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We reveal Adelaide’s top 25 yiros shops, from the hills to the sea | Messenger -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0A0871E  -  the best charcoal bbq
Call it kebabs, call it yiros, or call it hangover therapy.
Call it kebabs, call it yiros, or call it hangover therapy.
Whatever you call this delicious Greek dish
This is our top 25 restaurant in Adelaide.
North, East, South, West, city.
Continue to read and discover the best garlic sauce, food twist, secret recipes and enlarged versions you'll find throughout the city.
Let us know below: where is your favorite yiros going? ———————————————————————————
The city, edited by Sophie Perry, the original ILOs home, 258 Runde Street, the narrow yiros of adelaideTHIS, is connected to the walls filled with activity posters and happy customer photos, is the main backward after 90. A-
The site is marinated with premium lamb and chicken, and the pita is from the Lebanese bakery in Adelaide.
There are no dairy products in garlic sauce;
Instead, it is made from tahini, the sesame paste in the hummus.
The current owners have been there for about 13 years, but some others have run the place for 27 years
Including Zoran Mandic, who operates in the name of Falafel House, now owns the East End ros.
Eastend ELOS, 224 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, east side of Grenfell Street
This is probably one of the most beautiful places in the city.
It is a small restaurant in Zoran Mandi yiros.
But as the saying goes, good things are small packages.
Looking forward to juicy cuts of meat with very little fat, covered with wet and dry marinade (Zoran says this is the key to locking the flavor), rustic style
It looks like lettuce instead of the usual chopped one, as well as homemade tzatziki.
For those of you who don't want to remove the full size yiros, there is a smaller version that uses pita bread of the same size as the big bread but has no jam --
Packed with ingredients.
270 Hindley Street, Adelaide, the Ianni restaurant in Hindley has classic Greek charcoal, lamb, chicken and pork, this is one of the places you think of the second time you feel that yiros are eager to appear.
Meat, fresh vegetables and soft pita from the grill
Simple Classic.
Afghan Charcoal BBQ skewer, 1/61 Hindrey Street, AdelaideTHESE, thinner and more tightly packed than your average yiros, but the taste of the meat surprises you
It's almost spicy curry flavor and can get hotter if it's your thing.
Wrapped in traditional Afghan bread naan.
If you want a classic city, cross.
Taste yiros, this is it.
Big and heavy, rich in ingredients, it's a kind of yiros that lets your hands be covered by tzatziki from the moment you pick up tzatziki.
Filled with chopped lettuce, juicy tomatoes, taboli, Spanish onions, lamb or chicken (which can be a bit salty), this is a great treat that won't disappoint. ————————————————————————————
South, Erin Jones Aldinga Bay Seafood, Coach Road, 15, Aldinga, if you feel less traditional than chicken or lamb, try the garlic shrimp in the store
Owner Derek Matheson said "they are a little delicious ".
Shrimp is made of natural garlic. site daily.
If you want chicken or lamb, the price starts at $8.
50. use locally sourced meat.
The combination of Yiros is $9.
50, or $9 for garlic shrimp. 50.
Jimmies took away pizza, 103 of the Beach Drive, Aldinga Beach. This is probably the only store in the South with a seafood combo yiros filled with squid, shrimp and scallops.
Owner Jim lipies says the secret of a good elos is how it is made.
"You need to be able to put in the right amount of ingredients," Mr Liapis said . ".
"One flavor is not above the other.
He said: "The pita and cooking temperatures are also critical to the quality of ros.
Yiros at the seaside store cost $8. 50.
Josh Jarvis, owner of Reynella, said that the meat of his lamb and chicken Yiros is of export quality, mainly from South Australia.
"We don't have anything but the best meat," he said . ".
Mr. Jarvis said that the difference he had with other yiros stores was that the meat was processed on site and marinated in a secret spice mixture for 24 hours.
For those who are bold, try the king-sized elos-
About as big as 1 feet. long Subway.
The price of chicken starts at $8, the price of mutton starts at $10, and the combined price starts at $9. Woodcroft Char-
Shop 1, 217 Pimpala Road, WoodcroftCO grilled chicken, seafood and ros-
Where boss Alex Pericleous says
He bought quality meat, making his shop different.
"Also, the secret potion we use to marinade meat is 50-year-
The old side, "said Mr. Pericleous.
Garlic sauce is fresh. house.
For those of you who know their yiros, another colleague from the store
The owner, George Mandelos, is one of the behind-the-scenes blacks of the former Glenelg's popular mutton sauce. Prices are $11.
Saipan Kebabs, Colonnades Mall, Beach Road, Noarlunga center, if you feel like you're not just putting lettuce and tomatoes in your room, go to the plug
There are more than 11 different ingredients in this shop.
All ros are eaten with the garlic sauce from the owner, Máni Alhamad, made from a secret recipe that he says makes it "very, very delicious ".
You can also toast your yiros for free.
The price starts at $8 or starts at $9. ————————————————————————————
North, danilah abracsiaventeobelu and White Cafe, 43 Blue White Cafe Adelaide Northknown AB —
Yiros meat is placed on the bed of hot fries and then covered with a variety of sauces.
For several generations of college students at the University of North Adelaide, it was a big night.
Rira, a part of the owner of the blue and white cafe, said the staff marinated the meat with their own "special recipe" and made garlic sauce by hand.
Consistent high standards have allowed customers (usually within a few hours of the morning) to come back, she said.
The price of chicken or lamb starts at $12.
North Adelaide burger shop, 51 O'Connell Street, North Adelaide Eide opened in 1950. this authentic ILOs bar has been owned by father and son Bill and John for the past eight years.
This is the perfect place for a late night feast-open until 2.
30 in the morning from Monday to Thursday until 4.
Friday and Saturday night at 30.
The secret to tasting delicious yiros starts with the use of halal meat, says Bill.
Then he marinated it with "special spices.
The standard yiros starts at $10.
A package deal for 80 and a can of soft drinks is $12. 80.
The North Adelaide Burger store also has groovy arcade games and celebrity walls with photos of people laughing at ABs (see above ).
Another feature of the North Adelaide burger shop is its depthFried Mars bar
A sweet tooth!
Nick's BBQ Lake, 2/131 mawson Lake Avenue, mawson Lakes this Greek cafe/take-out store was supported by likes when calling for yiros recommendation on Messenger North's Facebook page.
You can grab a quick bite on the sofa at home or spend a romantic evening outside with white tablecloths, table service and lake views.
In the summer, you can dine in the open air under the balcony.
The price starts at $14. 90.
Open food with French fries and salad or roll up.
Bouzouki player Yani appears on Friday and Saturday nights with relaxing live music.
Boss Bill went out of his way to make his customers feel at home.
Munno Para Shopping City munros Club 2, shop 600, smithfield North Rd. Yiros Club is suggested by some loyal Messenger North Facebook friends who say the store is known for its fresh taboli.
This is from Joey basdan and his father. in-Alai Shalal.
Low prices, fresh meat (which he will not freeze) and excellent customer service make his business different from other businesses, Mr. basstein said.
Customers can buy a beef for $7.
90, 8 dollars a mutton.
Chicken for $50 or $5.
Collinswoodandy North East Road 50 andy's Yiros is home to more creative (and traditional) yiros
Want to add special bacon, fetta, haloumi and avocado.
There are also options for fish and squid.
The menu also includes a selection of vegetarian options and yiros meat hot packs.
Even from the average chip to the exotic chip.
You can choose between spicy fries or cheese fries, among other things.
But we like plains.
They are nice and crisp.
Brighton and Andy's ILOs. ————————————————————————————East, Alyssa-
Elos of Jane tokayani, 144 Parade, Norwood is home to a culinary melting pot, and the parade will not fail on the Greek front.
The owner of Yanni's elos Vass futunis said that the secret of a good elos lies in spices.
She said that before she bought the company in 2012, she worked for the original boss of the company for 10 years and spent two years perfecting the spice mixture, for the past 18 years, this mixture has never changed on their yiros meat.
While traditional lamb selection is still the favorite of loyal customers, there are more unusual options such as shrimp and octopus.
You can also order a meatball or put some French fries in it.
Prices for vegetables and salads range from $10 to $12.
50 meat varieties.
Athelstone take-out, 320 Gorge Road AthelstoneHUSBAND its wife, the origin of Ashley and Aris Kassos, means that its yiros are one of the real, famous and best-known countries in the hilly region.
The star of this outlet is its yiros bag with yiros meat, chips and salad. Their AB bag.
Meat on hot fries bed
It's also a hot choice for $12.
The price is under $10.
If you want a sweet meal to end your Greek feast, they will make a series of Greek desserts in their house, including baklava.
You can also expect everything else from the outsell, including fries, burgers, hot dogs and chiko rolls.
Johnny's delicious pizza Yiros 538 Glynburn Rd, BurnsideITALIAN and Greek Johnny's delicious pizza Yiros gather together.
It's known for pizza, but Johnny's signature is lamb, bacon, eggs, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce and tomato sauce is a popular choice for those who are slightly different.
For vegetarians, their salad is homemade.
The price of lamb, chicken, combo and Farah is $10.
Johnny's special will cost you $13. You can dine-
They also offer takeout within 4 km for orders above $45.
Zoe's restaurant and take-out, which has served Greek food at 164 William King Road Hyde Park since 1989, and Zoe's restaurant and take-out are popular places for Greek feast, if you're looking for something more upscale in the market.
French fries and salad are open.
The price starts at $22. 90.
If you want to have some food, try the Mediterranean ILOs cheese half.
Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, lettuce, tzatziki and herbs.
Chef Sasha Mitrovic said the restaurant is themed on the Greek island of Santorini, allowing diners to "taste Greece in Adelaide ".
They also have a variety of Greek appetizers, main courses and desserts.
From the Mitchell Square Mall along the city chicken at 204 besair Road, hosoon, this take-out offers traditional lamb, chicken and combined ros.
Prices range from $9 to $10, or you can buy an elos meat bag with fries and salad for $15.
This take-out is also popular on salads, with up to 18 varieties of cuisine available for potatoes and bacon from pumpkin, rocket to any day. ————————————————————————————
Holly Petersen lowash bakery cababb, 115 West Street, Button gems not only serve the locals.
The Lawash Bakery is delicious and reasonable-
Reasonably priced meat grill on open-air coal and roll in fresh House
Tribes willing to hike through the town to taste delicious food also found flat bread made.
Choose marinated chicken and lamb, or roast lamb skewers, or try their salad and house --
Made a hummus roll.
My chicken yiros is cooked non-Changshu, juicy, tender, with charcoal fire creaking on the skin, and the marinade leaves a slight glow of pepper ($5 or 8 on a single string)50).
Lettuce, tomatoes, and onions in moderation, topped with garlic sauce, served in the best flat bread in Adelaide, a meal worth tasting.
Business Road 45 Argo Hellenic Cafe restaurants Port Adelaide Mediterranean tour may not be within budget, but you may be worse off eating Greek cuisine and culture than going to Argo Hellenic Cafe in Port Adelaide.
Large portions, fresh ingredients and juicy charcoal lamb or chicken purchased from Rose water Butcher's covered with garlic sauce
The basis of this yiros is very good.
You can go to the quick lunch version for $12 or eat in it and go to the soup --
Special offers include chips and $19 salad. 50.
The Souvlaki Bros of the Glenelg suvaraki brothers, Hode fast promenade, has quickly become the Glenelg agency since its opening in 2006.
The juicy taste of lamb and chicken roasted on charcoal attracts customers in Mosley Square, making the ILOs store a necessity for later periods
In the summer months, the people of the night carnival overflow from the Grand Carnival.
In addition to the traditional lamb and chicken ($12), this family-
Run business offers a range of premium products, including the Cypriot people who bake haloumi cheese, the inland areas of bacon and cheese, and Kalamata for olives and feta cheese.
The take-out section of the Henry square, Henry Beach Henry square Estia Restaurant always has a lot of beach tourists eager for rich Greek food.
This place is characterized by delivery every time
You know you will get a quality yiros ($9 ).
50), filled with juicy meat and tzatziki dripping from the packaging.
Yiros fillings include lamb, chicken, meatballs, or its super delicious Zucchini, lamb pie, and onion meatloaf, which provide an exciting one for our vegetariansK Yiros —
Kosta's Greek take-out, 8A Westside shopping center, Findon RdEXPECT top price, no-
Traditional Greek takeout.
On the way home or at lunch, people will look for some delicious and fast food and will not be disappointed.
This store offers everything you want ($9 ). 40);
Generous help with all accessories-
Traditional tabouli, fresh salad, garlic sauce, with a punch in it and juicy seasoned meat, all stuffed in a thin flat layer of bread.
This is a delicious, messy delicacy that needs to be handled with both hands.
Let us know below: where is your favorite rosrossewindow? This is the best window in Adelaide.
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