ultimate outdoor gas grills: 'turbo, the aussie barbie,' and genesis - gas barbecue grill

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ultimate outdoor gas grills: \'turbo, the aussie barbie,\' and genesis  -  gas barbecue grill
Ultimate gas grill. . .
Is there such a thing?
With the flip of the switch, no longer waiting for the charcoal to ignite, the gas grill obviously has a certain advantage over the charcoal grill.
But do they do more? Meet Turbo (
Barbie Australiaand Genesis.
They are the essence of the crop. . . top-of-the-
Outdoor gas grill.
Each of them has the extras you dream of in a barbecue.
An Australian native who has been working in the barbecue industry for about 14 years dreams of an ultimate "Barbie Doll" that can grill, smoke, Fry
Cook and even bake food.
He has a gas barbecue.
Then shipped to California.
He called it Barbie Australia ".
"It's developing in Australia and I added finishing touches for outdoor sports
A lifestyle for California, "said Stuart McDonald, president of outdoor cooking supermarket barbecgalore.
As one of the most important features, he wants an extra
The BBQ area is large.
"The grill is often larger in Australia.
Family and friends order meals on Sunday and guests cook on Barbie with their own steaks, fish or shrimp.
"Made of porcelain on steel, it can be used as a building
In units or set in wooden carts, there are three models of turbines, depending on the size.
You can choose from three, four, or five burners with rectangular cooking surfaces of 500, 605, or 725 square inches.
These heat outputs are 60,000, 80,000 to 100,000 BTU.
Each unit has a control center so you can easily use one burner if neededsize cooking. The sturdy-looking double-
The listing car with two side pallets is made of hard dense eucalyptus species Jarrah wood from Western Australia.
"This Wood will be used for railway ties for many years," McDonald said . " He suggested occasionally rubbing the wood with flax seed oil and alcohol solution.
For those of you who like to bake poultry on spit, Turbo offers a battery-operated heavy-
Can cook a few birds at a time.
For covered cooking and baking, plus smoking, the Turbo comes with a dome hood, which is very convenient.
This is divided into two parts;
The front can scroll up or down.
For large groups with open grilling, the dome can be easily separated.
A baking tray for cooking is also provided to replace the mesh.
Because after frequent use of gas grills, grease builds up on lava and gives the food a smell and aroma of rot, McDonald's recommends occasionally washing the stone and steaming it in boiling water --clean.
Another interesting gas grill Weber recently launched on the market is Genesis.
This is a revolutionary portable gas grill that does not use lava or pumice.
Hope new outdoor cooking equipment can solve complaints about uneven heating and frequent flash
Clean up the ups and inconvenience of lava in the gas grill.
How's the taste?
Charlie Anderson, who represents Webb, said: "This is the real outdoor barbecue flavor.
Stephen productsin Los Angeles.
"The food is always more juicy and therefore more delicious ---
Not that burnt, but you still have the caramel of the fat juice.
"This product revolves around a system called flavoring agents.
The barbecue does not taste like charcoal or lava.
It comes from fat and juice in meat that drops on coal and then smoke.
In Genesis, seasoned steel bars replace lava.
Because of the fat in meat (
Or delicious juice for any food)
They evaporate and produce enough smoke and fragrance to create the taste of the barbecue.
Made of porcelain
Rust-proof coated steel, the bar is located on two floors deep in the chamber under the cooking grill.
Their shape and angle make the excess juice flow into the drip tray below. The three-
Stove Top barbecue grill with 540-square-
36,000 inch cooking area of BTU heat output.
There are three controls for the back, center and front grilling.
For lighting one, two, or all three burners with one button, there is an intersection fire system.
These three stoves can be used to roast steak, while the two stoves can be used to cook indirectly, just like roasted steak.
Allowing the burner to generate heat from one corner to the other can achieve a uniform, precise barbecue, which is not always achievable during the barbecue.
Finally, for those who are frustrated by running out of gas while cooking, Genesis includes a scale that measures the gas by the hanging weight of the tank.
Weber gas equipment is mounted on a trolley with an attractive high grill cover in a variety of colors, with three options, Genesis I, II and III.
The top of the line provides an installation range-
Type burner with independent control and ignition.
The device is also used as a heating burner and is ideal for making sauces, side dishes and coffee outdoors.
You can wash the incense Bar and Grill in the dishwasher.
The Turbo Aussie Barbie range is recommended for retail prices ranging from $319 to $799, specifically for sale at the rich BBQ sessions in Torrance, Tarzana and Santa Fe Springs.
The suggested retail price of the Weber Genesis range from $399 to $549.
Most of the builders have these units in their shopping malls, barbecue and Olay stores.
For more information about the store closest to your area, please call thisfree number: (800)642-6230.
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