what's the best charcoal grill Health Risks Associated with Grilling Food

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what's the best charcoal grill Health Risks Associated with Grilling Food
You might want to pay more attention to what I'm going to tell you.It seems trivial when you eat the extra roast beef liver in ignorance.But you'll be surprised to know how it slowly destroys your cell balance.
In my childhood, my grandma will always prepare her expert advice for me.She talked about things seven people couldn't understand.But I remember them all the time.One day, my mother baked a little more chicken wings.
My grandma threw everything on my plate into the garbage bag.I was sad, but she said I would put my health at risk if I had eaten too much barbecue food.I almost remember her telling me that a black shell could cause cancer.
Barbecue is a cooking method that can bake food without any additional frying agent, such as animal fat or oil.Direct heating is used to cook food from both sides on a grill within a temperature range of 500 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.It is mainly used for barbecue meat, fish, poultry and other foods.
This is one of the most popular cooking methods recommended for weight loss people.No refueling when cooking makes it a favorite for people who like low oilfat food.Legend has it that prehistoric humans learn to eat grilled food for the first time by eating the meat of dead animals in a forest fire.
Baking is a form of barbecue in which the heat source is above the food.âx9e¦ Char-Barbecue is essentially a barbecue that uses coal or charcoal as a heating medium to cook food.Barbecue is a social trend that will soon pop among people, a good idea for a friendly party.
Most of us have been to a barbecue party at least once.Other forms include grid-Kettle-ironingBarbecue, flat-screen barbecue, stove-Baking tray and grill-braising.However, scientists now find that barbecue food can pose a significant risk to your health.
According to the study, over-grilling at high temperatures for a long time changes the chemical composition of the food and produces cancer-causing substancescausing agents.Formation of two compoundsRing amine (HAs) and multi-ring aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which can lead to the development of gastric cancer and colon cancer when eating food they bind.It interferes with the DNA structure of your body and stimulates the production of cancer.
causing cells.
When you grill the food, the only barrier between the heat source and the food is the grill.Over-Heating causes animal fat to melt, dripping from food and melting into a hot medium, which is usually coal.At a temperature of 400 ° f, excessive heat causes the amino acids present in muscle tissue in the meat to be converted into HAs, and hydrocarbons that evaporate due to heat.
This is one of the most catastrophic carcinogens.When smoke rises and attaches to the food, these chemicals are attached to your food.The brown-The black spot is over.Your food contains the barbecue portion of the most HAs and PAH.
However, the formation of HAs was observed in protein foods such as meat.These mutagen-induced heart disease, a degenerative heart disease with tissue inflammation and destruction, is actually an aging disease.However, scientists are still investigating to confirm this observation of human beings.
In fact, people with the highest consumption of barbecue also have a higher incidence of pancreatic diseases, liver, breast cancer and rectal cancer.Even if you are not eating, but cooking, the smoke contains chemicals and it is easy to get into your respiratory system.But I also have to add that it's only harmful when it's been done for a few days and not just hours.
Although beef is much more fat than chicken, it is deepFried Beef contains less HAs and PAH compared to roast chicken.Since it is still safe to eat barbecue food, you don't have to be afraid of barbecue.After all, this is just the first cooking method humans have discovered-a change in baking.
However, in order to avoid the health risks caused by the barbecue, you can practice some safe barbecue techniques.Choose lean meat and healthy cuts for your barbecue.Low fat helps reduce the dripping of animal fat on coal, thus minimizing the development of carcinogens.
Don't grill meat for a long time.
Reduce the amount of meat.
Always clean after cooking equipmentBarbecue immediately to prevent bacteria from breeding on it.Don't consume too much food.Even if the food is not meat, bake part.There are forms in meat products, but in the process of over-baking, PCBs are formed on various foods.Even your vegetarian kebabs and kebabs are at risk.
If you are using a microwave or oven for a barbecue, please make sure that the warm-up is good, at least 10-Reduce cooking time by 15 minutes.Grilled fish, you can wrap it up with aluminum foil and keep it chemical free.Add antioxidants by marinade with lemon juice or orange juice, vinegar and red wine.
Eat fruit and vegetable salad as side dishesdish.Think about all the greenhouse gases and soot particles generated by the barbecue.It will not only affect your health, it will also mix in the atmosphere of the environment.
The more contact the barbecue has with the flame and smoke, the more carcinogens are on it.You can use a barbecue machine with a filter to block the smoke and prevent the smoke from coming into contact with your food.If it works for you, you can replace the BBQ with avocado and red flower oil as they have a high smoking point.
In addition, reducing the portion size of the burger will be very good health etiquette.As the saying goes, "What you eat is what you become!
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