what's the best charcoal grill How to Grill Corn on the Cob in the Husk

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-09-19
what's the best charcoal grill How to Grill Corn on the Cob in the Husk
Baking corn on a stick in the fruit shell is a great way to cook, where the kernel of the corn spike remains juicy and moist even after the barbecue.The housing prevents kernel exposure and hardening.Grilled corn and corn sticks are two of the summer favorites.
The roasted corn in the grain shell combines these two favorites to form a brilliant hobby and food.This is a very popular barbecue menu.Roast corn not only soothed the guest's taste, but also left a good impression on the guest.People can bake fresh corn on the corn cob during the barbecue, or wrap the corn spike in aluminum foil, or just bake in the grain shell.
Since the burnt remains need to be cleared, barbecues are often considered cumbersome.However, grilling corn on a corn cob is the best way to cook a corn cob.The corn baked with aluminum foil has no burnt remains, however, baking corn in the shell can cause the mouth --Mouth-watering, moist, buttery, smoked corn can be tasted with some simple spices.
The shell seals the moisture inside the core to prevent them from burning and hardening.The corn on the stick is tender and juicy!In order to grill the corn in the Shell, one needs to make sure that the ears of the purchased corn are fresh and have a healthy green shell.Corn ears should not have rotten grains.Also, the stem should exist at the bottom of the shell.
No stems can cause the crust leaves to fall off while pulling them back to prepare for a corn spike barbecue.Therefore, the stem, as the support system of the shell, needs to be considered when purchasing corn.There are a number of ways to bake corn in the grain shell, however, let's take a look at a basic standard method for baking corn with corn sticks in the grain shell.
The first step is to remove dirt and chemicals from the corn by cleaning the ears of the corn.Wash should be done before taking back the outer skin leaves so you don't see chemicals on the corn kernels from the outer skin.After washing, pull the corn skin back gently one by one;leaf by leaf.
Make sure the shell is still attached to the bottom of the stem.Once the leaf of the shell is pushed back, pull all the hanging corn shreds from the end of the ear and discard them.Put the shell back in its original position and discard the excess loose Shell to reduce the amount of ash generated after the barbecue.
In order to provide extra moisture for cooking, corn ears should be soaked in large bowls for at least 30 minutes before the barbecue.Let the ears of corn absorb water.To prevent the ears from floating on the surface, put a small bowl on it.This will put them at the bottom of the bowl.
When corn absorbs water, you can prepare a grill.Place the charcoal evenly on the bottom of the grill and make a pile in the middle heart shape.Pour the charcoal lighter liquid and ignite the charcoal.
Let it burn until the coal ball is slightly gray.The grill is ready for cooking when this happens, so you can place the cooking grate on the grill.Remove the ears of corn from the water and let the excess water out.
Brush the kernel with olive oil and add a mixture of onions, garlic, nutmeg, salt and black pepper.You can also add basil, oregano, coriander and other herbs to the mixture to season.Put the ears of corn on the grill.Place it on the elevated or around the outside, where the direct flame will not be able to restore the shell to charcoal.
The water absorbed by the kernel steamed them from inside.To prevent the shell from peeling off during the barbecue, tie the top of the shell.The easiest way to tie is to wrap around the top of the cob using long Shell leaves (originally discarded.
This will prevent exposure and hardening of corn kernels.Depending on the type of grill used, the frequency of turning corn varies.For a gas grill, one has to turn the ear of the corn every 5 minutes (medium and high heat), but, for a "smoked Joe" grill, it can turn every 10 minutes --15 minutes.
If the rotation is not timely, the corn will burn.When the shell dried and began to appear dark brown and mottled brown, the corn dried.With the help of the tongs, remove the corn from the hot grill.
Peel off the brown crust with a napkin.
The shell falls off easily in one piece.
Apply butter along the core until the whole ear is buttered.In the first few times, it was difficult to understand the perfect time needed for a nice corn barbecue.However, once you bake a few times of corn in the crust, you will have a better judgment on time.
You can try different condiments and combinations such as a mixture of fresh parsley and butter to add flavor to the roasted corn on the shell.I hope this article will have a certain reference and inspiration for corn skin barbecue.Happy grilling!
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