what’s hot, what’s trending and what’s a must this summer? we reveal the must-haves to look cool in the heat - stainless steel natural gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-26
what’s hot, what’s trending and what’s a must this summer? we reveal the must-haves to look cool in the heat  -  stainless steel natural gas grill
When we bring you the hottest essentials of the season, it's summer's favorite --haves.
Novelty newbies like Minidrone and BBQ Toolbox proved to be very interesting --tasies.
When grapefruit and avocado are inflated, men classify the buoy.
But it's also a trend as a geek.
The revival of fashion has also appeared.
Wearing men's espadrilles, a bikini in his 80 s, and even a tramp bag --trend.
Jenny Francis shows here the hot summer list of the Sun
You need the final guide to make sure everything you are considered cool this summer.
The beer is fruity and grapefruit is the first choice for most beers.
Invest in a box of citrus-
Bring the injected things to the barbecue and become the coolest drinker in your partner.
It is considered a juicy, sour and delicious refreshing agent.
Amazing rock high silk grapefruit for 2.
50 per can, magic-rockbrewing. com.
Eyebrows have never gotten bigger-literally, in terms of beauty trends.
In a trend called micro-blading, women are rushing to the salon to prepare them for a beach break.
This is a half.
Permanent tattoos-meaning that no sweat or sea water can get in the way of women and eyebrows.
It was very popular and even had a waiting list in the salon.
The price starts at £ 20.
Life without a straw is terrible-so pack a bottle with a built-in straw.
Carrying water bottles with you is now an identity symbol in this fitness event --forward world.
In order to really make waves on the hydration shares, attach your straw.
Camelbak water bottle with personalized name, £ 15. 91, Etsy. com.
The most practical fashion items of the season leave all your troubles behind.
The Tramp bag is backed-minus the tie-dyed T-
Shirt and back
Fortunately, in the face of the baseball cap, it was once teamed up at the age of 80 and 90.
Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ola are celebrities posing in bags on the beach.
Whether you're wearing a bikini or a pair of overalls, it's clear you're not wrong with the trend.
You can also use Sainsbury's gold pineapple Bumbag, pound.
Calvin's star-
Studded's fifth album, Funk Wav bounce volume.
1, set to the main content of the summer playlist.
His new single, feel, features Farrell Williams, Katie Perry and Sean, and is a hit in the summer.
Does it look like a barbecue in a classic metal toolbox? That’s smoking!
This is the perfect gift for the man in your life.
It shows a warm rack and storage tray, as well as an area of 8in by 15 Stainless Steel Grill.
So this summer, don't let Mr. Fixit play the role of a wrench at work-take him outside, open the BBQ Toolbox, £ 49.
I want those. com.
Men are fighting sweaty feet with cool pads.
Choose to weave extra style points or choose a casual canvas.
Try the above, 39. 99, Zara.
Rule the sky of the local park with this ultimate gadget.
Drones have come a long way and are now cheaper and easier to fly than ever before.
Parrot swing mini (£99. 99, Argos)
Make the flight simple and clear by self-driving and vertical takeoff
Off and Landing mode.
Slogan T-shirts are popular and sold-
The success of this time proves this.
Merci Mon Cheri T in Topshop-
The shirt has been sold out twice and some eBayers have paid double for one.
Fashion blog likes it.
Paired with jeans, skirts, shorts and even on a bikini as a replacement for Kafka.
The top of £ 15 is currently back in stock, so move quickly.
Retro reading will be magical this summer.
All cool kids all over again
Read the Harry Potter series to mark the 20 th anniversary of his magical world.
So, take out your old book of the magic phenomenon-Harry Potter's book is an accessory that you can see on the beach.
You won't be in the frame this summer unless you swing the mirror tone.
From Los Angeles actor Ryan Gosling's pilot to supermodel Gigi Hadid's oversized glasses, celebrities seem to be only interested in reflective glasses.
But you don't need to look sharp yourself or dig deep to pack a pair.
Designer's favorite high street replicas are everywhere.
It tastes like grass, so it's a good job that you no longer need to get paid off with a highly praised matcha.
Now matcha powder is in nail polish.
In addition to almond oil, this antioxidant
The rich moisture booster provides nail health and protection.
This is the soft tone that is popular this summer.
Nailsinc Sweet Almond made of matcha polish, £ 15.
Elvis kuiff is back-meaning it will return to glory for the boys' hairstyles.
All the boys on the island of love swing a big quiet on top of their heads, with short back and sides.
It seems that people can't help but fall in love with the hair of the rock hero.
So pick up some sleek styling products and get the engraving. LET your pool-
Pear side shape
Shape in a good way. The blow-
Avocado is the latest must-have product
Last year's flamingos were given inflatable gifts.
Their toys. . .
Avocado inflatable mouth, £ 24. 99, Asos.
Young people in their 80 s have been filtered out of your wardrobe and swimsuit drawer.
Pay attention to high-
Cut leg design favored by Ms Love Island.
Loud patterns are also making a comeback.
Or to get to know this trend more safely, you can choose interesting, contrasting colors like this Topshop style, £ 28.
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