weber grill fans' devotion burns strong - stainless steel natural gas grill

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weber grill fans\' devotion burns strong  -  stainless steel natural gas grill
The real problem for thousands of Weber grill users is not gasoline and charcoal.
This is how to install multiple versions of each version on their rear terrace.
John Gerald Gleeson has four weber on his home deck in Gaylord, Michigan. --
From Weber's humble charcoal kettle to a $2,200 stainless steel work, there are six burners.
His strengths include
Stewed cooked ham on the side --
Brown sugar glaze.
"I used to use other grills before I saw the lights," said retired lawyer . ".
Gushing customer testimonials are the norm for Weber, and since founder George Stephen created his three brands, Weber has become an iconic American brand in 55 yearslegged kettle --
His neighbor called him a satellite ".
As the image of Weber Apple --
The shape of the kettle has been put up with it, Paladin-based Weber-
Stephen products
Coupled with its reputation for durability and simplicity, it fosters a cult --like following.
"You ask anyone who owns Weber ---
I don't think they have to buy another one anymore, "says Chris Schlesinger, owner of the East Coast barbecue and raw bar in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
And the author of several books about the barbecue.
Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the barbecue season: according to a survey by the fireplace company 62%, 74% of the owner of the grill said they were grilling at the time, second only to 2005 of the July 4 holiday, terrace and barbecue facilities
Weber and W. C. Bradley Co.
Owner of Char
Broil brand, dominant in the United StatesS. grill market --
Worth nearly $2.
According to market research firm NPD Group, 3 billion last year.
It's a huge but saturated market with 81% in the United States. S.
According to the Barbecue Association, there were families with outdoor grill in 2005.
The trading group also found that the grill purchased by customers was larger and more sophisticated. -
There are signs of room for growth.
Neither company disclosed sales figures;
Both are private and family owned. Columbus, Ga. -based Char-
Broil says it has the upper hand in both revenue and unit shipments.
Webb said that the two men are not divided up or down, adding up to about half of the population of the United States. S. market.
But there is no doubt that Weber has an advantage in brand recognition.
For many, it has reached the rare status of the brand as a product, such as Tabasco or Coke.
Weber launched a website last month as a forum for the customer's favorite grill story, and the customer's dedication is obvious: one person wrote an article about his six Webb grills
A woman in Ohio claims to have made a Christmas Eve dinner with her Webb. -
Grilled pork ribs, potatoes and vegetables-
After an ice storm destroyed power
A Michigan woman even wrote to express her joy in keeping Webb's charcoal kettle in the divorce agreement.
"It's much more loyal than my ex. husband! " she wrote.
The Webb barbecue dates back to 1951, when the Webb brothers.
George Stephen, an employee of metal products, launched his quest for a better barbecue by cutting the metal buoy originally scheduled for the Chicago Yacht Club in half.
He made a kettle with it.
Bowl and lid in shape.
His theory is: Allow enough air flow under the coal bed to keep it hot, but suffocate the coal ball with a lid to prevent the torch from burning
Common ups in shallow water
The pot barbecue of his time
Although this requires some persuasion, the system has been successful.
"Dad will put the grill on a wagon and go to the hardware store for a presentation," said Jim Stephen, CEO of Weber --
Since the death of his father in 1993
"He will cook turkey, pig or something and people will be in awe," Stephen said . ".
It turns out that form is as important as function: the gentle Kettle design incorporates the awareness of generations of backyard children twirlers.
"It's not only a revolutionary grill, it's also a personality grill," said Steven Raichlen, author of the barbecue Bible and Webb, who hosted the barbecue on public television. sponsors.
Stephen is fine.
Adjusted a method of "indirect" cooking: place the coal on the edge of the grill and place a drip pan under the meat to slow it down
Cook while full of smoke.
"It takes a lot of food recipes into the backyard, which has never been done on a barbecue device before," said Raichlen . ".
Of course, barbecue is an art form, and not everyone agrees with Weber's way.
Restaurant owner Schlesinger said Webb insisted on covering the grill even if cooking directly on coal ---
Let the iron plate fat drop directly onto the coal ball. -
Millions of grills went astray.
"It's a lot easier because you don't have to think about it as long as you cover it," he said . ".
"But it brings this greasy smell of smoke to the food.
The barbecue was terrible.
"Weber launched the first line of its gas grill in the medium term. 1980s.
Most of its products today are-
Stephen says shipments of houses are evenly distributed between charcoal and natural gas.
At a factory west of Huntley Paladin, flat plate steel plates are pressed in the shape of a trademark kettle, painted with porcelain glaze and fired in a 1,600 degree melting furnace.
Weber's engineer in his 50 sPersonnel Research-and-
Often tortured in development stores
Test product--
A stainless steel gas grill has been burned for six months at a temperature of 850 degrees.
Mike Kempster, executive vice president at Weber, said everyone else was soaked in salt water to see how they would be able to withstand coastal conditions.
Webb must have done it right, said Anne Chilton, owner of the Sazarac pub in Beardstown.
Every Monday, she baked up to 90 pounds iconic ribs on three Webb charcoal kettles in the back Chef's shed.
"It's very easy to control the heat," Chilton said . ".
"I just set the temperature and cook on it all night. "*(
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Weber & A * company: Weber-
Stephen products
Manufacturer of Weber brand grill.
* Location: The headquarters is located in the sick Paladin.
At Huntley, Ill has a manufacturing plant.
* What does it do: produce and distribute charcoal and gas grills in all 50 states and about 40 countries.
2,200 workers were employed.
* History: In early 1950, when George Stephanie worked at Weber Brothers, the first Weber kettle grill was made with a metal Port buoyMetal Works.
Weber began selling gas grills in the medium term1980s.
* Ownership: private, family-
The owned company is run by the son of founder George Stephen and chief executive Jim Stephen.
* MATCH: Webber and W. C. Bradley Co. Manufacturer of CharBroil.
They are two major players in the United States. S.
Outdoor BBQ Market* Market: USAS.
The price of the outdoor barbecue industry is close to $2.
According to market research firm NPD Group, sales were 3 billion in 2005.
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