where can i buy a bbq grill 9 'Smart' Products Clearly Designed For Stupid Rich People

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-21
where can i buy a bbq grill 9 \'Smart\' Products Clearly Designed For Stupid Rich People
For those who are not old enoughThe world of smartphones, carrying microcomputers in our pockets and wrists, has freed humans from the burden of walking around with physical maps, phone books and human secretaries.It's a terrible news for the unemployed little secretary, but for everyone who is trying to read the map or learn the phone number, it's good news.The problem is that once we realize that our phones are great for smartphones, we think everything else can work better on the computer.We were wrong.The 9A robot is just used to clean up your grill, don't you hate destroying the grill to cook some delicious July 4 steaks, you just need to clean the grill when you finish?What's that?You don't hate cleaning the grill because it's really easy to run a 30 second metal brush on the grill?Then say hello and say goodbye immediately.For a manual scraper, clean the grill in less than a minute, you can pay up to $100 on this robot for four hours, then let it go into town for 10 to 30 minutes on your grill, or until the grate becomes completely barbed wire.But you don't have to clean the grill anymore!All you need to do is clean the robot, or, more likely, you forget the robot, leave it to its business and kill it the next time you go to warm up the grill.On the good side, at least you're stupid enough to invest hundreds of dollars on a device that makes a simple task longer and harder.You always have.With a built-in blanketIn the speech, summer is sometime in the year, you can go to the local park, lay a blanket, lie down and enjoy the outdoor beauty, at least before you remember that video games are much better.There's only one thing that can improve these 30-Minute cycle: Blast some disgusting beats directly on both sides of your head.Thank God.Instead of plugging a pair of AA batteries into a blanket and connecting your music player to a blanket, you can plug a pair of headphones into your iPhone and listen to your favorite tunes privately, force everyone around you to suffer in the playlist you created for this occasion.Hopefully the family next to you won't have the exact same blanket.If they do, Amazon's comments indicate that one of you won't listen too long because the speaker-in-Blanket Technology is not great, your speakers may break before the picnic basket is turned on.A diaper that tells your phone when to recover until now, the only way you can tell you if your child messed up the diaper is to do anything ---Listen to the baby cry, check the color-Change a part of the diaper or approach to see if your child smells like the flesh made by the dark prince Satan.However, researchers have developed a thin plastic circuit that can detect changes in the humidity of diapers.The researchers were wrong.The highly flexible device, released by Japanese scientists in early 2014, can be manufactured in just a few cents and can detect moisture, temperature, pressure, etc.These devices can easily detect a pipe leak, determine whether the food is spoiled or not, or observe the physical condition of a hospital patient.Instead, the researchers decided they should do so.Yellow, brown baby poop.When the diaper is Jackson Pollocked, the device can send a signal to your phone, which is a little easier than taking off your child's pants (or older patient's pants) to check if the diaper has changed color.However, when these devices are released in February 2014, they can only signal a few inches, meaning you have to hover your phone over your baby's belly, just like you are trying to take incredibly illegal photos.Also, no one is willing to take the time to sync the phone to a diaper before putting it on the baby.Update: No, they don't.We all like eggs when they are bad, but we all agree with that too.Will it text you if your egg is bent and deformed?Now, your dreams can come true thanks to the wacky egg maker.This egg box has an indicator to let you know which eggs are the oldest and which ones will deteriorate because there is obviously no other way on Earth to tell if the eggs are rotten or not, now robots have eliminated human sense of smell and vision.Not only that, this carton can also send you a phone reminder to let you know when the eggs are broken as this is an emergency we need to know right away.Now you can keep the fridge holy by going out and buying more eggs, thank God the eggs break in a millisecond.Strangely, 14 eggs are loaded in this smart carton.When was the last time you or anyone in the universe bought 14 eggs?With this alone, we question the "smart" qualification of this smart carton.An umbrella that will never let you leave, think about everything you want to be able to find or get a reminder immediately when you are about to leave it.Your keys?Your phone?This will be a must.have invention.Now, through the glory of Davek, you no longer have to worry about losing your...Davek Alert is an umbrella with built-in wireless technology in the handle that syncs with increasingly heavy phones.If you find yourself walking away from your umbrella, it will give you a signal when you walk more than 30 feet, angrily reminding you that it will not be ignored, while the loss of umbrellas does happen from time to time, there are only so many places you can leave behind ---Unlike your phone, everything we know may be in the bin.Also, if you end up leaving it in a taxi, you won't know it unless your umbrella starts a new life without you.This did not prevent Davek from successfully launching many times.Who knows?Maybe they found something.Seattle has a lot of purchasing power.The bread basket that charges your phone is the latest product of the dartboard Institute of Technology.Keep the bread warm while charging the phone!This confusing technology is the product of baked sister, a baked goods company called.It keeps your bread warm during dinner while charging your phone.That's ...Almost everything is there.It can be placed in the cabinet next to your blender or it can receive phone information.The good news is that when the phone is charged, it is hidden under the basket and slowly becomes more delicious --Their batteries are full of smells, forcing your family to talk awkwardly to each other during Thanksgiving.Obviously, the purpose of this device is for people to put their phones aside while eating and actually talk to each other, and it doesn't seem to realize that avoiding conversation is the reason we took the phone out in the first place.Hopefully they will have an app to clear the butter collected on their phone during dinner.3 read the weather forecast scenario on your ToastHere: You moved into your new home and your other half gave you $1,500 for kitchen appliances.Do some research and you will find that you can get it if you are smart to shop.So you go out shopping and you come back a few hours later to buy an oven for June, which is a $1,500 "smart" oven because the people involved in the decision must be smart.It is able to detect the kind of food you put there and cook properly to show you the live feed of your food while cooking (and provide the time-Invalid video), give your phone a notification when your food is finished.Or, you can buy one, look for cooking time online, keep an eye on your food, and there's a $1,475 gold surplus --plated toilet.Again, if it's good enough to have to press hundreds of buttons to cook toast, who should we judge?If you only have $80 for a toaster and you don't have time to check the weather forecast when you're ready in the morning, then your special needs can be filled, this will burn the forecast into your bread.Just set up your specific burn design on the Toasteroid app and the results will appear on your toast in a few minutes.If you're being reviewedCom, wondering why you can't check the weather on your phone like a toast chef, Toasteroid will give you a response: shut up.The second idea is that burning the temperature on toast every day is a magical second-levelsorcery.We can support this.If you buy coffee from Starbucks then you may have some extra money on hand and not much time.So what do you do when you need to get a big glass of mocha latte Brangelina at 115 degrees Fahrenheit as soon as possible?This cup is sold in some parts of Starbucks, it--Tell us now.-Connect to your smartphone and it becomes less and less intelligent as you connect to every ridiculous device it has.The mug can quickly cool your coffee to the desired temperature and then put it there as long as the battery is dead.The bottom is a live display that shows numbers or words, or can judge you based on your horrible taste if you go home --Put the cooked coffee in by mistakeThe project has attracted some investors, such as Demi Lovato, Ndamukong Xu, Nick.If you still need to sell on this amazing product, they even made a commercial ad for it that looks like 1 company is competing to get the final toothbrush, didn't we make "smart" toothbrushes a few years ago?You can get an electric toothbrush in a pharmacy for just a few dollars.What else do we need?Obviously, the answer is a toothbrush that makes you blush.Earlier this year, just before they fired the entire marketing department.It won't brush your teeth for you, but it will record the way you brush your teeth and then tell you how bad you are when you're done.A map of your mouth will appear on your phone showing where you can improve, giving guidance to your family and friends that ultimately cannot be improved.If that's not enough for you to brush your teeth better then what about?Onvi invented the $400 toothbrush hix toothbrush, which will play a video of the entire toothBrush experience on your phone.If you are trying to brush your teeth, check your mouth with a constantly moving camera and avoid motion sickness in some way, you can take a picture of your tooth decay or other problems, and show your dentist at the next visit, who will ask you in time why you spend $400 on a toothbrush instead of reducing the candy.
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