What Foods Pair Well With Beef Kabobs? - best grill basket

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
What Foods Pair Well With Beef Kabobs?  -  best grill basket
When you don't want to give up red meat, serving beef kebabs is a smart way to control the portion size.Choose a lean cut, such as a top round steak with 170 calories and 8 grams of fat per 3 ounces.Serve and make the meat cube by yourself.For your skewers and healthFat side dishes with emphasis on nutritionRich in vegetables, seasonal fruits and whole grains.The simple green salad from SaladsA works well with any dish, but it includes a lot of vegetables and seasoning, adding your kabobs and creating something special.Mix green vegetables, arugula, ground carrots and jicama with lowGinger powder and soy sauce seasoning, with grilled skewers.The salad of tomatoes, basil and spinach is perfectly matched with vanilla --Kebab with yogurt sauce.BBQ beef skewers with vegetables and fruits provide an excellent opportunity for barbecue with vegetables and fruits.Brush the eggplant or the whole bell pepper with a little olive oil and grill with a kebab.Fill a grill basket with a medal for zucchini, whole cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, or mix the vegetables and beef on the skewers.The roasted peach is cut in half, and the smoked sweetness of the pineapple ring balances the richness of the beef kebab.The grain provides beef kebabs on a pile of grain to attract the audience.Look for whole grains like whole grain orzo or couscous.Cereals contain undissolved fibers that are good for your digestive system.Use mushrooms to make brown rice into a pilose, or mix dried apricots and almonds on your sofa.Nestle kebabs are placed on a whole wheat pasta bed with chopped spinach mixed with olive oil and chopped fresh herbs.Sauces and DipsFruit salsa are served on spicy or thick beef kebabs.Take pineapple, mango, or papaya as ingredients, along with saffron rice and curry vegetables.The braised sauce is the marinade of the kebab and the roast meat sauce, and it is also the dipping sauce on the side of the plate.Season the creamy peanut butter with a chili sauce, chili or crushed red pepper slice, and dip it on a skewer or on one side.
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