Use this checklist for the perfect backyard party - charcoal and gas grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-29
Use this checklist for the perfect backyard party  -  charcoal and gas grills
Imagine a backyard party as an easy-going little sibling at a dinner party.Not sure if you are 8 or 18?No problem —Just let people bring something extra on the grill.I hate cleaning the house in order for people to come over?You don't need it now!Of course, it's all laid outThe charm of backyard barbecue needs to be considered in advance.Here's an outdoor party ready countdown that will help you check things in advance so you can feel more relaxed on party day.A month before your scheduleIt's easy to let summer slip away without doing everything you want --So if you have more backyard parties on your summer list, make plans before the barbecue season starts.Take a look at the next few months on the calendar and decide when you want to host it and make a note of it.Cleaning and maintenance of grill.Both charcoal and gas grills can be cleaned in good depth at the beginning of the barbecue season to keep them in their best condition.For the safety of the gas grill, it is also important to check if there is a crack in the fuel line and make sure that the burner holes are not blocked by grease.Evaluation of outdoor furniture.Hope you can sit a few more friends around the fire pit?Want a more comfortable outdoor lounge?Items ordered online can take weeks to ship (local deals can be snapped up soon), so if you want to add or replace outdoor furniture, make a budget and start shopping early.Relevant information: store the outdoor mat now so that you can comfortably attend a large or formal party at the next party and invite guests now.If this is an important occasionLike graduation or a landmark birthday.Be sure to give the guest a head-A month or so in advance so they can mark it on the calendar.Get the backyard party essentials ready.We reached the same goal.Almost every backyard party item, so make it easier for yourself to assemble a party kit in advance.Store these items in the same place so you know where to find the cooler and insect repellent wipes on party day.Three weeks before the menu starts, create a shopping list.Whether you go for a classic burger and hot dog or a vegetarian diet --Centered on the menu, if you write the plan on paper (or on your phone) in advance, your brain will feel clearer.List the dishes and sides you plan to cook and then create a list of the main shoppingReward points for dividing the list into perishable items and parts of perishable items.Decide on outdoor games and activities.Want to bake marshmallow on your fire pit, rent a resilient House for kids, or play on the lawn?Figure out what (if any) activities you want to do during the party, pick up or reserve the necessary supplies.If it's lunch, organize a friend's donation two weeks ago.Work with guests to ensure that each dish (main course, side dish, salad, dessert) is represented and ready to provide specific ideas or directions if asked.If you make things as simple and clear as possible, people are more likely to step up their help.Buy items that are not easy to rot and prepare for the kitchen.Pick up the staples of wine, beer, condiments and pantry and store them until party day.If you have any recipes on your party list that can be made and frozen in advance, do it now and you'll appreciate yourself later.Even something as fast as making a batch of simple syrup stored in the refrigerator to make homemade lemonade can reduce your future party preparation workload.Get the last count of the week of the party.Check in with guests who do not have RSVP, and if it is a lunch, confirm what everyone has brought.Tidy up guest bathroom.One of the great things about having fun in the backyard is that you don't have to feel pressured to make the interior look like a guest --Perfect with one exception: bathroom.Set aside time to tidy up the dressing room, store it with extra toilet paper and hand towels, and cover it with soap.Related: Organize your bathroom quickly through bathroom accessories and decide the music.Select your playlist or streaming channel to get the right mood (or choose to go to music-free).If you have a new outdoor sound system, be sure to test it out before the party so you know how everything works.Clean up the fridge.For all these party dishes and chilling drinks, you need more space than you think, so make some space before you go public.Buy perishable ingredients and make a few dishes in advance.Pick up perishable items, including fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat, two days before the party, but wait until the day before (or in the morning) to buy fresh seafood.Check your menu and pick out some recipes that can be prepared (or partially prepared) in advance.Chill your drinks on the day of the party.Make sure cold drinks enter the refrigerator about four hours before party time cools down;Transfer them to the ice.Guests fill the cooler about 20 minutes before arrival (if used ).Party playlists are prompted.Open the concert to help you stay in the mood while preparing for the party --If the early bird comes, it will feel festive even if everything is not ready.Set up an outdoor cleaning station.You'll want to have a trash can and a recycle bin in the party area, as well as a dishwasher for transporting reusable plates and plates to the kitchen for cleaning.Organize the grill assembly area.Take out your plates, pliers, grill brushes and any other tools you like when you cook.Set up a self-Food table available.Help guests with self-help by listing the essentials: Related: Find the best buffet table to serve you food after preparing your food.Things that make barbecues less stressful than the capital --D. The Dinner Party is that your guests actually expect most of the cooking to happen after arrival --So, don't be nervous if you wish to do more before the first guests show up.Pour some cold drinks and chat while you grill.Go back and enjoy it.Time worth relaxingDon't be afraid to give the baking tongs to someone else --If people ask if they can help get the dirty dishes to the kitchen, say yes!
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