We plan to invest Rs 50,000 crore in next two years: Anil Agarwal - black and silver gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
We plan to invest Rs 50,000 crore in next two years: Anil Agarwal  -  black and silver gas grill
An increase of eight to ten times the output from the current level contributes to this effort, as this will lead to the establishment of new industries, the founder and chairman of weidanta Resources Co. , Ltd. , in an interview, he talked about his company's growth expectations and made suggestions for the new government, which will take power after the election and lead the country forward.
First, the government should develop a simple policy to explore the existing metal resources in the country.
The region should have the right to make a decision and the matter cannot be escalated to the national or central level.
However, policy decisions can be made by the state or the center, but in terms of implementation, the districts should be authorized to make decisions in different areas, such as sports, mining, industry, culture.
Second, banks around the world are willing to increase microfinance.
Therefore, anyone holding aadhar card should receive a loan of Rs 2 for 7 to 8 years, as the record indicates that the small loan is easily repaid.
The loan can help them start a business, such as buying a car rickshaw, driving a tea stall, or buying a Buffalo to start a milk business.
These benefits should continue in a situation where it is convenient to do business, and the government cannot keep them on its own.
A decision should be made on one table instead of moving files from place to place.
Interestingly, half of the work will be done if government companies are out of government control.
Look at airlines and reform helps them become the best airline in the world;
You can compare private players with Air India.
So, every department that comes out of government control has a different feeling, like telecom between BSNL and private participants.
Also, look at the face of the airport.
You will find that the department that has been released has moved forward.
Therefore, the government should stop controlling everything, play the role of regulators and solve problems.
I am a businessman and that is why I would say, "believe in business" because business is a pillar and so are different countries like the US, Russia and China.
Interestingly, the presidents of these countries only consider business, not other things.
You have to encourage and support them and say they have the ability to grow 10 times from the current level and they will.
After all, business people are greedy and we should know how to control their greed and instill discipline in them.
This will boost growth in the country.
In short, you have to push the art of doing business in business class.
To do this, you may have to introduce tax reform and bring something that can stop the black money from being generated.
The tax on goods and services has changed a lot.
An increase of eight to ten times the output from the current level contributes to this effort, as the increased output will result in the creation of new industries in order to process the goods.
This is a place where people should be encouraged to go out and build industry.
Secondly, India should focus on technology and innovation, because there are many things that India can do in this regard.
If you look at technology, you will find that almost all of the top companies are led by the Indian ceo.
I think the Indian CEO has changed the mentality of the company.
If these proposals are implemented by the new government, no matter who comes to power, employment opportunities in India can be increased.
We want to produce 5 million barrels of oil in India, which means we want to produce nearly 50% of the oil in India.
In addition, we want to produce 70% aluminum in India.
We would also like to produce zinc (10 tons), iron ore (50 million tons) and Steel (4 million tons ).
We are working on a plan and design budget that will require an investment of about Rs 50,000 over the next two years.
We have already started investing in this.
We must take a progressive attitude towards the environment.
There are three things related to the environment: the best air quality should be provided;
Water cannot be discharged in the wrong way;
Waste Management.
Interestingly, India is very concerned about the environment and I think India has the lowest level of industrial waste.
But I can't comment on the rubbish on the road or the smoke coming out of the farmland.
In fact, the Ganga river, which is about 60% kilometers away, has been cleaned up, which is a proud thing to do.
However, if India starts to produce its own oil, mineral or electronic products, the world will not favor India because they depend on India.
Controlling pollution at the regional level may not cause environmental problems throughout the country.
This should be an acceptable level as smoke is generated in almost every way, from cooking gas to vehicles.
So, they should be within the limits allowed, everyone should comply with the norms, and those who do not comply with them should be punished.
As far as we are concerned, weidanta has become "serving the people and the people ".
We were the only ones in this war, but we brought $33 billion in foreign money to India.
This helps the government recognize what happens if a small company like weidanta can pay such a level of tax, then if there are ten companies involved in production.
They may end our income-related issues and support us in implementing the plan.
Interestingly, everything we get through the government in India is terrible, like the oil blocks allocated to us, because they feel that these blocks are not available, so they are left by ONGC, but we produce oil from these blocks.
Again, they left Hindustan and we turned it into the world's largest producer of zinc and silver.
We are changing the face of this losing aluminum company to become the largest aluminum company in the world.
In short, we have created an institution run and owned by the people, which is not a family --
Business oriented.
I have said that weidanta's wealth should be used for the benefit of the country and society.
We have developed a model under which we will create a ranking of Harvard University.
We are studying it and bought a piece of land for it in Puri.
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