what barbecue grill should i buy? - charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-11
what barbecue grill should i buy?  -  charcoal grill
My husband and I were called "master barbecue" by our friends and relatives ".
Because of this, people often recommend barbecue tools and gadgets to us.
The most needed advice is charcoal or gasoline. It's always a huge debate and both sides think their approach is the best.
It really depends on what you are doing and the results you want.
I like a direct heated barbecue cooked quickly.
Both charcoal and gas can do this.
If the cooking temperature is equal, you cannot taste the difference between the two methods.
However, most gas grills never get as high as charcoal.
Most people prefer the dark and delicious crust on the steak, not the sunburned meat.
Only a scorched or infrared burner will have a gas grill that is hot enough to make such a steak.
I actually have two kinds of grill, steak and burger made with my charcoal.
I still don't accept the extra cost of a scorched or infrared burner. The drawback;
The charcoal is dirty and hard to light and takes at least 20 minutes to get to the right temperature.
It can burn food quickly because of flash
Ups and it's hard to tell what temperature you're cooking.
You still have a lot of ash to deal with when the cooking is done.
Learning settings 2-due to lack of temperature control-
Regional fires are important.
Gas barbecues are the best way for chicken, fish and vegetables as they are good at maintaining a stable temperature.
If you have two or more burners on your grill, it's easy to have multiple heat zones.
Even if the gas grill is kept at a stable temperature, the thermometer does not work well.
I recommend a digital product with good quality.
The gas grill is easy to start and heat in 10 to 15 minutes, keeping heat throughout the cooking process.
Unlike charcoal, you can turn the heat up or down during cooking.
They are also easier to clean because there is less dripping water and no dust.
A typical gas grill can hold a temperature of 100 to 400 degrees with a more expensive model, above 700 degrees.
Some high-end models come with scorched Coke that can get hot like charcoal.
Most gas grills have no torch
Ups due to the use of metal plates and lava rock.
Like the charcoal grill, the gas grill also has shortcomings.
Although they are easier to clean, they do build up carbon and grease.
Scraping or strong cleaning every few months is important to keep the grill clean.
You also need to replace lava once a year, and the burner does need to be replaced occasionally.
Whether it's gas or charcoal, temperature control is the most important feature of cooking success.
The charcoal grill needs to be deep enough to store coal on one side and no coal on the other;
This gives you multiple hot zones.
It also requires a tight fit cover with a shock absorber that can be turned on and off.
This controls heat by adjusting the oxygen that enters the fire field.
Some Grill, like my grill, can increase and lower the charcoal to better adjust the heat.
Gas Grill, stainless steel or brass burner;
The cast iron is rusted and the aluminum is burnt out.
As for the grill itself, I recommend a cast iron or enamel grill.
If painted well, the metal will not rust unless you grind the enamel.
Although the Stainless Steel Grill is beautiful and shiny, the grill will change color as it is used and older.
If you like a delicious hard shell steak, you must have infrared or scorched.
Or like me, grill with charcoal and gas.
For those wonderful, wide traces of the grill, bake a roast
On porcelain or stainless steel grate, the grate is wide or larger.
The high quality grille is as important as the grill material itself.
If you find a grill that you like but it has a cheap grill, Please purchase a replacement grill.
One of the optional items I don't want to have is the grill.
I like to cook the whole chicken in the roast meat shop.
This is a delicious, moist chicken with brown skin.
Electric barbecue shop needs Electric.
To balance the load, it should have a solid motor and a counterweight.
Avoid the common spear Harpoon series and get a basket.
If you can't find a barbecue shop in the store, you can order it online.
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