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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-27
Hot pot has existed for thousands of years and is an indoor barbecue set up in the form of charcoalHot pot, may be the predecessor of hot pot.A beautifully crafted bronze hot pot was found in the ruins of Pompeii, showing that they were in the 1 th century AD.They were highly praised by the Romans at the lavish banquet, which was later mentioned in historical letters of 1520, when the Spanish conqueror, Hernan Cortes, describe to Charles V their rich usage of keeping dishes and dishes warm during their lavish banquet at the height of the Aztec Empire for hundreds of golmandi nobles.
In the 16 th century, Baroque painter Diego Velazquez painted a woman who prepared eggs in hot pot, and Louis XV's kitchen used them to keep the food hot.By the 17 th century, this cooker was recorded in household inventory in the United States.Velasquez's hot pot seems to be pottery, but silver hot pot used as a plate --At the end of the 17 th century, during Queen Anne's reign, heaters were mentioned.
Around the 18 th century, George II had the foresight to put his hand on the hot pot, which must have made life easier for the chefs and dishwashing maids of the time!The Victoria and Albert museums in London show a sparkling copper hot pot with brass fittings dating back to about 1895.Copper is an ideal metal because it is hardWear and heat transfer are uniform when the brass handle remains cool enough to lift and move.In the 1950 s, the hostess trolley was designed.
This is basically a large hot pot (or a series of dishes), placed on wheels surrounded by wood, imitating a piece of furniture.It was thought that it liberated the woman from the kitchen, enabling her to prepare food in advance and keep it warm, while she entertained the guests with her husband.As people's preferences for formal meals decline, and the taste of the food stays on the hot plate for a few hours, these things are quickly out of date!With the popularity of the hostess trolley, the revival of the hot pot has come, and more versatile space --More economical, portable and appealing than the huge wooden layered hearse.
Today, silver hot pot (or at least silver hot pot) is a popular accessory on any table for $15.Your taste is to go to the Fantasia collection in the Princess House or the traditional silver plate, there will be a hot pot outside to match your decoration and taste, making it easier for you to entertain friends to eat
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