What's on this weekend? - charcoal barbecues for sale

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What\'s on this weekend?  -  charcoal barbecues for sale
Whether it's an indoor activity you're looking for or an activity with a little fresh air, there's always something you need to do.What's this weekend?Who knows?Simon Wilton!Whether it's an indoor activity you're looking for or an activity with a little fresh air, there's always something you need to do.Note: This clip is in-Air at about 8.Saturday and 10 am 50.Five o'clock A.M. on Sunday and updated online on Friday afternoon.All of Simon's letters should be: Simon @ yours.abc.net.Au SATURDAY 15 October FESTIVALS/food South American carnivores: On SATURDAY, October 15, the South American food festival will be held in Fairfield, including a variety of delicious meats, sausages, and of course sweets such as dulce de.There are a lot of bread and cakes.Time and Place: from eleven o'clock A.M. to 2 on Saturday, October 15, Fairfield Spencer Street.00 pm.Horns high school market day: there is a special market day on Saturday at the Luke Anglican Church in High School in horns, toys, plants, kitchenware, furniture for books, jewelry, honey, biscuits and knitted items.Barbecue, tea and coffee are also available.Time and Place: St. Luke's Anglican Church, 155 Galston Road, Hornes, Saturday, October 15.00 am to 1.00 pm.Granny Smith's day: in Eastwood on Saturday, Grandma Smith's day starts at 9.00 am to 8.00 pm.This is to celebrate Maria Anna Smith, who accidentally planted green apples in her backyard.There are family concerts, fireworks shows, children's stage, big parades and a variety of entertainment.Time and Place: Saturday, October 15.00 till 8.At zero o'clock P.M. in the area around Rowe Street, Glen Street, Lakeside Road in Eastwood.As part of the Granny Smith festival, there is a table tennis test: Bennelong International Table Tennis Test match between Australia and South Korea will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 15, on Kent Road, North RyderRegional primary schools, including Eastwood Heights, Eastwood Primary and Epping Primary, will also demonstrate their skills.Time and Place: ELS Hall, North Ryder Kent Road, 14 and October 15.Local Harvest Rockdale City Council: from eleven o'clock A.M. to 12 on Saturday, October 15, Stotts Reserve Bexley North of Slade Road, from one o'clock P.M. on Sunday, October 16, to take a walk and talk to bush tucker, thurd Frost Hall, 7 Hawthorne Street, Sunday, October 30, from eleven o'clock A.M. to 12, Ramsgate and local bees in the honey workshop.30 in Syd Frost Hall, 7 Hawthorne Street, Ramsgate.Rescue dog day: in Brookville on Saturday, you can see rescue dogs from various rescue groups.The dog is ready to go home now!There will be delegates from the dog training center and information about animal treatment.Time and Place: Pet barn in Brookville, 60 Wimbledon Road, Brookville, Saturday, October 15.2011 Sarcochilus Orchid Show: The sarcochilus orchid show is hosted by the Blue Mountains and Penrith Regional Orchid Association on Saturday, October 15.Tickets for $2/$1 will sell a large number of orchids.Time and Place: Saturday, October 15.00 til 5.Zero o'clock P.M. and Sunday, October 16.00 till 4.At zero o'clock P.M. in the afternoon, the Girls Guide Hall at the corner of the West Highway and Nepean Street, Emu Plains plain.Cycling activities: Enjoy Family Bike Day at Royal National Park on 15 and October 16, where there will be demonstrations, bike maintenance and bike skills workshops.The Glenrock State reserve will open a world-class mountain bike track.Kanagra Boyd National Park will have bike riding and games, and there will be a lot of fun riding bicycles in Lane Cove National Park.Time and Place: near Sydney on October 15 and 16.2011 Spring Expo of the Indonesian Association of Australia: at the Indonesian home in Rose Bay, celebrate the Indonesian Spring Expo through Bali dance, gamelan music show and display and sale of Indonesian clothing and jewelry.There are also many kinds of food in Indonesia.Time and Place: Saturday, October 15.00 am till 4.Zero o'clock P.M. Indonesia Building, 25 Kent Road, Rose Bay.Australian llama breeder show and weekend fair: you can find everything about llama at Sydney Olympic Park this weekend.Details on www.alpaca.asn.au.Sydney exhibition hall Sydney Olympic Park.Saturday and Sunday, 16 and October 15.Art and Art: Have you seen tsunami 1, 24 metres wide?26 "Is this the work of the artist Janet Steinman hanging above the city hall?It is made of a rope 15 times heavier than steel and knotted to withstand the wind.Location and time: until George Street, City Hall, October 23.Also take a look at the art hanging in Hyde Park Art and About: at Hyde Park take a look at the pavilion made of recycled wood pallets built by Liane rosler and Heidi Dokuli.Public art projects and work shops will be held in the pavilion.Location and time: now at Hyde Park on Sunday, October 23.No Cold feet: come and see the amazing show (free!Arranged by Tess de Quincy.It's part of the arts and festivals, performing Saturday night at Cook and Phillip Park.About 40 minutes, from the steps of St. Mary's Cathedral, across the surrounding area.Performers include Peter Fraser, Linda Luke, Vicky Van Hort, Victoria Hunter, and Mark Hill.Albert Baldwin's costumeTime and Place: Cook and Philip Park St Mary's Cathedral front yard, October 15, pmART Richmond School of Art: Celebrating the 150 th anniversary of the College of Literature: The Exhibition on October 16 will be held at the Richmond School of Art, the historical literature there dates back to the history of the Richmond School of Art.Free entry.Time and Place: Richmond School of Art, Richmond, Richmond Street, Cnr and West.From 11 on October 14, 15 and 16.00 to 4.00 pm.What is the face?Portrait photography: at the New South Wales Art Museum, 45 face photos from studio portraits to more modern works were exhibited.The exhibition includes Dupain, the largest photographer, olive, Ben Moui, Darren Sylvester and more.Free.Location and time: now at Art Gallery in New South Wales, domain name.Menai's Art Exhibition: The free art exhibition, which raised funds for Sutherland Hospital, now displays 180 paintings by 90 local artists as of Sunday, October 23, 2011.Art is on sale, and Raffles is also available at Sutherland Hospital to raise money.When and where: 152 in the Menai market-194 alliance New Moon, Menai now until nine o'clock A.M. on Sunday, October 23-5.Zero o'clock P.M. on the 10 th and Thursday night.00am -4.00pm.The annual Primavera exhibition at the powder 2011 Museum of Contemporary Art is being held in the Rock area, and if you look at some of the lanes around the Rock area, you can see the works of Australian artists throughout the street.Time and Place: now in the rock area by November 13.On Sunday, October 16, nine young musicians from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra will hold a series of indoor solos as part of the Primavera exhibition.The performance will be held at 1: 00 on Sunday, October 16.Zero o'clock P.M. again at 3.Zero o'clock P.M. at Cleland Bond Store, 33 Playfair Street, rocks.Slot Gallery -Tracy Loff: the slot Gallery at the corner of Henderson Road in Alexandria exhibits the work of artist Tracy Loff.Time and Place: Now until October 30, in the window at 38 Botanical Garden Road, Alexandria.German Modern Art 1910-crazy Square1937: The exhibition lasted until November 6 and October 19.As part of the "Art after work" series, hotel performer Verushka Darling will attend a lecture on urban art.Location and time: the New South Wales art gallery before November 6 and the celebrity speech on Wednesday, October 19.Hazurst regional gallery and art center: the hazurst art gallery, "prints of Griffith studios", exhibits two new exhibitions, the artist Pamela Griffith and enniskelenRecent work by David RankinTime and Place: free from now until November 27.Kingsway giomei ahazurst Regional Gallery.Sydney Art Exhibition: Darling Harbour Exhibition Center.Are they Photos?Meet with the artist and watch the sculptures, recycled artwork from the demos and workshops.Time & Place: October 14-16 Sydney Darling Harbor Conference Center Hall 3 10-4.30pm $16/$11 Way to Treat a Lady: the darlinhurst Theater Company presents a film directed by Stephen Colliers, Jason Lanley, Philip laujulie O'Reilly, and Katrina retarik.Craig lenshaw's Music Guide.This is a musical comedy thriller about the 70-year-old serial killer and the police who want to track him.Every victim had a red lipstick kiss on his forehead.Phone card for the murdererTickets: $37/$32/$27.Preview this weekend.Open on Tuesday, October 18 until November 13.Tuesday to Saturday at 8Zero o'clock P.M., Friday, Sunday.Zero o'clock P.M., matinee: 3: 00 on October 29, 5 and November 12.00 pm.Time and Place: darlinhurst Theatre, 19 Greenway Avenue, Potts Point.Howard Buck's drama JudithSeparation from the bodyDirected by Cathy Hunt and stars Luisa Hastings Edge, Anna Houston and Benedict Samuel.This is speculation about Judith.Love the history of the enemy.Tickets $33/25/21.Booking volume 8019 0282Time and Place: preview this weekend and October 18-11-6 seasons at Bondi Beach Queen Elizabeth Avenue Bondi Pavilion 1 class Bondi Pavilion Theatre.Loot: British playwright Joe Orton's play "loot" tells the story of Hal and Dennis trying to rob a bank next door to Dennis's job (in a funeral home )!).But where did they hide the robbery money?How to get into the coffin of Hal's mother who just died?Hal and Dennis tried to stop local police from finding out what was going on.The loot is starring Caroline Craig, Darren gilshennan, Robin gozworthy, Lee Jones, Josh mcconwell and William Zappa.This is a 2-Act game for 2 hours, including the interval.Opera Theater Sydney.Until October 23.Summer of doll 17: Ray Lawler's drama is directed by Neil amfeld and designed by Ralph Myers.Starring Robin Nevin, Suzy Potter, Yar Stone, Helen Thomson, Dan Huili, Steve Marquis and TJ Power.An Australian classic about a group of people who refuse to grow old and realize that their dreams are different from everyday reality.Barney and Luo have come down from Queensland for 17 consecutive summers and spent time with Luo's sweetheart, olive --He is looking forward to having 5 months of the year and she will spend it with him when he finishes cutting sugar cane.This year is a different year.Barney's girl, Nancy, has left to get married and is not happy with that 5-month temporary life.Olive's friend Pearl, the widow and mother of Vera, was brought in as a replacement for Nance, but Pearl could see through Olive's daydream that little peas and Barney would not be part of it.The show explores the power of friendship between Barney and Luo, and how pride and little jealousy ruin friendship.These people are getting older and do not want to face their own lives.Emma, played by the old host of the host family, Robin Nevin, is the only one to see this.A great cast and a great set with a window overlooking the street outside for the breeze to blow, probably to remind the outside that the characters are letting them pass.The play took less than three hours.96993 4444 tickets.It is now at eight o'clock P.M. (Tuesday 6.Until November 13, Belvo street theater, 25 Belvo Street.Lucky: Created by Ferenc Alexander Zavros, directed by Sama Ky Balson, a physical drama featuring Aboriginal actors, the Vietnamese and Spanish backgrounds tell the story of a person trying to escape their country through a human smugglers and come to Australia.Ticket $30/25 for 1300 306 776 or door.Time and Place: from now until 8: 00 on Tuesday to Saturday, October 22.Zero o'clock P.M., Friday, Sunday.00 pm.New theater, 542 King Street, New Town.There was a special event Post presentation Forum on Sunday, Speaker John Hill (Sri Lankan Tamil refugees from Glebe), lølin (Vietnamese refugees from Castle Hill), Dianne Hiles (children detained by immigrants) and Lucy Morgan from the Australian Refugee Council.Ferenc Alexander Zavaros, the playwright who came to the Netherlands from Sydney, will also join the forum with director and producer Sama Ky Balson and lucky actors.Zero o'clock P.M. showSlow Boat to China: This is a musical on a ferry, traveling under the harbor bridge across the port, back to Walsh Bay, while watching stories about port history through song and dance.On MV Mulgi you will hear the story about Billy Blue, a prisoner who was released, at the age of 70, it started its first ferry service across the harbor, Kate Lee and Tilly Devin.Tickets for $137/117 include free drinks for dinner and arrival.1300 793 008.Time and Place: from now until December 4.From Wednesday to Friday07:30 Sunday.30.Passengers boarded the boat from MV Mulgi at Walsh Bay pier, Hickson Road, Miller point.Wild Women in Comedy: Watch the "wild women in comedy" show at Paddington RSL on Saturday, October 15, the start of a national tour.There are Sarah Levitt, BEF Kirik, Amanda Gray, and Cher.Tickets $30.Time and Place: Saturday, October 15, RSL Paddington, Oxford Street, Paddington.00 pm.Ashes of these years: Belinda bromilo starred with Tony luelin Jones and Nathan Lovejoy in Jane Bodi's ashes of these years,Time and Place: 7 th from Monday to Saturday, now to November 19.Saturday Sunday 2 zero o'clock P.M.00 pm.Venue: stable Theatre, King's Cross Nimrod Street.Opera Giovanni: Mozart's classic opera about the real bad guys in the opera worldDon Giovanni is the ultimate temptation to finally get the punishment.Teddy Tahu Rhodes plays Don in a very tight black leather shorts and is soon replaced by some very tight black leather pants.His black boots were not worn most of the time.Vikelle Durkin is a fantastic Donna Anna and Jacqueline darkness is a very long lasting Dona Elvera.Taryn Fiebig is another potential conquest of Don by Zerlina, and Conal Coad plays his associate and frustrated servant Leporello.Although Don Giovanni is such an evil man, watching the spectacular singing of the actors is an interesting opera.Presided over by Mark wiggesworth, played by Henry Choo as Don otaveo, Daniel sumeiji as a Communist, and Andrew Jones as Masto.The opera time is about 3 hours, 20 minutes apart.Time and Place: now at the Sydney Opera House, at 7: 00 in the evening.There are 30 games on Saturday.Exhibition sound resources: the artistic installation of Sydney sound designer Jos Mulder, studying the theme of mining and its impact.Research Gallery at Sydney University of Science and Technology.Time and Place: Monday, October 28, 2011 to Friday, 10 th.00am to 5pm.The University of Science and Technology, Sydney, Grade 4 College of Design Architecture and architecture.Features of the Cross: people and places of the past and present: This is a photography exhibition with the theme of "the character of the Cross.Major, student and nonProfessional photographers have entered and the exhibition is held at Mercure Sydney Potts Point hotel.There will be a free storytelling event on Sunday, October 16, 2011Five o'clock P.M. was with Mandy Seye and playwright Louis Novala.Time and Location: Sydney Potts angle Mercure Hotel Potts angle Victoria Street 226, reception area now to October 24 October 16 Sunday story.Stack poem 40 days: at the customs building, a new exhibition will start at the customs building to present the poems submitted by the public, which, as part of a poetry gathering attempt, is being asked to respond to a poem.These are collected at the Red House Company.Org.The highlights of poetry are shown in the exhibition, and Tasman Munro presents a pop-up book on animation.Free.Time and place: on Sunday, October 16, customs building, 31 Alfred Street, Circular Quay.Beauty of Nature: The Art of the Scott sisters: at the Australian Museum, this exhibition shows the paintings of Harriet and Helena Scott.They live in the middle and late 1800 s and are talented natural history artists.This is the first time the Australian Museum has shown their materials, including watercolors, handwritten manuscripts, sketches and letters, and is a scientific resource for the museum.Time and Place: Australian Museum on University Street from now until November 27.Wiggs exhibition: Watch the Wiggs exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, an interactive exhibition of theme space and a large amount of color coordination.Children have activities to learn and play, have the opportunity to sit in a big red car, make fruit salad, wake Jeff up, make a rose for Dorothy and be part of the pirate team.The exhibition tracks the formation of wikis and their global success.The ticket, as part of the general ticket for the factory museum, costs $10/$5 and the concession is $6.Time and Place: Plant Museum, 500 Harris Street, Sydney.Craftsmen in the garden: this is an exhibition of art and sculpture in the botanical garden with free admission.Curated by Peta Rattray, the exhibition features exquisite personal items, as well as homemade cakes, tea and coffee.All works for sale.Time and Place: closed from four o'clock P.M. to 11 on Sunday, October 16, Royal Botanic Gardens Lady Macquarie Road Lion Gate Cottage and cottage garden.Eating History Exhibition: in a special exhibition, look at how cooking and eating have changed over the years, with special attention to the trends in Australian cooking and food preparation.Time and Place: Now until February, at the Bowen Library in Maroubra, Maroubra, 669 to 673 Anzac Parade.Children's activities King Arthur's exploration: Marianne street theater presents "King Arthur's exploration" for young people "-The play for the children tells the story of a little boy Arthur. After reading the story of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table, he was inspired to make his own round table and start his own adventure.$22/$18, $4 68 family.Bookings 1300 306 776Time and Place: Now until Saturday, October 26.Saturdays at 1.Zero o'clock P.M. every day and during school holidays30 and 1.Zero o'clock P.M. in the afternoon, Marina Street Theater, 2 Marina Street, Kilara.Snow White & pirate adventure: Sally Redman's Snow White & pirate adventure will perform at the satherland Memorial Art Theater in satherland on the last weekend of the school holiday and the following weekend.This is a musical. The price is $15/$10.Booking volume 8230 0668Location and time: satherland Memorial Art Theatre, East Parade, satherland, Saturday and Sunday, 10: 00 on October 16 and 15.00 am and 2.00 pm.Sydney Symphony OrchestraDvorak: Mark wiggsworth will direct the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on Saturday, October 15.At zero o'clock P.M. in the afternoon, at a concert called the New World Symphony of Dvorak: New Horizons.Tickets are available at 9250 7777 from $35.Sydney Opera Hall, Saturday, October 15.00 pm.Virna Sanzone: Singer Virna Sanzone will perform at the Audio Lounge at Seymour Center on Saturday night, Matt McMahon perform on the piano and Ben vappel perform on the bassTime and place: on Saturday, October 15, the Sound Lounge at the center of Seymour on Cnr City Road and Cleveland Street.30.Balmanbush family dance: last month, the balmanbush music club family bush dance was held at 8: 00 on Saturday night.00 pm.The band performance is urban scrub and dinner is served in comfortable shoes.Time and Location: October 15 Saturday Balmain 9642 750 Terry Street 25, Sydney College Rozelle campus.00 pm.Clave Contra Latin band competition: on Saturday night, in the round hall, there is a series of great Latin bands performing as part of the Latin band competition, and the final will be held in Sydney on November 5.Details of clavecontract Ave.com.Time and Place: Saturday, 15 th, 8 th.Zero o'clock P.M. in Roundhouse.OCTOBER Garden and Garden Festival on Sunday: leave Sydney for the Garden Festival this weekend.The eight local gardens will be open and you can walk to many of them, or some are only a short drive away in the Melu Meadows or the bloton Valley.Buy a pass for all Gardens for $20, or a pass for a personal garden for $5, and sell tickets at Apex Park.Children under the age of 15 are free.www.berrygardens.org.au.Time and place: this weekend, Berry, October 16 and 15.Illawarra local Orchid Association: The last local orchid show this year is on Saturday and Sunday this weekend in Wollongong.There will be a large display of the local orchids, which will be sold, as well as pineapple and meat plants.Time and Place: Old Court building, Cliff Road, wollonggang, Saturday, October 16 and Sunday.00 till 4.00 pm.Traditional Rose Festival at Parramatta Park on Sunday, October 16: RAMSI Rose Garden.Take a look at the beautiful roses in full bloom at Parramatta Park and talk to the gardening experts.Stalls with garden plants, books and garden-related items are available.Beekeepers of the Parramatta amateur beekeepers association will sell honey and bees will candle.Music from the Valley Temple trio and tree planting activities for children.Time and Place: from four o'clock P.M. to 11 on Sunday, October 16, Ramu West Road Garden, Parramatta Park.Golden corpal Rose Bay School Spring Fair: On Sunday, October, The Golden corpal Rose Bay Spring Fair will be held, when old-fashioned auto shows, wine auctions, market stalls, bands battle with Sneaky Sound systems!There are a lot of children's activities, including fun parks and old-fashioned country games.Time and Place: Sunday, October 16, 10.Zero o'clock A.M. Rose Bay New South Head Road section pal Rose Bay.Hazurst Print Festival: October 16, enjoy a fun event at the hazurst art gallery for the Print Festival.You can learn stamping and printing skills.Workshops will be held for children between the ages of 8 and 13, and adult workshops for beginners, including the launch of Florence: a film on the life of Florence Broadhurst, guided tours and talks with artists Pamela Griffiths and David Rankin on their new exhibition.Time and Place: from five o'clock P.M. to 11: 30 on Sunday, October 16, the hazurst Regional Gallery and Art Center, Kingsway Gymea.Sydney Opera House open day: On Sunday, October 16, visit the backstage behind the scenes of the Opera House.You can take a look in the dressing room, take a look at the set of the show Kursk, take a look at the Australian Opera House, the Australian Ballet Collection, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra exhibits, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and more.The Sydney Opera House has special discount coupons for the day.com/openday.When and where: Sunday, October 16-4pm.Concorde Carnival: this weekend, on the Majors Bay Road on Concorde, you may find some prehistoric creatures wandering around.This is part of the Earth Dinosaur Zoo with interactive reptile displays, but there are also very large dinosaurs!There will be 3 interactive shows throughout the day where you can help feed and take care of dinosaurs.There are entertainment activities on different stages, including the Zumba performance at three o'clock P.M.00 o'clock.There are many food stalls.Time and Place: Sunday, October 16.00 to 4.Concorde, Meijie Bay Road, zero o'clock P.M.Ride fun bike days for holiday families in pilmont's pilama Park, Sydney.Take part in the fun of family fun bike day on Sunday, October 16.Interactive children's tents, free bike mechanics, bike fashion parades, touring performers, market stalls and music are the first choice for children's activities.Time and Place: Pyrmont pimama Park on Sunday, October 16.30 to 3.00 pm.Festival/gourmet World Food Day: Sunday, October 16 is World Food Day and there will be a huge sculpture of the Harbour Bridge in Campbell Bay to raise awareness.The bridge will be made of food donated by various companies and will then be distributed to welfare agencies, which will distribute food to those who need it most.Time and Place: Campbell Bay, Rock area, Sunday, October 16.Crow's Nest Festival: The annual Crow's Nest food and performance festival will be held on Sunday, October 16.00 till 5.00 pm.There will be wine tastings, artist performances and dance groups.Time and Place: The crow nests on Willoughby Road from October 16.00 till 5.00 pm.Mamre House Food, Wine Festival: Sunday, October 16, at Mamre House, 181 Mamore Road, Orchid Mountain, join in community activities craft and entertainment with food and wine for only $3 per person, free for children.Time and Place: Sunday, October 16.30 am to 3.181 Mamre Road, Orchid Hill.Muji wine and food fair in Manley: On Sunday, October 16, Manley's St. Patrick's estate will showcase wines and produce from Muji and its surrounding areas.Tasting Package from $15.00.Here you can sample some winemakers and local cheeses, nuts and olives.Free admission and parking for $5.00 per vehicle.There is a free shuttle bus from Manly Corso to the fair.Time and Place: from ten o'clock A.M. to five o'clock P.M. on October 16, 151 dardarley Road.Taronga Food Festival: at the zoo this weekend, you can see a demonstration of homemade bread and cooking and learn all about sustainable food.www.tarongacentre.com.au.Time and Place: from three o'clock P.M. to nine o'clock P.M. on October 15 and 16, Taronga Zoo.Performance of professional drama reading for flowers: The Australian drama "mission of flowers" written by Gerry Greenland will be read by actor Forum and directed by Lyndon Wilkinson.Starting on Sunday, October 16, it will be submitted over 4 weekends.Zero o'clock P.M. at the waaverley Library Theatre, waaverley Library, waaverley/Bondi juncart11 Portia Geach Memorial Award: at the SH Ervin Gallery, there are more than 50 outstanding portraits of men and women in the arts, literature and science, the works represent 2011 Portia Geach finalists.This is the portrait award for contemporary Australian female artists.Tickets are $7/$5.Location and time: from now until November 6, at the SH Ervin Gallery, Watson Road, astronomical Taishan.Watson Road, Taishan, rock astronomy.A wonderful exhibition of "for sale" is on display at the State Library.Learn how the first fleet built stores in the early colonial Sydney market, and when you walk around the CBD block kings, markets and Pitt, the tradition of "doing blocks --Take a look at the development of certain stores, modern shopping centers and their location in Sydney.Time and Place: from now until October 30, at Macquarie Street State Library.Conservatory of Music: the College Choir and Orchestra featuring the male neutral David Yin will perform in the Sir John Clancy Auditorium on Sunday evening, October 16.The show features works by Vaughan Williams and Lauridson.Tickets are $22/$19/$16.Booking volume 9385 4874Time and place: at five o'clock P.M. on Sunday, October 16, Sir John Clancy Auditorium, New South Wales University, Kensington.Get Back -On the afternoon of Sunday, October 16, Lennon and McCartney's song collection "a one-time show" by song and dance performance artists Melissa Landon, Libby ODonovan and Mark JonesTickets are $29, with a reservation of 8256 2222.Time and Place: City Recital Hall Angel Square on Sunday, October 16.00 pm.Sir pines band: on the Old North Road in Dillar, the Zenith quintet jazz band will have a wonderful jazz concert on Sunday afternoon.You can visit the historic house built around 1850s, where there will be food and refreshments.A home pass is $12/$10 and $25.Booking volume 9651 4411Time and Place: Sunday, October 16.30 to 4.House around zero o'clock P.M., 656A Old North Road, Dural.Next week, the Australian Museum will host a Halloween party on Friday, October 28.It's a night for kids and families and you'll hear weird stories with live animal encounters, trick or treat in museums and watch Halloween movies.Includes light dinners, desserts and pranks or treats, as well as other animal encounters and horrible activities!This is a brave child between the ages of 5 and 12, you should bring the torch and wear the clothes.Up to 4 children can be raised by adults.$95-$65.Reservations for Australian museums.net.au/9320 6181.Time and Place: Friday, October 28.30 to 9.30 Australian museum College Street.Celebrate the Royal National Park-Back to Audley: On Sunday, November 27, the historic Audley ballroom will be open to the public after last year's restoration and renovation.Family-centric activities will be available, including market and food stalls, Children's Discovery activities, exhibition workshops at Bundeena art trail, and local entertainment.You can rent boats, canoes, water bikes and mountain boats from Audley boat shed.Parking is limited and the entrance fee to the vehicle is limited, so you can also take the bus from Sutherland, Lofters, Bond na and maanbar.Time and Place: Sunday, November 27.00 till 3.Audley National Park zero o'clock P.M.No. 35 Hawkesbury Classic paddle: as part of No. 35 Hawkesbury Classic paddle, take part in the 111-kilometer all-night paddle from Windsor to Brooklyn.There will be more than 500 padd hands, which will begin on Saturday, October 22 at Windsor Castle at Macquarie Park by the river at 4.00 pm to 6.Completed in Brooklyn at zero o'clock P.M., the dilubin reserve on the west side of Newcastle highway bridge.$80 per person and $200 minimum.0418 863 950 or kayak.asn.au.Time and Place: Saturday, October 22From Windsor Macquarie Park by the river at six o'clock P.M.Night market: one of the highlights of the hungry Sydney Food Festival is the night market in North Hyde Park on October 21.There are many stalls and a wide variety of Asian cuisine. it is perfect for families or after-hours parties.Time and place: North Hyde Park, October 17-21.00 till 9.30 pm.Children's activities Children's Day at the twin Bay Library: the annual Children's Day event at Blackburn garden between the woolahera Committee and the twin Bay Library will take place on October 23.Drum workshops, arts and crafts activities, jumping floors, barbecues and library activities will be held here.Time and Place: October 23, 10-two o'clock P.M., 536-548 xinnantou Road, Shuangwan.Australian fundraising Rainbow Club: a fundraising event for this small charity that holds swimming lessons for children with disabilities will be held at 22 October, the 10 thousand holy day themed ball!0412 504 052 booking, kick off in the tent room in leilifield Le Montage from 7Midnightrainbow_clubaust @ hotmail.com.Orange Grove Public School fundraising event: an outdoor movie night featuring Toy Story 3 will be held on Friday, October 21 at Orange Grove Public School.$10 for adults, $5 for children, $25 for families.This is a non-alcoholic activity.There are kebabs, popcorn, candy, coffee and cakes.Time and Place: Friday, October 21, Public School, Orange Grove, Cnr Balmain Road and Perry Street.The movie starts at 730 in the evening.Chorus Sydney Boys' Choir: Hear the magnificent voice of the Sydney Boys' Choir at the Mingara entertainment club in Tumbi Umbi at a special afternoon concert.Tickets $25/$20 02 4349 7888Time and place: on Sunday, October 23, Tumby umby, mingga Grand Drive and Mingara entertainment club on the corner of uyong Road.00 pm.Talk with Kerry O'Brien: Paul Keating will talk with Kerry O'Brien about the history and more of the local titles on a range of topics.Tickets are $30.Book on swf.org.au.This is the Sydney Writers Festival.Time and Place: Sunday, October 30.At 30 in the afternoon, the City Concert Hall in the city Angel Square.Mitchell trade with books: On Tuesday, October 18, Paul Brenton, senior curator of the Mitchell Library, will study the relationship between the library and the book trade and its history.$25/$20 booking 9273 1414.When and where: 5.30 for 6.Zero o'clock P.M. Dixson Mitchell Library on Macquarie StreetArwa El Masri: On Tuesday, October 18, at the State Library, I heard the author Arwa El Masri talk about her personal memoir, tea with Arwa.Free, no reservation required.Time and Place: Tuesday, October 18.Macquarie Street State Library zero o'clock P.M.Dance "land of Yes and Land of No: the Sydney Dance Company will perform" land of Yes and land of No "arranged by Rafael bonecola.Tickets $75-$40.Time and Place: October 18-10 -august 29, at the Sydney Theatre in Walsh Bay.Film director, writer and actor John Waters will hold a film festival at the Opera House on October 23.There will be a variety of meetings that will include two feature films, each with an introduction from John Waters and a final Q & A session.The first was a "shock" at 7: 00 on Friday, October 21 ".At zero o'clock P.M., the film "irreversible" directed by Gaspar Noe and the "anti-Christ" directed by Lars von Trier.Saturday, October 22, at noon, is the second game of Paul Greengrass's film United 93, about a plane hijacked on September 11 and Cecil B."Crazy" directed by John Waters in 2000.Saturday, October 22Check out Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton at zero o'clock P.M. in the "boom!"Feugo" directed by Joseph Losi and Armando Bo.The last one was at noon on Sunday, October 23, the "zoo" of the film "Dirty Shame" directed by Robinson Devor and John Waters ".Tickets to the opera house are 9250 7777.Time and Place: Sydney Opera House from Friday to Sunday, October 23.Independent gems: The Riverside Theater will screen international films on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23, including the Telegraph, Amale, Central Plaza, necessities of life, "Fall in" and more.Tickets $16/$12 booking 8839 3399Time and Place: Saturday and 23, October 23, at the corner of Parramatta, Riverside Theater, church and Market Street.Musical: The work was staged at the Bellos Theatre on Glen Street in October 30, before traveling to Wollongong and Newcastle.It's about the lives of 4 mothers who all deal with the stress of their mothers in different ways.Directed by Terrance O'Connell, starring Amelia Kristo, Ziggy Clement, Jacqueline Hoy and Rebecca Moore.Tickets are $58/$43.Sam Simmons: The exact history of things: this is a stand-up comedy show at the Enmore factory theater.The show won the best comedy show at Adelaide Edge 2011 and was nominated for Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011 and Edinburgh Edge 2011.Sam Simmons looks at the absurdity of the suburbs.The preview version on October 19 and 18 is $25, starting from October 20 to $32 on November 12.50.Booking volume 9550 3666Time and Place: 7: 00 from Tuesday to Saturday.Wells Box Factory Theater, 105 Victoria Road, emmore, 30 p.m.RU4ME: Anne Byron starred in "RU4 ME" directed by Wayne Harrison, adapted from Andy Jones's "Kiss the frog.This is a female show about a middle-aged woman trying an internet date, hosted by the real Western theater.Tickets are $25/$20.Time and Place: preview on October 20 and 7 on October 21-29.30 pm and 2 Saturday.15 pm.At the corner of the Parramatta Riverside Theater, church and Market Street.From Friday, October 28 to Saturday, November 6, Andrew Lloyd Webb and Tim Rice's musical "Joseph and the amazing technical dream coat" is staged at the Seymour Center.Jason Stephens is Pharaoh and Gary Pinto plays Joseph.Tickets are $40/$35.Time and Place: Friday, October 28-Saturday, November 6, at the corner of Seymour Center, City Road and Cleveland Street.Then there is no: Agatha Christie's mystery of murder, and then there is no "only 10 shows will be staged at Zenith theater in Chatswood ".Given that the "Rat Trap" was sold out in April if you want to, go in now!There was a preview on October 19, which opened on October 20 until October 29.Booking volume 9777 7547$36/$32.At the corner of the Sky top theater, Mackintosh Street and Railway Street, Chatswood.The German opera scholarship concert is held at Verbrugghen Hall, the Sydney Conservatory of Music, and the winner will receive a $43,000 scholarship and will attend the ensemble of the Cologne Opera House in Germany for 12 months.The finalists included Jennifer Barrington, Anna Dowsley, Brian Dwyer, Alison Mampuri, Erika Simmons and Barbara zafros.Tickets: $35/$20.Time and Place: School of Music, Sunday, October 23.Zero o'clock P.M. Macquarie Street.The University of Sydney Symphony Orchestra: On Saturday, October 22, George Ellis will direct the University of Sydney Symphony Orchestra with invited artist Catherine Selby.The show features works by Strauss, Mozart and Schubert.Tickets are $20/$15 and seats are not booked.There will be some tickets available at the door.If you like the music of master Vienna then this is the concert for you!Time and Place: Saturday, October 22.Zero o'clock P.M. University of Sydney City HallAustralian orchestra and Slava Grigoryan: The Australian orchestra will perform at the last concert of the year, and the Australian guitarist Slava Grigoryan will also attend.The show features works by Mozart, hindermet, Matthew Sinderson and Rodrigo.Tickets are available at the door or 9385 4874.Free parking at gate 11 Randwick Botanical Garden Street.Time and Place: Sir John Clancy Auditorium, New South Wales University, Saturday, October 22.00 pm.With Eddie's perfect Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Eddie Perfect will tell the story of German poet Goethe's Egmont, based on the true story of Count Egmont, he defended his faith forbearably, but by the Duke of Alba of the 16 th centuryThe Sydney Symphony Orchestra will play Beethoven's accompanying music in the play as the background for narration.The concert, which was hosted by Richard Gill, also featured soprano Kiandra Howis.Tickets on 8215 4600 or www.sydneysymphony.com.Time and Place: Wednesday and Thursday, October 20.30 pm, implementation on Friday, October 21.Zero o'clock A.M. at the Sydney Opera Hall.Artwooollahra small sculpture award: the prize of the year Woollahra small sculpture will be held from October 22-11 to 6.As part of the sculpture award, there is Children's Day on Sunday, October 23, and free artist lectures at 2: 00 on Saturday, October 22.00 pm.Shortlisted works are on sale.Time and Place: October 22-11 -september 6, 536 xinnantou Road, Shuangwan.
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