in some pita bread
Or put the meat on flat bread, such as chapatti, and eat it with vegetables.
Both of the Turkish meat dishes are delicious.
As you can see, it's very quick and easy to make spicy adana kebabs.
So the next time you order coal, do a home cooking or barbecue, want to do something different, original, and do something to impress your family and friends.
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