when i grow up, i want to wear a bikini at auto shows - grill gas

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
when i grow up, i want to wear a bikini at auto shows  -  grill gas
Fifth grade is the worst thing ever.
At home, my father always told me to turn off the TV.
Then at school, madam.
Cobb always yelled at me and asked me to go back to my desk, or Jeremy Lind made fun of me for the sole falling off my tennis shoes.
Well, when I grow up, they will be very jealous-
When I was handing out leaflets at the auto show, it was beautiful in a bikini.
Everyone in my class wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or something like that stupid.
That's because they're boring.
Or because they know it's not good to wear a bikini.
Well, I hate school. I can't be a university for millions of years.
Since my mom and mom's boyfriend took me to the Bryant County Expo Center, I knew what my dream job was.
I want a job that I can have fun with, like Saleen auto-parts booth.
The women in bikini dance with a smile and everyone is talking to them because they are so charming --
Even people who don't want flyers.
The woman in the pink bikini is my favorite because her swimsuit goes well with high heels.
She brought home my own Saleen Performance Parts and Accessories catalog.
I put it in my backpack and took it out during recess and no one was playing with me.
When I first saw the poster of my brother Keith, I knew I wanted to do something charming and there would be some people there and their only job was to make up for me, bring me a different bikini and tell me how great I look.
Why go to college when I just need to make money?
Of course, I want a lot of bikinis, so I can choose the one that best suits the job.
I'm sure dad will give me some start.
He has always bought me things since he divorced his mother.
I'm not stupid or stupid.
I know I have to try to make a beer poster.
I may have to start with wearing Broken Head shoes and camartop at the county fair and ask people to sign up to win the gas grill.
But before you know, I will distribute the key chain in the stadium parking lot.
From there, the sky is the limit.
I will keep a positive attitude all the time.
I will take pictures with a lot of men and I will smile for all of them.
I don't even mind if a man's attitude towards me is weird, unless he asks me to drop the flyer or unlock my bikini top.
I'm totally going to keep in shape and learn how to walk in high heels once I get my chest.
I talk to people and make them feel special.
I just know that I can let people relax and make them forget to wear a full set of clothes and I'm in a bikini trying to get them to try Bacardi Silver.
I have to be 18 years old to work in a bar which is too bad.
Keith used to date Tammy, the girl who worked as an underwear model in a nightclub.
The man always asks her on a date and tells her how beautiful she is.
She was even escorted to the car every night, like a star.
I know I will work very hard and very professional.
I won't have a drink unless someone pushes me hard.
Even if someone grabbed my ass at the boat show, I would smile and tell him, "That's not for sale.
This is an outboard motor, though.
"When I get sunburned, I will live on the beach and take off my top, just like in a magazine.
I would have a big beach house with a big sound and a volleyball net.
Jeremy Lind will certainly not be invited.
If he shows up, I'll call the police and tell them I'm a bikini promotion girl, Jeremy is a reptile and they put him in jail, until he apologized for putting peanut butter on my hair in the third grade.
I can't wait to make it big.
Everyone in this town will see my poster or my wine
My strength-tool calendar. Mrs.
Cobb will see my picture on the cover of the hot stick monthly and think, "I suspect Cindy is wrong to be a bikini model.
"Well, I hope she doesn't expect me to visit her after I'm successful because I'll be busy doing sports --
Radio promotes and distributes Slammer shooting games in Alabama and even remembers her name.
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