where to buy charcoal for bbq How Much Food to Buy for a BBQ for 50 People

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-10-03
where to buy charcoal for bbq How Much Food to Buy for a BBQ for 50 People
It is daunting to calculate the amount of food for £ 50Barbecue.It would be awkward to run out of burgers and hot dogs, but overbuying is a waste of food and money.Start with some basic math, but consider personal factors as well.
How many children are there, for example?They will make a number on the cookies but may not touch the salad.How many noodles and desserts do you want?How much is the extra cost?How long will you satisfy everyone?The standard rule for hot dogs and burgers is one per person.Since there are usually eight packs of burgers, dogs and buns, seven are bought per pack.
Alternatively, save a bit of money by purchasing bulk packaging that is usually twice the volume;Three bulk packages, one standard per package is enough.If you are eating a vegetarian barbecue then buy the same for the veggie burger and the dog.8 ounces of boneless meat such as steak are used per person, so buy about 25 pounds ounces.
If you buy meat with some bones, such as pork chops, increase by about 10 pounds, double if you use meat with many bones, such as ribs.The barbecue usually includes some chips and dipping sauce, and maybe some snacks, such as pretzels.15 to 20 bags of potato chips easily cover 50 people;The dipping sauce of 5 pints should be enough.
Pick up a few dipping sauces so that there is something for everyone's taste.If you put a fruit or vegetable platter on the barbecue, 50 people are 5 pounds.As for the salad, about a handful per person, don't forget to provide several seasonings.
If you have mayonnaiseOne or two salads, such as potato salad, egg salad or pasta salad, buy 2 ounces per person, so choose 7 pounds of one salad or 4 pounds of two different salads.If you are serving a pie or cake, plan to have one for each person.About 150 cookies or smaller desserts are served so that everyone can eat three.
If you're throwing something bigger like donuts or eclairs, one per person is enough.5 pounds of ice cream is enough for 50 people.If you provide a wide variety of desserts, there is no need to buy this variety of desserts.
A 2-10 cups of soda a bottle.
Let's say your barbecue is not all.
Three cups of soda per person, or 15 bottles of soda.If you want a lot of people to drink alcohol, reduce this.A 750-An average of five bottles per bottleA bottle of spirit of the same size is poured into 17 portions of a standard drink of 1/2 ounces.
Buy three bottles of blender for each bottle of spirits.If this is the main drink, it is standard to provide three beers per guest, up to 25 bottles 6-packs.The demand for alcohol varies greatly in different parties, so it is important to consider its length and the drinking habits of guests.
Buy 100 pounds ice or a little more if your BBQ will be hot.Buy something you can easily pack for your guests to take home, or for the next day or two these things can work well as leftovers.It is best to avoid something that is wet or not reheated, or should be purchased conservatively.
Store some hors d \ 'oeuvres in your fridge and you can put them in the oven if you look like you don't have enough food;They will stay if you don't need them.Guests are usually happy to bring something to eat or drink, which helps to reduce your costs, allow you to have some extra food on hand and provide a wide variety of things.Buy at least 100 plates, 100 cups and 200 napkins.
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