u.s. and u.n. boost haiti aid security as food drops in - white charcoal for sale

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u.s. and u.n. boost haiti aid security as food drops in  -  white charcoal for sale
PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters)-U. S.
The United Nations seeks more peacekeepers in the earthquake
On Monday, Haiti was broken when the marauders emptied the crashed shops and desperate survivors began receiving medical care and air transportation --dropped food.
Hundreds of pickers and robbers flocked to damaged shops in the port --au-
The Prince, caught the goods, there was a battle between them, but with the street vendors selling with fruits and vegetables, some normal signs came back.
"We have no ability to solve this problem.
Haiti needs help. . .
Americans are welcome here.
But where are they?
We need them to be on the street with us, "said doonville robensen, a policeman deployed in the capital to hunt down the robbers.
The crowds gathered to defend food, water and jobs outside the facilities used by the United Nations. S.
Military and international relief agencies.
Jordanian peacekeepers punched and kicked the Haitian and opened fire on the noisy crowd outside the port. au-
Witnesses said the Prince airport.
About 2,200 Earth-heavy Marines
Mobile devices, medical aid and helicopters arrived at the White House on Monday, with the White House saying more than 11,000 U. S.
Military personnel are on the ground, at sea, or on a ship en route. U. N. chief Ban Ki-
Moon said he recommended 1,500 police officers in the Security Council and 2,000 new 9,000-member U. N.
Peacekeeping missions in Haiti.
Since Tuesday's seven months, world leaders have pledged substantial assistance to rebuild the sea.
Magnitude 0 earthquake kills as many as 200,000 peopleau-Prince in ruins
Haitian President René Preval has called on donors to focus not only on immediate assistance to Haitians, but also on long-term assistance
The long-term development of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.
"We can't just heal the earthquake.
We must develop the economy, agriculture, education, health and strengthen democratic institutions, "he said at a donor conference in the neighbouring dominican Republic.
Dominican President Lionel Fernandez, who chaired the meeting, proposed to create $2 billiona-year (1.
22 billion)
To fund Haiti's five-year recovery.
EU institutions and Member States provided 0. 4 billion euros (
0. 352 billion)
Emergency and longer
Long-term assistance to Haiti.
At the same time, Senegal's president, dou Raye Wade, proposed that African countries provide Haitian people with the opportunity to resettle in "the land of their ancestors.
"Africa should give the opportunity for Haitians to return home.
"This is their right," Wade said on his website . ".
Local media quoted Senegalese officials as saying that West African countries are prepared to provide fertile land to Haitians. Former U. S.
Bill Clinton, US PresidentN.
After arriving at the port, the special envoy of Haiti unloaded the water bottle directly from the plane and put it into aid work. au-Prince.
Rescuers have worked hard to provide food and medical assistance to wounded and hungry survivors, many of whom live in makeshift camps on streets scattered with debris and rotten bodies.
Nearly a week after the crisis, international assistance has just begun to provide assistance to those in need who have been delayed due to logistical congestion and security issues. Preval said U. S.
The army will help the United States. N.
Peacekeepers maintain order in Haiti's increasingly illegal streets. N.
Peacekeeping personnel were unable to provide adequate security. U. S.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said,S.
The force will not play the role of the police, but will defend itself, "if innocent Haitian and members of the international community see things happen, they have the right to protect them. ” Another U. S.
Military officials say the violence was isolated and did not prevent humanitarian aid missions.
The earthquake destroyed the presidential palace and state buildings, forcing cabinet ministers to sit outdoors in plastic chairs for meetings.
Indications of sensitivity in the United StatesS.
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has accused Washington of "secretly occupying Haiti ".
"The streets stacked with debris have slowed the pace of medical and food supplies, but with the international medical team taking over the damaged hospital, there are signs that progress has been made and the seriously injured have not been there for a few days.
Rescue teams are scrambling to find people alive under the rubble of collapsed buildings. six days after the disaster, survivors are reported to be more successful.
Trucks filled with bodies are transporting bodies and rushing to dig mass graves outside the city, but thousands of victims are believed to be still buried under the rubble.
As people became more desperate, the robbers gathered smashed shops at the port in the city center --au-
Prince, fight each other with knives, hammers, ice
When police tried to disperse them with guns, they picked and threw stones.
Witnesses say at least two people suspected of robbery were shot dead on Sunday.
After escaping from prison after the earthquake, heavily armed gang members have returned to the Sun City shantytowns.
Police Commander Ralph Jean said: "Whether things are exploding is entirely up to the international community to help.
Brice, who is in charge of Haiti's western sector, has lost half of its strength due to the earthquake.
The mayor, businessmen and bankers told Preval that restoring security is critical to restoring at least some business activity.
Joseph Desilme, who works in the market, said the huge Croix de bos food market was reopened, but banks were still closed, "people don't have the money to buy anything . ".
More than 30 countries have urgently transported rescue teams, doctors, war hospitals, food, medicines and other supplies to Haiti, choking the Haitian people.
The runway airport where the control tower was destroyed during the earthquake. U. S.
Officers hope to reopen the port. au-
The Prince's harbor was destroyed in two or three days, but currently relies on AirDrop helicopters to distribute food and water.
Desperate Haitians rushed to grab the parcel that was dropped from the helicopter. A C-
Cargo plane, flying around-
From Pope Air Base in North Carolina
The United States dropped 14,000 packaged "ready food" and 14,000 quarts of water to earthquake survivors. S. military said. The U. S.
The Army's Airborne Unit 82 has set up a base at the Petionville Club, organized an orderly queue to distribute water bottles and meal packs to 50,000 survivors who have tents at Haiti's only golf course.
The exhausted soldiers slept on the tennis court.
Fuel prices doubled, there were a lot of people waiting in line outside the gas station, cars, motorcycles and people with jerrycan lined up.
The Haitian police are on duty in some places.
While some street markets are starting to sell vegetables, charcoal, chicken and pork, thousands of survivors across the city are clamoring for help.
Mary Grassi battist said: "We have not moved for four days, only God knows how long we can survive like this, but there is no job, there is no house, A single mother with four children took refuge in a makeshift camp.
A rough sign in the camp says: "People need water and food.
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