where can i buy a bbq grill 6 Things Chefs Don't Want You to Know About Food Trucks

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-22
where can i buy a bbq grill 6 Things Chefs Don\'t Want You to Know About Food Trucks
The dining car combines the delicious food of the restaurant with the perfect atmosphere of the empty parking lot.No wonder we love them so much.But people can't simply buy a truck, fill it up with food, and then start selling food to wandering drunks.Bureaucracy and occasional knocking is a nightmare.down, drag-out chef-Try to deal with it first.We interviewed Lawrence Fama, a former food truck operator in Los Angeles, and Josh Gatwood, a food truck driver in New York City.They told us that it is not spontaneous to drive a meal car, and that the meal car is still a relatively new industry.Health departments across the country are working to identify appropriate standards.It's hard to say what category the trucks belong to: they are vehicles but also restaurants.This in some way leads to twice as much paperwork as you need.Lawrence told us (Los Angeles), brick-and-The mortar restaurant does not like food trucks for obvious reasons:.Competition, and B.Much less expensive competition.However, food trucks must break through the constraints of regulation, which is not considered by any traditional restaurant.Lawrence explained that the East Coast is not much better.Josh tells us: The Great Food Truck Race has little overlap in the Venn picture of "people who like to cook with trucks" and "people who like to submit a lot of detailed documents."Most dining cars are cleaner than the actual dining cars. Generally speaking, dining carts follow more stringent health guidelines than regular restaurants.Lawrence explained: the inspector can get in and out of the restaurant in 15 minutes and give the restaurant a grade A, but when he goes to the dining car, he will go through a few hours and really want to get things wrongLike "do you put food in your seat ?" Such a question?"It's really insulting to answer..Josh spent more time with the health inspector than he did with his regulars: you may have had some resentment from our channel against those "real" restaurants.We assure you that hatred is two-way: 4 there is a secret war between the restaurant and the food truck, if you are the restaurant owner, wave your fist angrily to the free restaurantThere is an easy way to hit them in the food truck industry: alarm.It's easy to understand why restaurants get angry: Food trucks often stop nearby as it's a good place to brickand-The mortar restaurant is also a great place to deliver food from trucks to passers-.However, potential financial risks are not the only reason for hostility.Food trucks are seen as upstarts that destroy the status quo and break the "rules" of traditional cooking: But this kind of thing is happening all over the United StatesS.The restaurant owner asked the government to come.Josh has his share of running in New York City.With this person: getting kicked out of a place is not a minor inconvenience for Josh.This is a survival threat to his business.It is illegal to operate a food truck from a metering location, that is, "almost every place in New York "."It is a concern that three food truck explosions contain enough flammable materials to make them a tool of war ---Oyster sauce, gasoline, propane, is pulling.All these things need a pre-Run the check so that a 747 appearance slapdash is started.There is good reason to be paranoid about the condition of the propane production line: last year, a food truck was driving by the grill.The same thing happened.Well, you can see the pictures in there.If the operator does not check whether to clean everything and tidy it up before driving, they will find that their mobile restaurant has become.Normal restaurants do not need to check every five minutes to see if there is a propane leak.But a food truck without inspection is a time bomb.So, before you're lazy enough to go for lunch, make sure that the trucks you plan to buy are recently maintained.More than 99% of food truck owners check this sort of thing almost out of religious frenzy, but if you notice a messy kitchen or rusty propane line on the taco truck, you might want to run away from it in slow motion and jump in the last second.Lawrence said that the good position of 2A is really worth fighting.According to Lawrence, most direct competition comes down to fighting between trucks, where food is the same.Diversity is one thing, but if you sell Mexican food, the other two burritos trucks are parked next to you, and in theory they 've just cut your business by 66%.If there is almost the same fare available next door, no one will wait in line.New York has much less space than Los Angeles.A.There is more competition.According to Josh, it means things get worse: 1 you either go to a restaurant or most food truck owners actually buy a truck, as a stepping stone to being hired as a chef or starting your own work --and-Mortar restaurantFood trucks are like a combination of viral marketing campaigns and mobile testing labs.Many new restaurants closed down because of poor location.Starting with a food truck is a great way to know in advance whether a location is highly trafficked, sparsely populated, or haunted by a nasty old man pretending to be a ghost, to keep real estate prices down.But this is the case.-Most food trucks earn only enough to pay their bills.Josh is still going on (only started after winning), but Lawrence has to finish two years later because he barely makes ends meet.He went back to work in someone else's dining car.The trick is to make delicious food that is unique enough to attract people in, but not crazy enough to scare them away.For people on the street, food trucks are a little more convenient and a little cheaper than sitting in a restaurant.But for the people who run them, they are a dangerous gamble and a lottery ticket may make them a hot restaurant and break their credit record forever, or blow up half a city block, and when the propane line that was pitted meets stoner behind the truck, "really get into the burrito area of Mexico.".
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