watermelon ham is a vegan alternative that could bear fruit, chinchilla farmer says - charcoal barbecue australia

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watermelon ham is a vegan alternative that could bear fruit, chinchilla farmer says  -  charcoal barbecue australia
It looks like roast ham, but don't be afraid of vegetarians.
Chinchilla farmer Terry O'Leary, who started sucking watermelons at the urging of a friend in Canada, is now advocating the potential of watermelon as a barbecue alternative.
"We have always enjoyed roasting watermelon on a charcoal barbecue, and the taste is always good," he said . ".
"But I saw a video on social media that people in North America spent $75 on watermelon ham around Christmas.
"I think it's an interesting concept.
"The recent Chinchilla Watermelon Festival has also given the O'Leary family an excuse to try to smoke delicious food.
"12 years ago, we had a Canadian backpacker who worked for us, Katie Tom, who was a great cook," Mr O'Reilly told ABC radio Rebecca Lai of Brisbane radio.
"She comes back every year for the festival and she urges US to give it a try.
"After peeling the watermelon skin, Mr. O'Leary said that the watermelon was marinated in salt water with cumin and coriander seeds for three days.
"After sitting in the salt water in the refrigerator, we took a shot and took most of the day," he said . ".
"Before sucking the watermelon, cross the top of the watermelon to make it look like ham.
"The fruit is effective for unusual treatments, he said.
Watermelon is a versatile fruit.
"Although they are straight up, you can also do a lot of things with them in terms of salads and preparing watermelons," Mr O'Reilly said . ".
In terms of texture, smoked melons are similar to salmon.
"It's very soft and melts in your mouth, but when it's tasted, it's really something I 've never tried," Mr O'Reilly said . ".
Roasted vegan ham after smoking also helps to make sure the watermelon is cooked.
"Put it in the oven and bake it 100 degrees, heat it for half an hour, then butter or nuts --
"It would help to pour the butter and olive oil together on the top," he said . ".
While it is taking off in the northern hemisphere, olirie says he doesn't think it can make $75 overseas in Australia.
"At the moment, they charge this in New York and I would encourage people to try it out, but I don't think the money is worth $75.
"I will also buy a leg ham and smoke a traditional ham to help the pork producers get out of the woods, both of which.
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