what's the best charcoal grill Ways to Avoid Flare-ups While Grilling

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-09-23
what's the best charcoal grill Ways to Avoid Flare-ups While Grilling
You are making chicken and everything is great and suddenly the grill is on.At this point, most people panic and try to douse it with water or something.Find out what happens when you pour the grill torchWater and then learn how to avoid the torch-The first is ups.
The first surprise.
The water with the torch is not good.
ups!Want to know why the water is not very effective for the grill torchYou need to know how it all happened.You will get an uncontrolled flashIf there is fat directly in contact with the flame source, it will increase.Now, if you try to put it out with water, it hisses, mixes with fat, produces more smoke and makes the whole thing more confusing.
If you try to spray water on it, the grease may start to spread and become thinnerlayered.There will be two ways.It will stop the fire at the moment, but you will get another torch --In the end, or it will only make the fire bigger, with all the hot grease scattered around it.The right way to put out the grill fire is to control it.
.In this way, you can cut off the oxygen of the flame and the flame will stop burning.From the cylinder itself.When you close the lid on the flame, be sure to keep it open without a vent.Now that you know how to stop the grill from catching fire, we will also learn how to prevent possible flashes --up.
Knowing how the problem is caused is the best way to know how to deal with it..I know, the fat makes the meat taste better.I'm just saying reduce the fat content outside the meat and cut off all the excess fat outside the meat.
With a little experience, you can successfully remove the excess fat without getting the cooked meat too dry..Let the whole meat soak in all the marinades it can soak and drain the remaining meat.When you want to use it.Clean up all the old grease dry inside the grill.
Clean surface ensure no flashups.
This needs to be done on a regular basis, because even if you take precautions against fat arriving at the fire site, you will still sprinkle some anyway.Clean the grill in two ways;You avoid future fires and your chicken won't taste like beef!Cleaning up old fat can make sure you don't have this flavor on the current meat you cook.Another way to avoid potential flash(Before you start the grill) put it on one side of the grill and put a pan on the other side.
Cook your meat in the pan, so any excess fat that melts from the meat falls into the pan, not in coal.You can also arrange coal around the pan or on both sides of the pan.In order to avoid burning the grill and burning the food, please always keep a small amount of no coal in the corner of the grill.
So if an unwanted flash occurs-Get up, move the meat to where the coal is not, and cover it.In this way, you can protect the meat and stop the fire.Don't put too much meat on the grill.Always keep some free moving space and let the meat move a little bit.
This also allows you to better arrange the meat and keep the chicken nuggets with more skin on the outside of the grill.If you roast chicken on a roast chicken rack, don't queue up with aluminum foil.While it protects the shelf from Burns, what happens is that the fat that leaks out of the chicken is gathered on the foil folds.
This will cause an explosion.
Once the foil reaches a temperature that is hot enough, or accidentally falls into the flame, it rises.There, you have it, a failure-Make sure you don't receive a safety list of flashes-When you least want it to happen.Always remember that you are playing with fire here and it is worth knowing how to use it properly.
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