turns out the ancient greeks were quite the grill masters - the best charcoal bbq grill

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turns out the ancient greeks were quite the grill masters  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
The myceny civilization is the pioneer of classical Greece and the setting of the Erie and Odyssey, known for its luxurious palaces and treasuresfilled tombs.
But thanks to a enterprising researcher, we learned that myceni also knew how to hold a very meaningful barbecue.
For a long time, archaeologists did not know how the ancient Greeks used the cooking utensils found at the site of the myceni period, which lasted from 1600 to 1100. C.
Mysterious goods include ceramic pallets for meat skewers
Known in Greece as souvlaki.
But archaeologists are divided over whether the trays are on fire to catch feces or more like a portable barbecue site to hold coal.
They also found what they thought was used to make bread.
On the one hand, griddles are smooth, with a small perforated texture on the other side.
Archaeologists are not sure which side went up.
So Julie Hebi, assistant professor of classical literature at Dartmouth College, decided to investigate-
Try to cook the myceny style.
Hruby is with ceramic artist Connie podski
Cooking utensils were made and barbecue started.
Hruby says it is not easy to find materials similar to ancient Greek clay.
It takes a long time to carve wheels without potters.
But it is worth discovering the ancient Greek barbecue technology.
The meat is not hot enough when they try to put the suflaki tray on the hot coal.
But when they put the coal directly in the pan, the meat is cooked very well.
As one of Hruby's colleagues, Bartek Lis of the Polish Academy of Sciences speculated that the design of the souvlaki tray was portable.
"Pallets are good for traveling or picnics," Hruby told salt magazine . ".
Portable cookware is very cheap
The advantages of the myceni people, as most of their meals are prepared on a large fireplace.
Although the old grills are made of clay, their weight is inconvenient.
So the myceni people's grill is not much different than the grill we are using now for tracking.
As for griddles, Hruby and Podleski realize that piercings are actually an ancient non-
Adhere to technology.
When covered with a few cups of oil, a textured baking pan makes a nice flat bread.
As Hruby noted at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Archaeology, it was very advanced at the time, and she introduced the findings earlier this month.
Because these types of ships appear most in the ruins of large palaces, Hruby believes that they are mainly used by professional chefs working for the nobility.
The ancient pills also let us know what ingredients the myceni people have.
They may have eaten beef, pork or lamb as protein, Hruby said.
For their bread, they may not eat wheat, barley or an emmer of farro.
But even though it looks like a relatively simple diet right now, Hruby says the myceni Palace has promoted a lot of culinary innovation.
Hruby said that before the myceny era, even during this period, a lot of cooking was done in a jar.
So the next time you light the grill at the tailgate party, or a quick tasting of sovraki cuisine from the local Greek Union restaurant, the ancient myceni people may look proudly.
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