- what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
Staten Island is one of the best pizzas in the world.
Now, there is a new place in Dong 'an mountain, it is raising the bar grade, everything there is about dough.
"We know that people will like our pizza, but we get good reviews and keep calling back," said Stephen Licastri . ".
Last month, Li yingacademy's dough opened in a small building near Richmond Road, East mount. Co-
Owner Stephen Licastri is a Staten Islander with a long history.
His grandfather Philip first developed a family dough recipe in the year 00 s, transporting bread in a carriage until he opened his own place in South Beach.
"My grandfather opened the Li Ying Academy bakery in 1919, when we might be the first choice for this bakery," he said . ".
Stephen started working there at the age of seven.
Later, the family opened the original Ciro restaurant in Dongan Mountain.
Stephen also worked there and perfected his skills in the kitchen.
Now he does what he likes in the place he likes, there are some less traditional things on the menu, such as fried pizza, the dough starts from the fryer and is finished in the oven.
Also grilled pizza, start with the oven and finish on the grill.
He said only the freshest ingredients like this Brata cheese were put on it.
Whatever you try, Li should say everything is back in the dough.
"It does take 3 days to make.
"Its proof time is slow, it brings a lot of flavor, and it also brings a lot of crunchy sound and texture," said Licastri . ".
With the help of Stephen, I tested my pizza making skills.
A few minutes later, my first homemade pie was finished.
It was a proud moment for me.
The same is true for Stephen, who now has his place to inherit the family tradition.
If only his grandfather could see him now.
I think he will be very proud, and my father will be very proud.
"There is no restaurant for the dough in Licastri, which is currently mostly carried out and delivered, but they plan to open a deck with outdoor seating in the summer.
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